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In having a creativity perspective, you will find you will look at your thoughts and the events in your life with the intention to change your thinking and beliefs to honor your creative spirit and hold your creativity sacred. To help you to do this, there is a phenomenon that can be used to access your creative ability and the purpose for your life. It can best be described as to look to where there is “magic” in your life or a synchronicity to your life events.

If you look back over the years of your life, you will probably find a few situations that appeared to be magical in what occurred. In fact, there may have been too much synchronicity in the events to believe as normal. It was as though there was a touch of magic. It is as though there was some unseen force that stepped into your life in a magical way. But it needs to be understood that we are not talking about those profound events where people feel there was Divine intervention to rescue them in some way. Rather, we are talking about the more every day events that has a magical and mystical quality.

For example, there was a seventy-three year old individual with whom the author was assisting who was slowly accessing their creative power through singing after many years of living the way others wanted him to live. The singing made him fill alive and brought life to him. He would always receive very positive comments about the power of his singing even when he felt he had sung poorly.
Feeling the need to expand his repertoire, he went into a music store for music from a particular singer popular about twenty years earlier. The salesperson said they did not carry any music by that singer. When the sales person checked the computer for the story inventory and its overall availability in the music market, they said no music by that singer was available. So, the individual began to look through the music books on the shelf to see if he could find something else that would meet his needs. He moved one music book and there on the rack, behind the book he moved, was a book of one hundred songs arranged for the particular singer for whom he was looking. The book contained more than what the individual was looking. Yet, according to the salesperson, the store records and the availability of the music, this book did not exist.

How long did that particular book sit on the shelf, long forgotten and overlooked, waiting for that one individual to find it? Some would say it is luck Some would say is was a synchronicity. Yet, because it was music that was brining life back to this individual, finding this particular book when it supposedly no longer existed was more magical than anything. In finding that book, there was an increase in life in the individual.

Although this man did savor his singing for a while, he gave it up as a routine effort. It was about a year later, he was asked to sing again at a charity function. A year older, a year later with little practice, and all the reasons his mind was giving him as to why he could no longer sing, and being given a song in a key that he felt he could not sing, he sang. His singing was even more phenomenal and he received raving reviews. But, most importantly, he was given the opportunity to see into the eyes of the people he made joyous as a result of his signing.

When he saw what his singing did for people he was changed in a profound way. Although he no longer had any doubt about the magic of his singing for he experienced the evidence, it was still too much for his rational mind to fully comprehend. His singing was something he did early in life. However, he walked away from sing playing an important part in his life because singing was not a part of life that his mental understanding of what was important in life would accept. Quite simply he walked away from the gift he had to give and the magic of his life only to find it again at the age of seventy-four when most people’s voices have become weak. Rather than his voice being weak, it was renewing his life in a way that he never really understood as possible.

When you align with your life purpose you align with your creative powers. They are different aspects of the same thing because of how energy flows within our being. When you are in the “flow” of our creative life energy, synchronicity and “magical” events tend to be common place. In most cases, they can be expected.

Alternatively, if you can see an area or aspect of your life were there is synchronicity or magical quality in the events, that area or aspect of your life is most probably where the intention for your life lies. In fact, you can use the synchronicity of life events to tell you where to look for your purpose for incarnating. However, there is a caveat to this approach. When “magic” and synchronicity is concentrated in an area of your life and can readily be seen, it is easy to move into that direction of life. For many of us, the magic and synchronicity of events are more diffuse in life and tend to represent changes or shifts in where we need to go in life. It is much as if someone or something steps in, picks us up and moves us to somewhere else.

The important point here is to look at one’s life and see if they can pick out those events that seem to be magical and/or contain a synchronicity and how they unfold in our life. That information provides guidance, or even a pattern, as to how we can anticipate how “our” magic to manifest itself. One can even learn to use the “magic” as a guide in their life.

Each of us are different. The way synchronicity unfolds in our life to bring a seeming magic into our life is different for each of us. As we become aware of these types of events in our life we can often discern a pattern. The pattern we discern can help guide us to stay aligned with our creative ability. For example, in the author’s life, review of life events indicated that he only needed to follow or do what gave him an internal satisfaction and fulfillment. When those events began to be less fulfilling the author knew he needed to become prepared for someone or something to step in and take him to the next adventure. You may find something similar true in your own life of something completely different. Only you can look at your life and see where the magic and synchronicity lies.

On the topic of synchronicity, what we call tragic events or misfortunes are often also forms of synchronicity. It is just that we have held onto something that needed to change so it appears it was taken away by force and hence we call it tragic or a misfortune. In these cases, one needs to stand back and ask themselves, “What do I really see happening?” Often what happens needed to happen for us to make the necessary changes for the creation for which we long. But then, you may have to be out of mind, outside of how you normally think and believe, to see it and/or understand it. 

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