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Although the Ultimate Accident is a spontaneous event that you cannot make happen, you can create the conditions to increase its probably of happening. There are four primary ways that have been found to create the space for the Ultimate Accident or rather significantly increase the probability of the Ultimate Accident happening.

One is that the Ultimate Accident tend to occur in the diversion of a special type and kind of play. It is the play found in the most creative state of being. This play is as close to possible as the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of one’s self and one’s Creation as one would experience in a small child before they become consciously aware of choice or that they have a choice. It is to be out of mind, or outside that conscious judging and thinking conscious mind and totally surrendered and in alignment with the flow of the creative life energy within one’s being. It doesn’t matter what one is playing or doing in their play. Rather they have to be in that condition of mind totally surrendered to the flow in the spontaneous and innocent play.

It needs to be noted that being in a state of innocence in your play is a major factor in creating the conditions for the Ultimate Accident. Unfortunately you cannot think your way into this state and this kind of play and use your mind to decided the type and kind of diversion that you will do. It is something you allow yourself to become absorbed into and swallowed up into. Learning to use the technique of navigating through life from an internal compass and using the fulness of being as the direction on the internal compass in spontaneous play will create the conditions that cause you to be swallowed up into a spontaneous and innocent childlike play.

The second way is similar to the first. However rather than entering a state of play it is to simply align with the flow of energy within your being that arises from the source/Source of your being and that sustains you. When you align with that flow, you simply surrender to it and allow it to carry you back to the source/Source. This requires you to surrender to a very unique feeling within your being that is representative of the purpose for your incarnation. It is about learning and aligning with the purpose of you being here in incarnated form. It is about doing what gives you a passion for life and for living and not losing focus of that passion. Using a creativity perspective where you hold your creativity sacred, will help you to use this second way. If you can create a perspective in your life where you can surrender to your passion and you can be playfully spontaneously and innocent in that passion you will increase the probability to an even greater extent.

The third way that the probability can be increased is that you create a condition within your being to be happy with what is, as it is. No “and’s,” “if’s,” “or’s,” or “but’s.” You are happy with what is, exactly as it is. It is the realization that things are perfect exactly as they are and you are open to drinking a toast to life as it is.

The Ultimate Accident cannot happen, and will not happen, when one is avoiding something in creation or they do not like or accept some aspect of Creation. Such states of avoidance are states of mind. This is why you will see the following words or their equivalent stated when working with this material: “do not try and create something new because it is wrong, bad or you somehow do not like it. Create something new because it no longer serves who and what you are or what you have found yourself to be.” Creating something new because it no longer serves who and what you are requires a different attitude than creating something because you do not like what you are experiencing. To create something new because you do not like it causes you to live in duality and be held captive by the duality itself. Creating something new because what you experiences no longer serves you is to grow past what you experience and not be bound by the past in any way. It does not seek pleasure over pain or pain over pleasure It is much like a child outgrowing their clothes. The child simply drops the undersized clothes for they no longer fit. So too your past and any aspect of it. You need to learn to outgrow it rather than being bound by it. When you find that what is in your life no longer serves you, you can simply drop it.

One needs to realize that what you now experience serves who you think you were and/or who you think you are now. If you perceived or perceive yourself differently, you would be experiencing something different. Set the intention to choose to create something that fully and totally expresses who and what you think you are. Then, in that experience, you can see who you think you are. In this awareness, you can then see what you think and believe serves or does not serves you. Of course, for one to develop the attitude to see what they are experiencing no longer serves them, one must change their inner view of themselves and creation first. That is, that they must accept that at some level of their being, they have created or have agreed to participate in what they are experiencing. They cannot play victim and blame anyone but themselves for what they experience.

The biggest obstacle to learning to become happy with what is is the view one has of themselves. The second biggest obstacle is one’s view of Creation. The more one can learn to be happy with themselves and believe in themselves, the greater the possibility of the Ultimate Accident. Similarly, the more one can find a view of Creation and a God that allows one to be happy with the world as it is, the greater the possibility of the Ultimate Accident. The easiest way to change one’s view of themselves and Creation is to adopt a creativity perspective and hold your creative sacred. Then give yourself permission to explore the depth and breadth of your creativity and creative powers. And it needs to be noted and emphasized here that what you need to do to hold your creativity sacred is not necessarily the way another will hold their creativity sacred. On this point, realize Creation is magical enough to allow each of us to live true to the truth of our own being and hold our creativity sacred in the way we need to hold it sacred and yet allow the other to remain free to do the same.

The fourth way is to consciously create conditions that will take you out of mind in one way or another. This approach is similar to what the author experienced and described in the topic, “Creating the occasion for the Ultimate Accident - assembling a critical mass.” Here you do not necessarily do what the author did but do the equivalent types and kinds of things in your own way.

Now the interesting thing about the Ultimate Accident and the conditions to create it is that everyone has been there and it is simply the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the universe - out of mind and in the flow. Each of us are born into it. The problem is that we live in this experience before we become consciously aware of it with our conscious mind. By the time we gain the experiences in life such that our conscious mind could recognize what happens in the state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play and recognize it for what it is, we have already move out of innocent and spontaneous play to please, and or protect ourselves from, the world in which we find ourselves. Hence, the origins of things like original sin and all the concepts that a human is somehow less than the creator/Creator - that is, the one/One who/Who created what you experience.

In any case, although we have left this state of being in our childhood, if later in life we are totally preoccupied out of mind, it is possible for us to reenter and experience this state. In doing so, that possibility of the Ultimate Accident is greatly enhanced. Hence the Ultimate Accident in the diversion of play occurs when our mind is so preoccupied with something routine and playful that it is open to the experience of what is without the filters of mind. The awareness that comes from this experience is that one does not have to transcend the physical plane to find a place of internal bliss and joy that never runs dry. To believe one must transcend the physical is only an opinion and belief of mind. Rather, one simply needs to live in the fullness of being and choose live their life in those activities that give them, or move them towards, a fullness of being and a passion for being alive and in life for they are consciousness at play with itself simply enjoying the play it has created.

To have this Ultimate Accident or rather, increase the probability of its occurrence, is not about “working” at it in an intense masculine effort to thrust forward to do something. Rather it is a more feminine effort of nourishing and surrendering to the creation process as it exists and is unfolding. It is to be present to what is and allowing it to happen and unfold within one’s being. You can do this by allowing your intuitive guidance to lead you rather than mind. Allow the heart, one’s intuitive guidance and feeling, to intend the direction of life and have mind attend to the details to make safe and allow it to happen.

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