The ultimate dance we face - the dance between creation and true freedom 

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Within all the discussion on creativity, there are several different dances in which we engage in any moment. There is the inner dance between mind and heart. There is the dance of inner masculine and the inner feminine. There is the outer dance between our creative spirit and the outer world and an outer dance between a male and female. And, of course, there is the dance between the creator /Creator and its creation/Creation.

The ultimate dance is the dance of freedom. It is a dance between the tension of two forces. One force is the force or influences seeking to keep the world as it is and it is reflected in the things to which we are attached in one way or another. The other force is there is the flow of energy that carries the world into the unknown and into a new Creation. This dance exists at every level.

The goal of the dance is to create what we desire in true freedom. True freedom is to be like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. However, to create we need to be attached to the focus of our attention and awareness on whatever it is we desire to create. The dance of creation is to desire with all our heart what we wish to create with the passion of a drowning person grasping for air. Yet it is to become totally detached, as a detached witness being only a witness to the unfoldment of our desire and the experiences it creates. If we can stand apart from our thoughts and our body as a detached witness, we can being realize we are not our thoughts or our body. Rather we are the creator of our thoughts, our body and the experiences we have in our body. In this realization we gain the key to freedom. It is the freedom to create whatever we wish. It is that space of freedom that we become the creator/Creator at one with creation/Creation  where ever we find ourselves.

Creation is ultimately about the focus of one’s attention and awareness to direct one’s creative life energy into a specific outcome. Paradoxically, the mind needs to hold focus to create what it desires and then get out of the way and surrender to the flow of energy it creates for the creation to unfold. As such, the ultimate dance ends up being controlled by the dance between the flow of energy symbolized by the heart, and mind and its attachments. Who will lead our life - our mind or our heart? Or, do we learn to dance. Dance between being the creator and the creation?

To do this dance of creation, we each need to fully develop the masculine creative aspect within our being to thrust out to create true to ourselves. Yet, we need to develop and surrender to the feminine creative aspect to nurture whatever creation into which it has been directed. The question is, “Do we thrust out with mind in our masculinity to create we incarnated to experience or do we create what we have been programmed to believe is important and does not necessarily truly serve our needs?”

Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. To do what mind wants and/or thinks is to recreate the past to one degree or another through our attachments to the past. Only in listening to the heart to feel the flow of energy do we break free of the past to create the new and unseen. It is our creative imagination that contains the ability for mind to step beyond itself into the unseen world to explore options and pursue paths that mind would not otherwise take. Mind can see what is possible based on what it has experienced and it can explore the possibility within its creative imagination. But it must give itself permission to step out of it own imposted limits and barrier in the freedom of creative play to spontaneously and innocently discover and explore what is possible. If you can thinks of it, it is possible. However, it may not be possible given the constraints of the time and place in which you find yourself. But that not mean you cannot explore the options within your creative imagination to create it. You may find that there is a way within your creative power and abilities to create to make the impossible possible and the possible probable and even the probable a certainty.

The creative spirit is not separate from the physical, nor does it seek or need to transcend the physical. It is intimately tied to the physical conditions we create and manifest every day in our life. It is physical while simultaneously existing and permeating all of both the seen and unseen realms of Creation. The physical is not the source of our captivity. It is our attachments. The issue is not that of having a physical experience. The issue is we need to learn to detach from the experience we have no matter what it is. But this is true for any experience our creative spirit creates at or in any level of our being and/or dimensions of reality. We must learn to become like the wind. The wind comes with nothing and leaves with nothing allowing the energy within the wind to dissipate as it passes through. 

Our problem in creating tends to center on two things. One is we do not believe our desires are met. But they are. The issue is we do not understand how our desires unfold. Our desires are like seeds and unfold in the conditions that exist. Existing conditions do not always support the growth of seeds. Usually it is unwise to plant late in autumn or in winter. One usually waits for spring. The fact that conditions are currently not correct for what we desire does not mean we cannot manifest our desire. Properly planted seeds will lie dormant until conditions are correct. Rather we need to wait till conditions are correct, go to where the conditions are correct or create the correct conditions whether those conditions are internal, external or both.

The second things is we have expectations as to how we think things should be and how we want them to be. So we often don’t see our desire unfold because our expectations are masking their unfoldment. Wanting things to be a certain way are only attachments to the past. To act to not create the past is to recreate the past for your past is the criteria for your choice. To not create the past one simply needs to set the intention and surrender to its unfoldment trusting it will be different.

Each desire, if it can grow in existing conditions, will unfold according to the existing conditions. We may not get what our mind wants and what it expects but we can create the feeling of the experience we desire to experience in any environment. A feeling of fun and joy can be experienced in winter just as well in summer. It is just that we may need to do things differently that want we expect or want. Here again, our expectations may be correct but the environment in which we plant the seed cannot support its unfoldment.

In any case the key is to become free and like the wind. Come with nothing and leave with nothing. Desire with all our heart and then let go trusting we will create an experience that will satisfy the longing that give rise to the desire. But we must be free to experience what unfolds. In that freedom to experience what unfold, we will find what we seek. 

An important note needs to be added. Our desire and wishes are fulfilled. However, we have both conscious and subconscious desires and wishes. When the experience we are having is something we feel we did not choose, we must become that detach witness. As that detached witness we must ask ourselves, “What have I chose to experience that has created the experience I am having” An answer will come and we may be very surprised at the answer we get.

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