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The view from the [enculturated] mind is a view based on what the “I” wants. It is based on what we have come to understand about life and what we think we need and want in life. The adjective enculturated is added because, in essence, we do have two minds but most are only aware of only one. That is, the enculturated mind. We do have a mind that arises as a result of the experiences of this life. It is the portion we have learned through our enculturation or through the experiences of the culture or cultures in which we had those experiences.

But we also have a mind that transcends this life. The other part of mind is a deep part that is representative of what you carry from life to life and through your entire existence. This transcendental mind is what many would call the permanent record of all our experiences. Within this transcendental aspect of mind we can understand the intention for our life.

The view of mind is what allows us to become the creator of our experience and even the reality of those experiences. It is to create through holding a clear intention and have a conscious alertness and awareness as to what is necessary to create what we desires to create. It is to choose the experience we wish to have based on who we think we are and how we think the universe works.

What needs to be understood is that mind is that portion of our being that can consciously shift the focus of our attention and awareness. It is vital to determining where we direct our energy. However, mind also involves the subconscious thought, interpretations of perceptions, insights, imagination, memory, remembrance, recollections, opinions, sentiments, convictions, desires, inclinations, wishes, and intellectual power or capacity. We need to become mindful of our thoughts and to develop an awareness of what thoughts we have and the way we think. Otherwise, we will lose focus for what we wish to create.

Mind can control the energy that sustains us only to a limited extent. It cannot stop it for we would die. However, mind is free to direct all the surplus above that needed to animate and sustain the body in life. Mind is free to direct that energy into anything that mind chooses. What we do with our life in the world is our choice. There are no judgments on what we choose to create but there are consequences. There are consequences because of the actions we take for the time and place in which we exist and there are consequences as to how much or how little our creative actions divert our creative spirit form what desires to experience.

The way mind works is that it is capable of inserting itself into the flow path of the creative life energy that flows from the Source of Being through our being into a physical expression of that energy. Mind can direct, or rather redirect, the flow of energy that animates the body and as such, has a great influence on how the energy sustains the body. But the enculturated mind does not influence the energy that created the body no matter what the enculturated mind thinks for the consciousness that created the body transcends the body. We still have only twenty four (24) hours of creative life energy flowing into us each day no matter what mind thinks. However, it is how the enculturated mind directs that energy that is creating our experiences.

Mind creates the perceptions of both the personal experiences we have (that is what we take personally and/or see as personal) and the experiences of our external world (those experiences that we do not see as personal). It may or may not be correct in these assessments. In any case, no matter what assessment it makes, it determines how the energy flowing within our being will manifests itself in the future by the choices it makes now because of how it perceives or is perceiving. It is to be noted that in actually, all that is perceived is personal no matter what we perceive because it is our mind that is doing the interpretation. Only when one becomes a detached witness and stands out of mind can one being to understand how we are biasing what we are seeing.

The normal view of mind is more related to what it think needs to be done or how we play the game of life to preserve what “I” have and what story “I” needs to be make up about what is happening to explain why things are the way they are. The deeper and more mature view of mind is addressed by the question, “What do I desire to create and experience?” for we realizes we are the creator of the world we see and experience by how we focus our attention and awareness through the use of our mind.

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