We cannot fear the unknown

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Probably the single greatest understanding we can have relative to our creative endeavors and accessing our inherent creativity is that what we fear in our creative endeavors is that we cannot fear the unknown. What we fear is repeating experiences of the past which give rise to the fears we have.

Creativity takes you into the unknown. It bring into existence that which new and original. We cannot fear what we donít know. We can only fear what we have experienced and then project that past into the future. It is not the unknown that we fear but the projections of the past. In living in the past we shrink and reduce our options in the future. We can prepare ourselves for the types and kinds of experiences that we fear. But it is the past we are facing not the future or the unknown. Nor are we necessarily addressing the true hazards that may exist.

It is probably well established that fear of the unknown closes the mind of individuals and greatly reduces the options they have open to them in life. When fear is present, we become unwilling to take reasonable risks to try out the new. Given the nature of the human in the physical world, fear is understandable. There are many conditions where we can be injured and harmed. In this regard, fear is a great asset in may ways to make one aware of hazards and take the appropriate compensatory measures to remove or mitigate the hazard. However, we cannot fear the unknown. We cannot fear what we donít know. All fears arise from the past and are projected into the future. We fear what we have experienced and project it on the unknown and hence recreate the future in the image of the past. We then wonder why we canít create something better in our life.

Entering the unknown can be done in two ways. One way is to take the fools journey not knowing what we will find until we face it. This is difficult to do unless we have a great trust in our own ability to act in the spontaneity of the moment. We cannot prepare for the unknown. We can only walk into it. In many ways the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration is a fools journey.

The second way to enter the unknown is more like a warrior. Here the warrior also walks into the unknown in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. However, the difference is they are aware, awake and perceive what they experiences as a detached witness They know they have the wisdom, self confidence and creativity to handle anything that may arise for they are the creator at play manifesting a creation of their choice and they are fully capable of dealing with their own creation in any way they chose.

Ultimately we can discover the bottom line in dealing with fear is to never lose the courage to take risks. To have such courage, we only need to remember that we are a creative life energy/creative spirit continually recreating ourselves. Our awareness having the experience we have is immortal and we can never really be hurt. We are an eternal creative spirit always within the flow of energy arising from the Source. We are never separate from the Source. We are the Source manifested into form. When we have such knowledge, we will find the more we step out the stronger we will become for we know that we can focus our attention and awareness to make the impossible probably, the probable possible, and the possible a certainty for any situation. It is only a matter how passionately we desire to create.

If we are going to access and release our unique creativity, we must eradicate our fears from our minds. From a creativity perspective, we will come to see fear as a waste of energy thinking about them. It stifles our freedom and keeps us from fulfilling what we came to experience. When we begin to understand how we actually create our experiences by how and what we think, we will begin to see how useless fear and worry become. They are only a hindrance and a diversion of our creative life energy from whatever it is we wish to create. Rather we learn to focus our creative life energy into those things that need to be done to manifest our creation including dealing with the hazards that give rise to fear. Our passion to create naturally makes us become fearless. Some would say we become fearless because our passion blind us against our fear. However when we are aligned with our passion, fears and worries are a useless expenditure of creative life energy. We find our passion causes us to get where we desire as fast as we possibly can and we deal with anything that stands in our way. However, stepping into our creative passion and facing fears is easier said than done until we learn how to do it. The topic "Dealing with fear" provides some things in this area.

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