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The creative spirit found within our being is a very playful creative spirit. It is playful and it seek to play. It desires to play. It seeks to play in a way that it does not have to take itself seriously and is totally free to let go or hold on to whatever it feels serves its play and its creativity. Creativity is its play and its play is creative. It is consciousness at play with itself. The creation/Creation you experience is the result of how this creative spirit does or does not permit itself to play. When allowed to play there is a feeling of growth and expansion. When it is not allowed to play it is constricted and/or feels a shrinking or influence to become less that it is.

Without having consciously experienced this spirit directly, the best example of this type and kind of play referred is the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself and one world that a very young child experiences before its mind steps in and judges what it does in one way or another for one reason or another. As a very young infant, this creative spirit readily and freely flows within our being and we all have experienced it. Although it is not something we will consciously remember, we can recognize the feel of this type and kind of play in ourselves or in others. So to move into the play of this creative spirit one will need to go through feeling and feel their way into it. You will not get there through mind and what you think.

Play is essential for its well being. This creative spirit must be able to play for it is only in play one can discover and explore the options and paths that are possible. Without the freedom to play, this creative spirit cannot find its way in the world to unfold to create whatever one desires to experience. The intention one holds will never unfold. Or, if it does unfold, it will be stunted in its growth. Often what we create will most probably be sterile and unable to produce its fruits. It may grow and unfold in the world but it will not bear fruit inherent within the intention which drives the creative endeavor. The fruit will not be given no matter how creative the individual may appear to be. However, more often than not, for reason that will be discussed, a significant portion of this spirit lies dormant within your being and is unable to come out and play.

Since this creative spirit will playfully explore options, the creative spirit can be very frightening to oneís mind. It is frightening for that spirit seems to disregard the experience of mind. It seems to blindly enter a creative effort disregarding all the fears of mind. Mind finds it very difficult to control this spirit when it is released. Yet, rather than learning to flow with this creative spirt, mind seeks to break the spirit as one would break the spirit of a wild horse so it can be harnessed to pull a wagon or ridden. To make its job easier, mind will mask the heart and mask seeing and facing the spirit within oneís own being. Our mind is afraid that if this spirit is released, our life will not be our own.
This is the paradox of the creative spirit. If we access it and surrender to the flow of energy it creates by the intention it holds, we appear to our mind as losing control over our life and creative ability. Yet, in accessing and surrendering to the flow, we access an indescribable creative freedom. It also opens the door to an understanding and awareness which can lead one to an internal bliss and joy that never runs day no matter what is happening in the world.

To maintain its well being, it needs freedom. It needs the freedom to be spontaneous and innocent in its play. The key to your creative power and ability is to understand this playful creative spirit and the type and kind of play in which it desires to engage. Here an important note needs to be made. What your creative spirit considers play and needs to experience for its well being may not be what another needs. It also will not necessarily look like what your mind thinks they are. You will have to do your own experiments to find out what the play of your creative spirit really is and what it looks like. You cannot expect the play of another to look like your play, nor your play like theirs. They may be similar or totally different and they may, or may not, be compatible.

Now another note needs to be made here. Our individual play is not always compatible with anotherís play. What you discover in exploring the depth of your creativity and allowing this creative spirit to freely unfold, is that within each of us is a deep desire to freely share what one has found. When you access your play, and know what it feels like to be in that play and to be denied that play, you will be unable to deny the space to another for them to also play whether or not your ways of play are compatible. Some would have you believe that if you do what you feel is play and the other does what they feel is play, there will be anarchy. However, the reverse is true. When you experience this state of play, all you can do is share you play with another and/or create a space for the other to experience the freedom of their play.

This desire to share is so profound that whatever we experience to help create the understanding and access this state of being, whether it be a person, an object, an action or a location, we desire to give what we found, or how we found it, to another so they too can experience what we have experienced.

It is much the way a child enthusiastically wants to share what it has found with another. If you cannot share you play with another, you will be lead to create the space for them to experience their play in the way they need to experience it. In many ways you begin to quite naturally dance with them. You move in your own play and move around them to create the space for their play to unfold. If is it free to play, your creativity will find a way for you and the other to both be in your play simultaneously together. But you have to be willing to experiment and feel your way to find it for it will not necessary look like anything your mind can imagine. Quite simply, your mind has not previously experienced such a state in conscious awareness with another to know what it looks like for you to create it. The last time you had experienced such a state with the presence of another was as a very small child before mind become conscious of itself. Additionally your experience with this other was most probably not play but rather your play was somehow thwarted for they were not in such a state of play themselves.

If one accesses what they call play and are not lead to give their play to another or to create the space for the other to enter their state of play then they have not access and aligned with the creative spirit within their being no matter what their mind tells them about what they are experienced. You only need to look at a young child and how they enthusiastically desire to share their discoveries to see the truth of this statement. To share what one has found is quite nature. One characteristic of this state when you access it is that you will always want to share what you have found and give it to another.

If the desire is not there to share what you have found, you have not accessed your creative spirit and are not free to act. If one is not willing to share what one has found or one somehow tries to sell it or somehow get something in return, either one has not entered this state of being and is not sufficiently overwhelmed or one is stuck in one or more childhood experiences where one has suffered pain in previously trying to share oneself and what one has discovered with another when oneís efforts were somehow thwarted. The desire to share and give freely and unconditionally is natural to Creation and it is much like the light that comes from the sun and the stars. They give their light to all, freely and equally, not withholding in anyway what is given. They do not judge the person or how the person uses what is give. They give freely and unconditionally. What is inside each of us wants to share in a similar fashion. It doesnít matter who you are and what you will do with the gift the creative spirit gives. It is so overwhelming in what is experienced all you can do is give it to another.

On this point if one does not create the space for the another to play, they will never be able to access the full depth and breadth of their own creative power. One needs to learn to do a dance. It is a dance with oneself and with another. It is to dance in and out of oneís play with other such that when one moves out of their play they create the space for the other to freely play. In time one can learn to always be in a state of play with another. In this case you will have created that heaven on earth within your being of which many the mystics speak and you donít need to do anything other than be true to yourself to create.

Additionally, for this creative spirit to unfold true to its nature it needs understand itself and its true power. As such it will need to grow and expand in its creative ability and it does so by continually being free to spontaneously and innocently explore and discover itself and the world in which it finds itself. Without the freedom and opportunity to expand beyond itself to see the true depth and breadth of its own creative ability this spirit becomes stifled and will either remain stagnant or even shrinks and/or withdraws. Ultimately, the goal is to be able to live life in this state of play.

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