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There is a common condition where the experience of the Ultimate Accident is made into counterfeit experience for another and even for one's self. It needs to be realized you have to be out of mind as you know it to experience the Source of Creation. You do not have to leave the body for you are connected to and sustained by the Source and never separated from it. You just have to be out of mind.

However, as soon as you become aware of your existence, that is the “I” of I exist or “I am” in whatever form you give it, you are back in mind. In that moment, your mind will characterize the best in can based on its past experiences, what you experienced. This includes all the experiences you have had including your past in this life, your lives and past experiences in other realms. It does not matter whether or not you believe in past lives or previous existence in other realms. Your awareness never dies. As discussed in the relationship between energy and consciousness, your awareness always was and always will be. It, like energy, can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed.

The important point here is that all that you have ever experienced and currently understand and remember will be used to characterize what you have experienced in the Ultimate Accident. In doing so, you form a perception of what you have experienced. In forming that perception, your mind will being to look for ways to get back to that experience of the Source. Mind will come up with a way or a path that it thinks will take you there. But you have nowhere to go. You are never removed from it. It is just that being in mind removes one from the experience. Whatever state or way that mind creates to get you there is only another state of mind. It is not the Source no matter how blissful, freeing and joyful it may be. It will be a counterfeit experience as long as mind is involved.

There are a variety of types and kinds of mystical experience and/or spontaneous mystical experiences that you can have. Many of these lead to the counterfeit experience of the Ultimate Accident. Something that is counterfeit will almost look and feel like the real thing. The counterfeit experience is any mystical experience one has that did not arise from the freedom equivalent to the freedom found in the most creative state of being best approximated by a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play in the discovery and exploration of one’s self or Creation. .

Alternatively said, the counterfeit experience is an experience one has where: (1) mind has chosen to “work” at something to create the Ultimate Accident or experience of the Source of Creation, or; (2) the experience “kicks in” as a default and/or failsafe mechanism whenever one is in desperation or; (3) the experience spontaneously occurs when one is moving toward or away from a dualistic judgement. To sit and meditate with the intention of experiencing God and/or bliss and joy will give you wonderful mystical experiences. But what you create will be a counterfeit experience created by your mind for your actions are determined by mind and what it believes. To think of obtaining an experience of God, in whatever form you give to God, is dualistic. In thinking of God you cause to arise God and all that is not God. That dualism will cause you to miss the experience of the Source of Creation for the Source is simultaneously both.

If however, you were to allow yourself to play with the mystical experiences that you can create through meditation or any other technique and become spontaneously lost in playing with the experience innocently exploring what you are finding, then you will have the correct starting conditions for the Ultimate Accident. Similarly any thing you do, any practice that you undertake, to have a mystical experience will create a counterfeit experience. But if you can allow yourself to become lost in the spontaneous play of the experiences you create through your practice then you move towards increasing the probability of the Ultimate Accident.

Many however will mistake the counterfeit for the real without realizing they don’t have the real. In turn, what the individuals comes to believe about the true nature of who and what one really is is significantly biased. They will create an entire process and methodology they think you can use to get such an experience. But whatever they create is only a creation of mind and leads to a counterfeit experience.

There is a huge difference between what one believes to be the nature of the human and the universe when they have the Ultimate Accident as opposed to a counterfeit experience. The counterfeit experience often leads to the belief that there is something “more” or a greater happiness and joy in the unseen realms than is possible in physical Creation. Many begin to believe there is a spiritual and physical creation where one, the spiritual, is more fulfilling than the other, the physical, and that the physical condition is somehow less that than the spiritual.

Alternatively said, the counterfeit experience will lead to a separation of the parts of Creation as opposed to oneness and interconnectedness. Mind and ego will be seen as something to transcend rather than vehicles of creation to be understood and utilized and some thing to be savored, enjoyed and effectively and properly used. Pain will not be seen for the gift that it is and what it brings to one’s attention. In short, the perfection of the existing world, all of it, will not be seen. There is nothing to fix. One only needs to understand what serves and does not serve their creative spirit and to create something that serves it. What ultimately serves the creative spirit is to have the experience it came to have.

So to understand whether or not one has had the ultimate experience or a counterfeit experience one simply needs to look and see how the individual approaches life after their experience and how and what they desire to create. Do they play and approach life in a playful manner surrendering to the flow that flows from within their being. Do they dance in the interconnectedness of all that is? Or, do they work and try to make things happen including, for example thinking a particular disciple will bring the mystical experience.

The more typical way the counterfeit experience occurs is when one is pursuing understanding through a desperation to escape the condition in which they find themselves. They are in desperation and have abandoned all hope, or they are in some intense attempt at “gaining” God or power. More recently, a new way for this experience is becoming more prevalent because of modern medical science is the near death experience. The main issue here is that the journey that leads to the mystical experience does not start in a condition equivalent to being happy with what is as it is and in the shear joy of being in life and the play of life. As such, whatever is experienced is experienced with the perspective and or coloring that something is not correct with the existing Creation.

At any point in life, one is always close to the Ultimate Accident for it is always available. But because one is in desperation and trying to escape from something at some level of their being, what one experiences when they have the mystical experience is so blissful and joyful in some way and such an escape from the pain and mundane of life that they are feeling, the individual becomes convinced that there is a non physical place of untold bliss and joy. In many ways the experience that occurs in desperation functions almost like a fail safe mechanics so as to not condemn one to an eternal suffering. When the individual has these wonderful mystical experiences after coming from a place of intense pain, many tend to believe the only way to experience this mystical state is to transcend the physical plane for they are running away from the physical condition. This experience tend to create the belief that there is a place of no suffering, some “heaven” that lies outside the human condition.

Yet the truth of the matter is, heaven, as is hell is here an now. It is simply a matter of one’s perception of what is. So, rather than learning to be here and now and understand the pain one feels, they develop techniques and approaches to transcend the physical condition looking to maintain this state of bliss and joy. They then they give the technique to others thinking they will experience the Source when it only creates a manifestation of mind. Many near death experience falls into this category of experiences because of the after effects and the understanding it leaves within the individual. That is, the physical plane will need to be transcend to access a lasting internal bliss and joy that they saw in death. However, some return to see the beauty of Creation and the importance of one’s life as it is.

The bottom line is, the root of the counterfeit experience is not being happy with what is in one way or another and seeking to change what one experiences because they are not happy with their life. In these cases the problem is that people do not search for “God” or the creative force behind creation until they are in pain or trying to move away from conditions they do not like. Because the journey takes on a flavor of desperation what one’s find is not the source of Creation and a state of play. Rather they become creative and find a way to escape their pain and the past what caused it.

In finding what people call “God” or the experience of “God” in desperation, one has an inaccurate and incomplete picture about what Creation is all about. They are looking at Creation only from one side of the duality of pain and suffering. To find and see the true source of the creative power of the universe one must be content with creation as it is. All of it. One must be willing to give up their contentedness in a search for truth. In this search for truth, they cannot be afraid to explore Creation at the risk of losing their contentedness and/or finding pain. That is, they are free to be in both sides of the duality. In this kind of journey, one finds that the truth of what is when there is no personal need for being released from what is.

The saddest thing about having the Ultimate Accident when one is happy with what is, is that their whole life gets turned upside down. That is, they can no longer approach life and live as they once did even though the way they lived allowed them to be happy with what is. One will come to see in a much deeper awareness and there is a new level to becoming happy with what is. One will see and experience the profound loneliness of the Creator which give rise to Creation as discussed in the “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” To get to new place of being happy with what it, one has to change much of their previous beliefs and thinking about Creation. One will see it is much easier to live life asleep and unaware. Yet, they also realize the beauty and exquisiteness that is lost when one is asleep and unaware.

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