The key understanding - the existence of our creative spirit


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The awareness of the existence of our creative spirit is the key understanding. Only in acknowledging its existence can we make consciously available to us all that is within us. Only in the awareness of the creative spirit can we access and release the depth and breadth of our creativity and our creative power which is accessed through our creative passion. The reason forth is there is an intention which governs our life created by this creative sprit. This creative spirit has desires of its own which can be different than our current mind. That difference can, and most probably will, create a struggle with our mind. Some experience this struggle painful and may even seek to numb or suppress the pain creating additions and/or addictive behavior to avoid the pain. However, this creative spirit does not seek control. It seek satisfaction. It seeks an inner satisfaction, that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world, a fullness of being and a passion for life and for living. It has a passion to have the experiences it incarnated to have. Mind seek control with the illusion it can give satisfaction. But it cannot provide the inner satisfaction that come from aligning with the flow of energy giving rise to the life within us.

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