Characteristic of the creative spirit - it desires to create

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The primary and most powerful characteristic of the creative spirit is its desire to create and it will create. This creative spirit will create what it desires with, or without, your conscious awareness. If it is not allowed to create what it desires consciously it will do so subconsciously. It will find a way to challenge itself and its own creativity to create. It can be said this creative looks for a way to challenge itself. If it cannot challenge itself consciously or is not allowed to do so, it will do so subconsciously. If you are not engaged in conscious creation in alignment with this creative spirit to some degree, it will engage in subconscious creation.

We can feel its expression as a flow of energy and/or a passion that catalyzes our actions. This creative spirt has a passion to express itself and a passion to create - a creative passion. It is what gives a passion for life, for living and for being in physical creation. It is what energizes and catalyzes any effort we undertake. It gives rise to a flow of creative life energy which animates life and is the source of life that you experience. This creative spirit is the creative source that give rise to your creative passion and the energy to manifest a desires whether or not that desire requires creativity. If you don’t access this creative spirit to some degree consciously or subconsciously, you will not have the internal motivation and energy to create.

Unless this creative spirit is free to unfold true to its nature, joy and satisfaction in life will be elusive. It does not matter what success criteria we use and strive to achieve, or how successful we are in the eyes of the world or in the eye of the mind. Joy and inner satisfaction depends on the free unfoldment of this creative spirit. Although this creative spirit will support whatever you direct it to create. It will not provide satisfaction unless what you do aligns in some way with what it desires to do. If it is continually controlled, and not free to create what it desires, it will withdraw, become dormant and/or create unwanted conditions. It severe cases it can result in a tiredness, lethargy and/or disillusionment for life. It can even create conditions of accident, illness, disease, and other types and kinds of “misfortunes” to challenge us to become more creative and/or return to what it really desires to experience.

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