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Our creative spirit is the source of our creative power and creative ability. The more we can align with it and where it leads, the more we move closer to the source of our being. When we move toward the source of our being, we move close to the doorway to the Source of Creation.

It is to be noted that the word “source” is often written with a small “s” and a capital “S ” as source/Source. This is a result of the fact that when you access the source of your creative powers, you access the source of your being and the source of your life. At this point you are at a doorway. Depending on how you choose to look, you will see a source or experience The Source of Creation. What you experience depends on your intention, how and what you believe based on your past experiences, and your ability of standing back to become a detached witness to observe the experience you have

You will experience the source/Source as a feeling. It is not something your mind, as you know mind, can know and understand as such for it has not experienced the Source in conscious awareness. Even if you do have a conscious experience of the source our mind is too small to fully span the infinity of what you experience. It will be unable to properly characterize the experience.

In moving toward accessing the source of our being, we will find there is what is best described as a dream with our heart that will catalyze one’s life. This dream is synonymous with the intention for our life. From a creativity perspective, if one does not access this dream/intention and/or move toward manifesting it in some way in their life, they will never experience their full creative potential. Fortunately for most individuals, they access some portion of it subconsciously and are able to find the energy to create and find some satisfaction in life.

It is here in understanding this dream/intention we each carry that one aligns with the source of their creative power and ability. It is here we can learn the dance of creation/Creation and how and why we each need another to call forth our creativity and/or to awaken that dream/intention to bring it to life to unfold. The dream/intention must be awakened for us to access the depth and breadth of our creative power for much of its power tends to lie dormant as a result of the conditions of the life which it experiences. Yet, as a result of the nature of physical Creation, few ever have the space for this dream be free to unfold naturally. Because this dream/intention creates the flow of energy in our life, most are carried by a very deep slow moving undercurrent as a result of this flow. Most only drift in the dream or towards the general direction required to manifest this intention rather an embrace it. Drifting in this current one can normally access a sufficient level of creativity energy to create what they desire in life. To be truly active, this creative spirit needs to consciously be called forth by another and given the space to unfold.

Most have not yet found a way to understand the creative powers/Creative Powers of the Creation in a way that fits their uniqueness based on the experiences you have had in life. Rather than doing what we need to do and do our own experiments as to how this creative power/Creative Power works in our life and to face what it looks like to us, we have been listening to, and using, the experience of others at the expense of our own creative power. Most of us have yet to fully develop an intimate relationship with our creative spirit and follow its lead to the source of our creative power regardless of what our mind thinks and believe about where it leads. To do so would turn our life upside down and that is terrifying to mind. So too others in our life. They would rather suck off our energy than go to the source of their creative power to create what they see we can provide. That too , is terrifying to them. So in the end, we look outside ourselves and try and suck from another what we refuse to create within our own being.

What I found is that most need to both understand and address they must do their own experience to experience the true depth and breadth of their creative power and creative ability. To do that one cannot, and will not, get the answers they need by reading the works of others, talking to others no matter who that other is, or in any way thinking the ultimate answer lies outside themselves. One must do their own experiments to see what really allows their creative power to flow in their life and what takes it away. All that can be provided is guidance that each must take within and use in the that is effective for their creative endeavors.

Each of us will have to consciously experiment and challenge the understanding our mind has about God and the creative powers/Creative Powers. How we do our experiments and challenge our understanding of God and the creative power/Creative Power is our choice. We are free to do what we want. If we are not free to explore these creative power/Creative Powers then we are only puppets on a string. You will need to ask yourself if you do or don’t have a free will.

If you do have a free will, then you will need to act on it and explore your power. If you don’t believe you have a free will, then you will be faced with finding the correct view of God. You will need to find the correct view of God so that you do not alienate yourself from God or do something to suffer Its wrath. However, finding the correct view of God can be difficult. Every religion will tell you they have the more correct view or have the truth more fully than another. So who do you believe? Maybe you are gain faced with doing your own experiments to find out.

In establishing an intimate relationship with our creative spirit to address its characteristics and needs it can lead us in a safe way to explore our creative power at each and every level of our being in a way that will protect our life at each of those levels. Our creative sprit is what gives us our life and seeks life. It will look to find a safe way for us to explore what we need to explore so that we can have life more fully and more abundantly.

The creative force and power is a flow of energy within our being. It must flow freely. What blocks the flow is determined by how we plug into the unseen realms and how we plug into the physical realm. The goal is to get rid ourselves of all the reasons why we can not live fully in flow with what arises from within our being for that is what is arising from the Source of Creation.

Each of us need an understanding that will make it safe to do these things and establish an intimate relationship with our creative spirit. Such an understanding is where we take a creative perspective about life and look to see what we need to do to hold our creativity sacred in the way we need to do unique to our own being such that our creative spirit flows freely.

Most copy what others do because they have never been given permission for them to do their own exploration. We must gives ourselves permission to do what we need to do if we are going to access the source of our creative power and creative ability. We do that by becoming intimate with our creative spirit.

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