Some models for
understanding how we harness our creative spirit

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Some models for understanding how we harness our creative spirit

Calling forth the creative spirit in a way it is served

A river analogy

Our problem in understanding the larger process

When working with the unseen world it is useful to have a model or way of viewing the unseen that allows one to access and utilize that world to create what they desire. This has been the strength of modern science. It has provided ways of viewing and working with the unseen to tap into principles and concepts that have allows for revolutionizing the way humanity lives life. In using a model, it is not important that the model one uses is the correct view of the unseen as much as whether or not the model is effective at taping into what they need to create what they desires. Several analogies and/or models have been found useful to understand how to harness the unseen creative power and ability within our creative spirit. They are provided for your review and experimentation with them to see if they are effective for helping you create what you desire.

Calling forth the creative spirit in a way it is served (Top)

Every intention we hold, consciously or subconsciously, is calling forth our creative spirit and our creative ability. Yet, all that we intend does not necessarily serve us as to who and what we are. One may be a brilliant teacher who has a innate and phenomenal ability to create an environment that allows children to learn. Yet, when they are told to only teach a prescribed curriculum, in a prescribed way in a prescribed environment, they are unable to use those aspects and abilities that do not fit the prescribed way. Since their intention is to comply with the requirements to get their pay check, they only use a small portion of what is available. Their creative spirit is called forth to supply an energy to give them the ability to teach but yet the flow of energy is stifled by the prescriptions imposed by the system in which they agreed to serve. The creative spirit is not allowed to teach true to its ability. In essence the creative spirit is not served.

In situations like this, much like the muscles of the body, after a sufficient time the muscles and/or abilities atrophy. If they don’t atrophy, they develop in a way to meet the prescriptions for what is needed but not necessarily in a way that they are fully developed. In time, the habits of the routine become so strong one literally loses the ability it once had such that the ability dies and needs to be resurrected. In the end, we think we have much less creative ability than we do.

What occurs is much like taking a race horse in its prime and rather than developing its muscles to run free with its spirit, one harnesses it to a team of horses to pull a wagon. Your creative spirit is much like race horse that is unsurpassed in its racing ability. It can be harnessed and used to run a race or it can be used to harness to pull a wagon. Although it can pull a wagon, and it may do so very efficiently, it is really a waste as to what that horse is capable of doing and does nothing to tap the real spirit of the horse. The horse can pull but its spirit is not allowed to come out true to itself. Rather it is crushed, stifled, and bound and its true ability is never developed.

Our creative spirit is much like this. It starts out in freedom seeking an environment which allows it to freely create only to find it is thwarted in its efforts, controlled and put into a box that keeps it bound throughout life. It is like the race horse is harnessed to a task it can perform but it is not suited to do. But the creative spirit is different than harnessing a race horse to a wagon in one significant way. The part of the spirit that is not free to unfold in a conscious ways has the possibility to unfold in a unconscious way. Although you may harness your creative spirit to pull that wagon, the energy that is not allowed to flow as it would if the horse was free to race will create something. The issue is what will it create and how will what it creates challenge you to more fully engage the creativity you have.

A river analogy (Top)

There is an analogy you can use to help you to effectively harness your creative spirit so as to not destroy your creative power and ability. It provides a way to look at the issues you face relative to creativity, this creative spirit and the larger creative process of which you are a part.

In this analogy, the creative ability which you seek to obtain and you desire to access is represented by the energy in the flow of the water in a river. In this analogy, the water flowing in the river is your creative spirit and the flow of your creative life energy. They represent the energy you have to access. The boundary of the river which contains the flow of the river is your body. That which lies on the shore is the environment around you. It is to be noted, in this analogy in any given moment, the body of the river (its boundaries and the flow) and its environment are continually changing. Sometimes they go for long periods of time where the terrain and the river seem unchanged. Other times, there is dramatic change from one moment to the next

Imagine yourself watching a river flow from the mountains to the sea. Your interest is to extract the energy contained within the flow of the river water. The energy you extract from the flow of the river will allow you to do things, make things and even change the environment the river is running though like transforming a desert into a lush fruitful garden. One of the first questions you find is “What do you wish to create?” Why exactly do you wish to access the waters of the river, that energy within the flow, and create what you do? The answer to that question determines how you will extract that energy. If you study the flow of the river, you can figure out how to harness the energy in the flow in a variety of ways. How you harness it depends on what you wish to do. But it needs to be noted, the energy carried by the water in the river is the result of a much larger process.

The energy which can be harnessed is a result of the sun heating the water of the ocean to create the water vapor that forms clouds. The clouds, in turn, result in rain which falls in the mountains. The water in the mountain return to the ocean following the path of least resistance and, in time, the water forms a river. Rather than creating a new path each time it rains in the mountains, the water follows the path that was previously made. Throughout this process, the essence and structure of the water never changes only the energy held in, or by, the water.

So too our creative spirit. Its essence never changes. Only the energy held within that essence changes. The greater its awareness the greater its ability to make things happen. Also the form of the creative spirit depends on where it is in the process. In the same way the water in this analogy can be in the form of a cloud or in the form of the flow of a river, it is still water. Our creative spirit will appear different depending on where it is in the larger process.

The actual river is a result of the land or environment through which it flows and the river can, and will change itself, based on the flow of water. We are all aware of how a river can overflow its banks and change the direction of its flow. But the water does not change. It may become muddy, move faster or move slower, but it is still the same water that was evaporated into the cloud that produced the rain at the source of the river. Yet, the river and the water is only part of a larger process. To look at the river, the water which flows in the river and the environment through which it flows is to look only at part of the process.

Now, we may figure out how to extract the energy from the river and change the flow of the river, the direction of the river and the environment of the river. However, whatever we do does not negate the fact that what we do to extract the energy does nothing to add energy to the river and river itself still seeks to flow back to the sea. So too who and what we are. We are part of a larger process as is each and every creation we create with our creative life energy. Energy is put into something (water into the cloud) that moves into, and animates, a form (the river flowing from the mountain to the sea) were the energy is dissipated with the fulfillment or unfoldment of the creation (the water returns to the ocean).

Several points need to be emphasized in this analogy. Neglecting water evaporating along the path of the river for the moment, the water must return to the sea to be reused in the process. Only when the water returns to the sea may it be reused. Additionally, only when the water returns to the sea is the energy that was originally put into the water dissipated and the water is “unbound” or totally returned to its original state to be used again. It needs to be emphasized the energy put into the water is not related to what you do to extract the energy to use it. The method you need to use to increase the flow of the river is not the process you use to extract the energy and you will need to use different methods. To increase the flow of the river, you need to increase the flow at the source of the river, which in this case, is the rain in the mountain. However, increasing the flow at the source causes you to look at a process quite differently than you use to extract the energy. To look at the source of the river, you need to look at what causes the river to come into existence. That is, the evaporation of the water of the ocean into clouds which results in the rain.

Now the water in the river can be blocked, diverted or evaporated. If you wish, if you consider the evaporation of the water from the sea to create the cloud which gives rise to the rain as the mind of “God” creating the original flow or the Cosmic Consciousness of the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. You then can look at the evaporation of water from the river as it flows to the sea as your mind adding energy to create something just as the original Creator did. However, in the process of becoming a creator in this way you are lessening the water available in the river to return to the sea and in essence, weakening the power of the river. Although evaporation is the source of the water for the rain which supplies the river, evaporation takes water from the river and lessens the power of the river.

You have to go back to the ocean , the ultimate source of water from the river, if you want to evaporation water to increase the flow of the river. Hence you need to go back to the source/Source of your being and to the source/Source of the intention for your life the if you wish to increase your creative power. However, when you increase the flow of water in a river, it will most probably change how it flow to the sea. It will most probably change its banks and become different that it was. So too you. If you go back to the source/Source of your being to increase your creative power and creative ability, your life will change as a result of what you access.

In taking any water from the river we are redirecting the flow of river and what it can do down stream. The same can be said about diverting the flow for other uses. It lessens the overall power available in the river. Neither of these two actions are necessarily good or bad. They are just part of the process determined by what you decide to do with the flow of energy that you have available to you. It just needs to be realized your optimum creative power is to keep the flow concentrated in one direction as the water returns to the sea. You need not follow the original course of the river but anything you do that takes some of the water out of the flow lessens the flow. The more scattered you are in what you do, the less creative power you have.

As for blocking the flow of the river, you lose the creative power of the flow until the blockage is released. It doesn’t matter what causes the blockage. Whether the blockage is a result of a dam one intentionally builds, or one that occurs naturally do to environmental conditions like a ice jam, or an accident like a landslide into the river, until the blockage is release the flow is stopped or reduced. Similarly, a block may cause the river to flow out of its banks into an entirely new direction completely diverted from its original course. Blockages are about what our attachments do to our creative power. By holding on to the past we block and reduce the available creative power to create something new. If we have sufficient blocks we can cause the flow of our life to move outside it natural path much the way a river can move out of its natural path.

So too the creative energy and ability within each of us. We are the river through which something larger than ourselves flows. Our body is its banks and the water in the river is our creative spirit the flow of the creative life energy which sustains us. In the same way the water which flows in the river part of a larger process, so too our creative spirit. The creative spirit flowing thought our body is only part of that larger process.

Our problem in understanding the larger process (Top)

To understand the creative process, you need to look at the entire process. Creatively, focusing on a concept of God is like trying to use an explanation of the evaporation process where the water turns to vapor as an explanation as to how you extract the energy from the river when you block the flow. The concept that explains the origins of the river will not explain the flow process of the river. For example, if we cannot leave the view from the river, we don’t really know if the evaporation process is what really is causing the flow of the water in the river. We can infer it because you can see water in the river evaporating, forming clouds and raining back down to earth. However, unless we can stand outside the process of the river, we don’t know if there are huge pumps that are only spraying water into the sky above the mountains to create rain that looks like the process you can create with the evaporation model. Remember, our view is limited to the river and the water in the river. We do not have access to the larger picture until you step out of the river and its view.

Our problem with any concept of God is we create a concept of the unseen to explain our origin. And how Creation arose. But, in looking at processes of creation within Creation, the process which gives rise to Creation is an entirely different process than how the created Creation works. So too one’s concept of science. Science is focused on how physical Creation works. In this regard, looking to science which is focused analogously on explaining how to extract the energy that comes from the river, doesn’t tell you how the water got there.

Both the concepts of God and the concepts of Science only deal with half of the total process. In both cases, with God and science, what you are trying to explain is related to what you know and desire to do but they relate to a different parts of a much larger process for they don’t look at the whole process. Neither can fully explain the total creative process for they don’t look at the entire process. The reason for this is quite simple, mind, which gives rise to the concept of God and the concepts of science, arise from within the process and doesn’t see the whole process. That is why there will always be a mystical element to your life, Creation and creativity. So too any model or concept you use to explain what you try and do. In fact, many concepts of God and the logic of sciences actually takes many way from understanding the creative process and how to access creative power/Creative Power.

All you can do is work with what is, as it is and realize anything you may think is correct about the other parts of the process which we cannot see are only inferred and may or may not be correct. The issue at hand is how does one extract the optimum and/or necessary creative ability, the energy of the water, to create what one desires to create. And, if it is possible, how one can figure out how to increase the flow of energy whether or not what you do to increase your power is reflective of how the energy actually gets there in the first place.

If the evaporation model works to help you to learn to increase the flow of energy, then use it. If the pump model works, then use it. So too any understanding you may use to increase both your creative passion to energize your creative effort and your ability to create. If your understanding works, use it. The issue is to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth and hold one’s creativity sacred and see what needs to be done to both protect it and increase and/or expand one’s creative ability. That can be done by using a creativity perspective. The creativity perspective does not seek to explain what the concepts of God attempts to address. Neither does it seek to explain what Science attempts to address. What it does seek is to provide you a way that you hold your creativity sacred to fully use what is inherent within your being and not giving your creative power away in any way. - unless of course, you consciously choose to do so.

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