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One of the underlying goals of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is for you to learn to navigate from your internal compass. Navigating from the internal compass will increase the possibility of the Ultimate Accident. So in may ways it can be said one of the goals is to create the space for you to have the ultimate accident. But it is not something that can be given to you directly as a path of prescribed practices. All one can do is create the conditions to make it more probably. To become happy with that is as it is can be very difficult with all the suffering one sees in the world.

However, one can learn to become like the wind and obtain true freedom. The wind comes with nothing and leaves with nothing. So too one’s experience of creation. One can learn to let go allowing each experience that enters one’s life to come like the wind and leave like the wind completely free and unattached. In being free and unattached, anything that the experience brings is unmasked, without judgments of the mind, and unexpected, no expectations of the mind, fully savored and experienced in the moment, then freely let go. It is to move through existence, creating whatever we choose to experience, experience it and not get stuck in the experience or hold to the creation we created. You can do this in the knowing that you are a powerful enough creator to create whatever you desire and you can always create more of the same if you like what you experience. You can learn to do this if learn to navigate from the internal compass for your internal compass will tell you when you are becoming attached and when you are free. If one moves to act from the depth and breath of their creativity ability playing and experimenting with that ability, the process can be accelerated and the probably of the ultimate accident increased.

The easiest way to create the space for the ultimate accident is to learn to create a conscious experience of aligning with the flow of the source of one’s being and to dance with one’s creative life energy surrendering to the flow and to exercise one’s fee will to create the reality of one’s choice from within this flow. This is the essence of consciousness at play with itself. It this way we become both the creation/Creation (surrendering to the flow) and the creator/Creator (directing the flow). To do this one must use the awareness of what they feel and allow the fullness of being that come from alignment with the flow of energy as an internal compass to guide one’s life.

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