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 The role of the challenge 

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The challenger is an individual whose focus is to hold us accountable to what we desire to create. They help us to hold a single point focus. They help bring the focus of our attention and awareness back to our desired focus when we either become distracted or when fear and/or an obstacle arise. The Challenger asks the hard questions each must ask to see clarity in our life.

The three issues we usually face in our creative endeavors are distraction from our external world, fear and obstacles in the path. The challenger pulls our focus from the mundane world back to our heart and what we desire to create. The challenge us to obtain clarity and the then challenge us to hold focus. More often than not they appear annoying for their challenge arises as we gain interest in the mundane world. Yet, they are only doing us a favor in not allowing us to be distracted.

Relative to fear, when fear enters our life often we try and run from those fears. But there is no running from our fears. Our fears follow us everywhere. They are within us and there is no other way than to turn and confront them and deal with them. There are gentle ways to face fears if only we accept the fact that there is no other way than to ultimately face our fears and realize fears are of the past. We cannot fear the unknown for our mind does not know what to fear. Mind simply projects the past into the future. It is the Challenger who confronts and challenges us to become fearless and become who we really are.

Relative to the obstacles we face, the challenger functions much as they function to help us to address our fears. They challenge us to face the obstacle which arises rather than allowing us to run away. They know that if we do not face the obstacles as they arise when they arise we will thwart our own creativity.

The challenger often appears as an adversary pushing us to act in ways we do not want to act. Yet, they are an ally. They only help us to hold a single point focus for what we desire to create.

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