The inner masculine and the inner feminine


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In looking at the creative process, one is able to discern a masculine and feminine aspect,  function or role to the manifestation of any creation. We each are a creation unfolding and, as such, we are results of a creative process or the product of a creative process. Better said, we are a creative living process for our lives are still unfolding. As such there is a masculine aspect and feminine aspect to our unfoldment. Alternatively said, there is a masculine and feminine creative aspect within each of us that is reflective of this unfolding process and each of these aspects must be properly nourished if they are going to perform as required.

The masculine and feminine aspect of the creative process unfolding within our being is experienced as an inner masculine and inner feminine. They can be discerned as almost separate entities within our being yet they are integrally connected. As such they can often be experienced as a inner masculine force or entity that thrusts deep from within our being, or an inner feminine entity or presence which provides a very deep nurturing or as their offspring which is neither masculine or feminine but as an energy and/or awareness to act. The inner masculine and inner feminine can ever take on personalities in extreme cases.

The tension between our inner masculine and inner feminine gives rise to the flow of energy which animates our life and we experience as our creative spirit. It is what gives and sustains our life. The inner masculine - feminine creative tension spills over into our external life and quite naturally into our sexuality. It needs to be remembered, that it is through an experience of sexuality, the joining of the masculine and feminine, that we create life, - we create a flow of energy that animates life, whether internally or externally. Hence, whenever there is a masculine and feminine joining within or without our issues around sexuality can come into play.

This is very important because our experiences with our inner masculine and feminine can impact our the outer expression of our sexuality. That is, the lacks and wants of our inner masculine and/or inner feminine can spill over into our relationships. Similarly, our experience with our sexuality either direct by our own experiences or what has been transmitted to us by our early care givers and those in our lives or society then affects the inner masculine and inner feminine. That in turn, subsequently affects our inner creative powers generated through the inner masculine and inner feminine. The subject of sexuality and creativity is addressed in the topic “Creative Sexuality.” How our inner masculine and inner feminine get translated into external action is discussed in the topics, “Inner Masculine” and “Inner Feminine

What needs to be understood is that the issues residing in inner masculine and inner feminine that spill over into our physical life and ultimately into our sexuality. In this regard, there are issues that we face in our life that appear to reside around sexuality and/or our relationship with the same sex or opposite sex but they go to the deepest level of our being and to the process that is giving rise to our existence because of the inner masculine and inner feminine. The issues that arise as a result of how the inner masculine and inner feminine are unfolding within our being will not be easily address by our mind and what it thinks and believes. The reason for this is that the issues arise from the creative process that is sustaining us and giving rise to mind and the experience mind has. The issues exist/existed before our enculturated mind develops/developed and becomes/became aware of itself. To understand them we will need to explore the creative process and then look to see what the intention for our life really demands us to do and why there are issues with the inner masculine and inner feminine. Within that awareness, we will better understand how we may need to act in the external world to create something of intrinsic value to us and/or a life worth living including even manage our sexuality and/or our relationship with same or opposite sex.

The issues that arise around the inner masculine and inner feminine are quite powerful. How we choose to act on our inner masculine and inner feminine and how we join them or how we keep the separate determines the type and kind of life we will create externally. They not only can impact our sexuality but our relationship with every male and ever female in which we come in contact.

It needs to be understood this inner masculine and inner feminine is the creative force within our being that generates our life. It generates the energy and animates our life and gives us a passion to live and to engage in life. If our inner masculine and inner feminine are divorced from each other or one or the other is suppressed we will not have the energy to effectively engage life. How this translates into external experiences depends on us an individuals.

The function and roles of the inner masculine and inner feminine are the same as that described as the masculine and feminine creative aspects of the creative process. As such there is an inner dance and an inner marriage between these two inner aspects. However, the inner dance and the inner marriage will not occur unless we learn to consciously and fully embrace each of the roles and what they require of us.

We have a free will and it will be up to us to choose how this inner masculine and inner feminine are free or not free to unfold as a result of the choices we make. However it does need to be noted that our subconscious and enculturated programming have a tremendous influence on how these to aspects will, or will, not freely unfold. It can be said, much if not all, of our enculturated programming is specifically directed toward harnessing both the inner masculine and inner feminine in a particular way if not castrating the inner masculine. When the inner masculine is castrated, it cannot protect the inner feminine and create a safe space for it express itself. That in turn makes it very vulnerable to being used and harness by the outside world.

The inner masculine and inner feminine are controlled by how and what we think and believe, what we allow ourselves to feel or not feel, the choices we make based on what we think and feel and whether or not we are free to surrender to what flows within our being. To being to get conscious control over the inner masculine and inner feminine and their relationship it is necessary to explore “The Two Views of Creation.” That is, there is a view from mind and a view from what is symbolized in the heart. We will need to spend some time learning each of these views both independently and together to fully understanding how to properly nurture our inner masculine and inner feminine and their relationship.

It also needs to be remembered that we are multidimensional infinitely creative being. The inner masculine and inner feminine is actually a composite of all of them. Our multidimensional nature can be summarized as each of us having a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect to our being. Each of the aspects also have a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect. Each must be must be nourished in the way they need to be nourished. The each need to be nourished internally and externally. What we will find when we being to work with our inner masculine and inner feminine we will need to consider all four of these aspects and their individual needs.

In this regard, we are a creativity machine in that there are ways to adjust each of these four aspects of our being to control the mix of the inner masculine and inner feminine which in turn gets translated into an outer action and what we can and can’t create. However, these four aspects are not independent of each other. Each of these aspects must be harmonized as if we were playing a four stringed instrument where how we play anyone of these aspects affects the harmony with the other three. In turn, the harmony between these four aspects of our being also affects the relationship of the inner masculine and inner feminine.

In working with the masculine and feminine aspects of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects it must be realized that there are many different possible combinations. Our natural state may be to have a masculine physical body but we may have a dominate feminine spiritual, mental and emotional aspect. Yet our enculturation may have caused us to develop a masculine mental perspective, repressed masculine and feminine emotional aspects and a castrated spiritual aspect. Such a situation of course will cause internal pain. That in turn can gives rise to patterns of behavior that can lead to numbing or somehow suppressing the pain such developing an addiction or simply numbing oneself to life and what it has to offer. The goal in learning to harmonize ourselves is to create a safe and secure space to go back and see what are our natural aspects. Develop them and see what they really are when expressed. Then in that awareness, then see how they can be translated into the external world in a way that effectively serves both our inner and outer life without the expense of either.

In looking at the marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine and the wide variation that is possible, you could say there is a fifth aspect to our being, a creative aspect. Or you could say the fifth aspects, our charisma, is the gift we are here to give or the fruit we are here to grow when the other four aspects of our being are properly nurtured. A harmonious marriage between the inner masculine and inner feminine is needed for our creativity to flourish. It is the freedom to become creative within and have that creativity within nurtured and then to express that creativity in the world. To bring this gift or our charisma into the world we need to develop a mature inner masculine and a mature inner feminine.

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