The issue of safety - protecting the creative spirit
- and still achieve safety, quality and satisfaction in life

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The main issue relative to our creative spirit and safety, quality and satisfaction in life is that, because of the experiences we have early in life, we develop response patterns which we use to protect our creative spirit with the mind of a child. Many of the patters we develop to protect ourselves are based on our early life experience either before we become consciously aware of what is happening or we create a response based on a childís understanding. This is itself is not bad. It is just that the patterns we develop are not the most effective at protecting our creative spirit and allowing it for its free unfoldment. In essence, rather than protecting our creative spirit we put it into a cage of our own making.

Most of our early response patterns to life look to protect our creative spirit to ensure its safety, health and satisfaction by keeping it bound rather that to freely go out into the world. Many of these response patterns protect the creative spirit by shutting down, turning off, or keeping the creative spirit locked in a cage that we create so that it is not hurt as it was in the past. The logic is that if it is not exposed to things we think can harm it, it is safe. But that is not true. Keeping the creative spirit protected in such a way kills the spirit. Rather one must learn how to confront and address the true hazard and yet allow the creative spirit to freely unfold.

To understand how a creative state of being is necessary to create safety, quality and/or satisfaction in life and in the workplace, we needs to understand the creative spirit. This creative spirit has a tremendous desire creatively play and to share. It desires to share what it has found what it has found much the way a small child desires to share what they find in their play and exploration. What it does share it share unconditionally.

This spirit desires to give life and sustain life. If it canít share what it has found it will create the space for another to become free and have life. It will create the space in hopes the other becomes free and can experience what they have experienced and each can freely share what is found. When this creative spirit cannot share and/or create the space for another, it will feel lonely, isolated and separated from the world and others around it. In essence, it becomes divorced from its world and those around it. Yet, it become divorced, separated, and lonely only because what it is cannot be with another in the way it needs to be.

When it is able to share, a flow of energy occurs and this flow will make one feel alive and bring life into their being. It is sharing that ultimately makes life worth living and is the basis as to why individuals say the Universe is created and creates out of love. It is only in the flow of energy where one is free to share who and what they are does one feel alive and creates a life worth living. This is true for all aspects of our being in anything we do at home or in the workplace.

What needs to be understood is the free unfoldment of this creative spirit brings an acute awareness and alertness to whatever it desires to create. It is not necessarily a conscious awareness but an intuitive alertness and awareness to see things before they happen. When this creative spirit is unable to freely flow, the awareness and alertness about what it does is lost. How significant this loss depends on the way in which this creative spirit is not free to unfold.

In regards to safety, quality and satisfaction in life most of us shut down aspects of our creative spirit to one degree or another as we go through life. Since this spirit is life seeking, most of us can usually access a sufficient amount of it to find a way to live within the environment in which we find ourselves. As such, we usually access a sufficient to flow of energy to animate our life to keep it going to move us toward the experiences it desires to have. In the process, we do a reasonable job at creating most of what we want in our life. Although we face difficulty in life, usually we can find a way to overcome them. Most of this we do nonconsciously.

Few of us realize the mind that created our problem is not the mind that gives us the solution. Our mind only knows the past and the world that created the problem yet it thinks it solves our problem. But the solution really arises from a nonconscious synthesis of our past and the energy we experience. So we never pay attention to this creative spirit and when this creative spirit slowly starts to leave our life. We never pay attention to the fact that aspects of our life never seem to flow as they once did. We assume it is just part of life. We see ourselves as getting bored or getting old and never realize it is only because we have not learned to properly nurture our creative spirit to keep it aware and awake to catalyze our life.

When something goes wrong in our life or in what we are doing, we are taught to point to an external cause or circumstance as to the cause. We are not trained how to look individually and collectively at how we may be denying our creative spirit such that it is unaware and not alert to the conditions that give rise to our problems. So we keep directing our attention outward looking for something causing our problem and never look inside. Nor do we give consideration to the fact our creative spirit may be challenging us to become more creative in our life because it is not available to express itself. It does have child like qualities and when a child doesnít get it way, it can do quite dramatic things to get our attention. Yet, in denying one or more aspects of this creative spirit and not playing attention to our life and whether or not we are being fulfilled we deny the awareness and alertness that will forewarn us of dangers relative to what we are doing.

It doesnít matter what we do if our creative spirit is freely flowing in what we do, there will be an awareness and alertness and we will perform substantially better than if our creative spirit withdraws. This is a very important point. It doesnít really matter what we desire to create. The creative spirit is a relatively loyal and complying servant up to a point. If our creative spirit is allowed to freely unfold into what we do, there will be a creative power, perfection and quality in what we do. The point to which we refer is the cause of the flow of energy which you tap into to create what we desire. There is a reason or purpose for our being here and in life. Our creative spirit will always try and pull us toward that purpose and work to keep us alive to fulfill that purpose.

If we attempt to create only because our mind wants us to act and this creative spirit is not engaged and/or the creative spirit is not free to move into that creative effort because of the way it needs to protect itself, we will faced unnecessary difficulties for we rob ourselves of the awareness that is possible to preserve and/or give life. In dong so, we open the door for misfortune to occur. Of course our creative spirit is not necessarily responsible for creating everything that happens to us. But we do agree to participate in all that happens to us at some level of our being. There is nothing that we can imagine that this creative spirit cannot help us to avoid and/or make much more pleasurable if it effectively allowed to create in the way it needs to create.

So, whether individually or collectively, relative to creating safety, as quality, efficiency, or high morale in oneís life or in the workplace we are manifesting a creation just like anything else we would create. They do not necessarily come naturally. They needs to be created. We have to choose to create and set the intention to create them and hold focus on that creative effort as we would any other creation. If we do not choose to create them directly, we must at least set the intention to do what we do in a safe and quality efficient fashion.

Need for clarity of focus for whatever we intend (Top)

From a creativity perspective, at any given moment, we have a fixed amount of creative life energy flowing within our being to create. It is much greater than we think it is. It doesnít matter if that energy goes into safe actions or unsafe actions, quality or non quality action. The energy will flow as directed. The question is "Does the energy we have go into what we desire to create because our creative spirit is fully engaged and aligned with what we do or is the energy split, scattered or some how diverted or not free to flow into what we desire? The portion of our creative energy that does not flow into what we consciously choose to create will flow nonconsciously to create experiences we do not desire or maybe rather not have..

If our creative spirit does not go freely and fully in what we do, it means it is going into some other creative endeavor held in our nonconscious and our energy is split. For example, when we do an activity joyously and we want to do it, we think nothing of the effort to do it the best we can no matter what it takes. What we do flows from within our being and what we do comes naturally. However, if we do the task because we are forced to do it in some way by either an internal or external authority, there is great effort to do it the right way. It takes a much great attention and awareness to do it right than it takes when we want to do it and find it enjoyable. In fact, we can often feel as though we are robbing yourself of our life and may even feel as if a part of our is dying or being killed to do what is being asked. Metaphorically and sometimes even literally, it is true. We are in effect stealing our energy from what gives us life. Yet we have the same energy flowing through us in each case. In one case it flows naturally. In the other, we are forcing it to go in a direction our mind wants it to go against its natural flow.

This point brings up one aspect of habits that needs to be understood. Habits are used to direct the creative spirit where mind wants it to go without mind having to pay attention. Habit is neither good nor bad. It is just a tool available to mind when mind does not desire to be consciously involved. Habits just take the thinking out of the process of living and doing. However, before we know it, our habits can rob us of much of our creative power such that we no longer have the energy to create what our creative spirit desires to create.

The important point to realize here is that when we first do an activity that forces us against the natural flow of our creative life energy, there is a level of discomfort that we will experience. That discomfort is telling us that we are moving against the natural flow. By the time we have formed a habit, we also numb the discomfort and no longer feel it. The habit takes over. However, that does not mean the mismatch between where the habit is directing our creative life energy and its natural flow is gone. It still exists and we will continue to fund this mismatch robbing us of our creative life energy to create the life our creative spirit desires to live for as long as the habit remains. Often we create life situations that become too unpleasant in one way or another to continue to live with the habit and we are forced to change our habit.

The issue is not to become more energetic or more enthusiastic. We already have all that we will need in regards to energy. It is just not applied to what we do because our "heart," the source and full flow of your creative power, is not in what we do. That is, what we do is not in alignment with the natural flow of energy inherent within our nature. Our creative spirit is not fully engaged.

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