Why a Creative Spirit is the Best Description of the Source of Our Creativity

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It is said on the “Our Creative Sprit” home page that, “What is best described as our creative spirit is the source of our creative power and creative ability.” In actuality, this is not quite true for the source of our creative power and creative ability can also be seen and/or experienced equally well it not better, as a flow of energy.

It is called a spirit simply because most individuals seem to understand and relate to the concept of a spirit more than they relate to a flow of energy - especially when the flow of energy takes on a personality of its own. The average individual seems to understand what a spirit does, or can do, and how to harness a spirit, like the spirit within a horse, more than they understand how to harness a flow energy. But more importantly, this creative power and ability has a personality and awareness unto itself. Exactly what a spirit is, is illusive. No one can seem to put their finger on it. Yet, people seem to understand a spirit more than they can understand energy. The difficulty calling this creativity ability within our being a creative spirit is that is can be confused with the concept of spirit is spirituality and religion. Although It is similar, it is different.

What lies within each of us, at the essence of our being, lies the source of our creative power and creative ability. It is synonymous with the flow of life and the flow of energy that flows from the Source of Creation. It can be experienced and/or described as flow of energy, a unique individualized spirit, or a combination of both. What this means is that whether we perceive this ability within our being to make things happen as a creative spirit, as a flow of energy, or only as conscious awareness, it is about out ability to create. The relationship of consciousness and energy within the creative perspective is discussed under the topic of “Energy - an invariant within the creativity perspective.”

What you will find is that there are some phenomena that we create and/or experience that are best explained by talking about a flow of energy. Yet, there are other phenomena that are best explained by talking about a creative sprit. In this regard, the source of our creative power and ability can be called a spirit for it has characteristics of a spirit.

I also call it a spirit for I had other experiences in life years earlier that allowed me to recognize what seemed to be entities that existed apart from, separate from, or different than, one’s normal self. When I first encountered the creative spirit within an individual, it was like an entirely different person. Yet it was not a separate entity. It was only a part of this individual that was so unexpressed that it appeared foreign and separate from them and had the potential to completely and radically transform their life. As a spirit it has a personality unto itself. What I come to understand is that if this creative spirit within our being is not properly protected it will create conditions that do not serve us. It challenges us to become more creative with our life. Although it seeks to create life, what it will create when it is not being served to get our attention can run the spectrum from mild dissatisfaction with life to outright accident and/or illness and in some extreme cases, facing death itself.

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