How the creative spirit functions

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How the creative spirit functions

A consciousness unto itself

A flow of energy

As both a flow of energy and a consciousness

When the consciousness is asleep

When the consciousness is aware and awake

From the Our Creative Spirit Home Page: Most of us are unaware of the existence (of the creative spirit) because it normally operates behind the scene of our life to create subconsciously. Analogously, it is like an autopilot with default settings. It lead us in accordance with how it has been programed. We wonder why we cannot create what we desire but we never address what we have been programmed to create.

In many ways the creative spirit is like the ego. The ego is just a part of us that we use every day. Few were aware of its existence as a separate concept until individuals choose to look at the psychology of the human being. So too this creative spirit. It existence is unseen unless one choose to study human creativity and our individual role in how we create the experiences we have. (More on .... how the creative spirit functions)

To understand how our creative spirit functions, we need to understand the relationship of energy and consciousness. That is, from a creativity perspective, they can be seen and experienced as equivalent forms of the same substance of Creation. We need to understand relative to our ability to create, consciousness can be seen and experienced is a flow of energy which has become aware of itself. As such the creative spirit will act as a consciousness, as a flow of energy and/or as a combination of both. As a consciousness it fulfills the masculine aspect of the creative process. As a flow of energy it fulfills the feminine aspect. In combination in unawareness it is the servant of our enculaturated mind. In combination in awareness, it is the creator experiencing its creation.

A consciousness unto itself (Top)

As a consciousness it can awaken and become aware and awake to its own existence and its surroundings. Or, it can function subconsciously like an auto pilot. Or, it can be asleep and unaware if not dormant. As a consciousness, it has a personality unto itself. It has desires and preferences determined by our past prior to this life and the intention for our life that we currently are living. The role it elected to play is to create and sustain our body to have the experiences for which it incarnated to have and for which the body was created to support. One of those experiences is to have a physical experience as to what it means to be human at this time and place. A second is to create in the physical Creation at this time and place. These two statements can be said with certainty. After all, you are here in physical Creation as a human being and in essence to be human means to be a creativity machine. You cannot not create. The thoughts we have propel us to create consciously or subconsciously.

A flow of energy (Top)

As an energy or a flow of energy, it animates and sustains our human life. One property of energy consciousness is that energy will flow where the corresponding consciousness directs the focus of its attention and awareness. Energy consciousness will model itself to create what it desires. It will create an experience of that on which it focuses. As such the flow of energy will sever the either the enculturated mind we develop as a result of the experiences we have had in life or it can serve our awaken and aware creative spirit. This creative life energy will flow to nurture and do what the mind desires and wants to create or it will do what the creative spirit desires. In this regard, the flow of energy is much like a horse that can be harness for a task or a loyal servant that does what it is told. It usually goes about the business of creating and sustaining what it creates without question or even being noticed as existing. It remains behind the scenes unless it is called forth and give permission to come out. The question here is whether or not this creative spirit and/or flow of energy is used in a way that best brings out what it is capable of doing.

You know this creative spirit is fulfilling what it incarnated to create by the flow of energy that you feel. The tasks and/or activities which give a fulness of being, fulness of life and/or a passion to engage life will let you know when you are most aligned with the desires of the creative spirit. When one moves too far away from what the creative spirit desires to create one will lose their passion for life. Loss of passion will cause them to lose their enthusiasm for life and maybe even for living. They will become depressed, remorseful, lethargic, and/or otherwise be devoid of the energy necessary to catalyze their life.

As both a flow of energy and a consciousness (Top)

When the consciousness is asleep (Top): When the creative spirit is asleep or dormant, both as an energy and as a consciousness, the enculturated mind is served. In this case, the flow of energy acts as an unseen and often unfelt undercurrent in oneís life. We are carried through life and, at times, we seem to experience mystical forces, synchronicity, or other magical or unexplained occurrences. Yet, it is only the flow of energy trying to fulfill the intention for our life.

When the creative spirit is asleep or dormant, the flow of our creative life energy is totally at the mercy of our enculturated mind. The mind can direct this energy however it wishes to the point of destroying it. In many ways it is like a river trying to flow to the sea. It can be totally diverted and/or totally blocked. Often when too large a portion of this energy gets diverted, the consciousness of our creative spirit awakens. However, in this awakening there is an awareness of pain. It is the pain of the misalignment of the flow of energy from its initial intended path.

Most often, rather than exploring the origins of this pain, it is suppressed or numbed. Often addictive pattern or behaviors are adopted to continually suppress this pain. Often accident, illness, disease or other misfortune occurs to call one to come back into alignment. Some listen, some donít. Some find their lives changed and shifted in their misfortune. Others, however, continue on the same path only to find some other accident, illness, disease or misfortune in their path.

It does need to be noted here that all accident, illness, disease and misfortune do not always result from misalignment. There may be other reasons for such experiences.

When the consciousness is aware and awake
(Top): As both an awake consciousness and a flow of energy, one is present to the moment and fully awake and aware as to what one is feeling and the direction in which their creative life energy is flowing. It is in this awareness to shift that flow of energy one becomes a conscious creator. It is in the awareness of the moment that one can become aware of the pain of not being in alignment with the intention for their life and/or address the deep longing for the beloved/Beloved. Similarly, it is the awareness of the flow in the moment that allows one to follow the flow to stand at the doorway to access the source/Source. Here they stand at the doorway to access source of their creative power and ability and/or the Source of Creation. It is more like one creates a marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine to reveal and bring forth the gift one carries within their beings. It is here one find the inner satisfaction, bliss and joy that never runs dray no matter what is happening in oneís life.

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