Why a relationship of the creative spirit called a dance

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From the Our Creative Spirit Home Page: You are invited to a dance - actually three dances - an inner dance, outer dance and a dance between the inner and the outer. (More on.... why is meeting your creative spirit called a dance)

One question that arises is, "Why are the relationships of the creative spirit called dances?" The reason for this is any experience of any creation is dualistic. There is the creator and the one who experiences the creation. You cannot escape the duality of Creation.

If you look inward, you will find the creator and what the creator desires to experience. If you look outward, you will find the creation they seek. Your awareness, the part of you that recognizes you exist is both the creator and the one who experiences the creation. Each and every moment the awareness has a choice. It can choose to create or it can choose to experience the creation it has created. Unless you are aware and awake you will not realize you have such a choice and that you are responsible for the choice that is made. To not be aware and awake to choose is a choice.

Your creative power and ability, whether experience as a creative spirit that gives you a passion for life or as a flow of energy flowing into an expression of the desired creation is how your awareness perceives the creative powers available to it. Your creative spirit is the expression of your awareness that is both the energy which creates the experience (the creator) and it is the awareness that experiences the creation. As such, it can choose to create or choose to surrender to what is.

If we do not surrender to what is and what arises before us, we will never become aware of what how and what we are responsible for creating. Only in surrendering can we bgein to see from where the flow of energy comes that is giving rise to the creation we experience. If we learn how to surrender, we will appear under the control of forces well beyond our control rather than coming to the realization of how we created the experience we are having. Additionally, if we never surrender to our creation, we never get to experience the joy and satisfaction of our creation. We will always feel we are missing something from life - and we are. We never get to experience what we desire for we are too busy in the moment trying to create rather than experience what we have already created. It is what is meant by the proverbial saying, “If the journey never ends, the purpose is the journey.” Creation is a journey that never ends. We must learn to experience the journey and stop looking for its end - that afterlife, that beloved/Beloved, that success, salvation, heaven, or wherever form we give the end. To not surrender, is to be in mind and what it thinks and believe. It is to be that masculine aspect of creation always thrusting but never to enjoy the fruits of its creation.

Similarly, if we are always surrendering to the journey, we will never get what we want for the energy is always flowing based on our past actions and the deep undercurrents of Creation which provides the backdrop, stage or playground for our creative endeavors. We will seem to be under the control of influences well beyond our ability and power. In the process of continually surrendering, in time, we lose our creative power analogous to the way our muscles atrophy and become weak over time because of non use. If you want a strong creative power you have to exercise and use your creativity. To always response to what we feel without the wisdom of exploring what we desire and why is to always be surrendering. To always give and nurture another or others without being nurtured is to always be surrendering. To always be surrendering is to be stuck in the feminine aspect of creation always nurturing but never getting what it desires. In time, one is simply drained dry and one’s creative life energy is sucked out.

So the experience of Creation and each and every level of Creation is a dance. There is the mind which desires and the heart which surrenders. There is the inner world thrusting out to make its mark in the external world and there is the inner world that surrenders to the world that is. There is the outer world which forces itself to cause us to respond in the way it wants and there is the outer world that surrenders and gives us the space to do it our way. The key to satisfaction and accessing our creative power to create what we desire to dance. It is to dance between being the creator and surrendering to the creation.

Yet to dance, one must first learn to walk. To learn to walk one must learn to go into and out of balance. It is to learn how to step into, and out of, mind in a never ending dance of creation/Creation. Without learning to go into and out of balance, you can never move forward to create something new. You will always be recreating the past and stuck in a cyclic creation loop. The concept of being stuck in that cyclic creation loop has been given by some the name of “Karma.” Yet to be suck in a continuous cycle of creation is nothing more than not learning how to dance. In learning how to dance to become a creator and surrendering to your creation you change that karmic loop or cycle into spiral. Within the dance you learn to create bigger and more expanding creations that will totally encompass the experience you have and the reality of those experiences. Yet, it is all about learning to dance

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