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Throughout the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity it is said, suggested or recommended that we create a life worth living. It is said that a life worth living is something that serves  who and what you are. From this perspective alone, there is a very practical reason for creating a life worth living.

However there is a deeper reason to create a life worth living. Creation/creation is an unending ebb and flow of energy into and out of form and we are a creative living process continually recreating ourselves. The form creation/Creation takes depends on how consciousness chooses to focus itself. However, mind has a tremendous ability to form habits. Habits are simply patterns of action that have been embedded into our subconscious or unconscious. That is, we no longer have to consciously think about the action we take. We simply do it based on past programming and past choices.

The nature of consciousness is to go through patters of sleep and awake cycles and to continually recreate itself every moment. It goes into the sleep state with what it has in mind and it awakens from sleep with what it has in mind. Mind does not forget. But it does rearrange itself. In rearranging itself it changes how and what it experiences. Depending on the conditions when we go to sleep certain memories, beliefs and choices can surface and determine what we experience upon awakening. It is the memories which are residing near our conscious mind when we go to sleep that become the basis of our actions when we awaken. In this regard, the habits we have created become very important. Of they surface and pull us back into the past without our conscious awareness of them doing so.

If, in our awaken state, we make choices which move us farther and farther away from which serves us, two things happen. One is these conscious experiences tend to get woven into our subconscious and unconscious patterns as any experienced does. Secondly, as the most recent experience when going to sleep, they tend to have a greater influence on the experience when we awaken. Rather than being open to what is, as it is when we awaken, we are focused creating experiences that do not serve us.

It is no surprise to learn that if we spend a life time denying our creative spirit and not serving its needs we have a tremendously difficult to create a way of life that does serve our needs. In consciously seeking to create a life worth living and something that serves us, we create habit that help to keep us focused toward a life worth living. Then when we go to sleep in whatever form sleep takes, even death, we awaken directed toward creating something that serves our being.

There is no need to explore the past to try and somehow “fix” that which has gone before. All we need to do is to continually focus on the future and a way of being that truly serves us. The natural course of creation/Creation is to recycle the past to create the new. As a natural process we will recycle the bound energy of the past that is held in memories, choices and beliefs that do not serve us. By creating habits that serve us, as we recycle this past, rather than recreating the past, we will be focusing that energy into something that better serves who and what we are.

This creation process and the need to create habits that serve us is reflected in “The Parable of the Precious Stone” found in the topic “The Need for Awareness and habits that serve us”

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