Why most are unaware of the existence of the creative spirit

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From the “Our Creative Spirit” Home Page: Most of us are unaware of the existence because it normally operates behind the scene of our life to create subconsciously. Analogously, it is like an autopilot with default settings. It leads us in accordance with how it has been programmed. We wonder why we cannot create what we desire but we never address what we have been programmed to create. (More on .... how the creative spirit functions)

In studying individual and organizational creativity, it was found within each of us and is best described as a creative spirit. It is a playful creative spirit. Usually we are unaware of the existence of this creative spirit. It normally operates behind the scene of our life, or below the surface. It lies deep within each of us at the source of our life. It animates and sustains our life. It is a part of us that influences and/or controls our life and yet we are usually unaware of its existence. It operates analogously as an autopilot with default settings, to create subconsciously. The “design” default setting is to manifest the intention for our life. However, the desires and programming of the mind can override the default. We have to become aware of how to change the default setting if we wish to get conscious control over our life. Only when we observe from the perspective of the detached witness can we see the default for what it is.

The creative spirit is conceptually like the ego. If you wish, you could say the ego was created by psychoanalysts and psychologist of the late 1800's. Yet, as a concept it has existed in some spiritual traditions for centuries earlier. It has always been a part of the human. Yet, it was never realized for what it was until someone focused on it and began to explore it. The ego is real and one can work with it as a separate entity separate from the awareness that observes the ego. The ego is part of who and what you are. Yet, it has a personality and identity unto itself.

So too the creative spirit. It is real and is separate from the awareness that observes it. It is part of who and what you are. It also has a personality and identity unto itself. It is what gives a fullness of being and satisfaction in life. It is what creates a life worth living for it is the fulfillment of the intention that brought you into this world. Similar to the concept of ego, a form of the concept of the creative spirit has been around for centuries. Actually the concepts of the soul and spirit presented in many religious, spiritual and mystical tradition recognize the existence of the creative spirit but they do a poor job of fully characterizing and realizing what exactly the creative spirit is. Some of the reasons for this are discussed in the topic, “The creative spirit and the spirit of spirituality/religion” As stated on the “Our Creative Spirit” home page, “Although the source of our creative power and ability is described as a spirit, in particular, a creative spirit, this material has no association, affiliation, or anything to do with any spiritual and/or religious tradition. This material is exclusively about your unseen and intangible creative power and creative ability that can be described in one way as a creative spirit and in another way, as a flow of energy.”

The difference between the ego and the creative spirit is two fold. One is that the creative spirit works much more behind the scenes at a much deeper level within one’s being. It lies at source of what energizes your life. Most never become aware of its existence for its desires and wishes are so masked by the concerns of mind and the ego. The other difference between the creative spirit and the ego is that the creative spirit exists at the moment of your birth. It exists at the moment of conception. It exists as the energy which brought your parents together and subsequently manifests as the product of your parents coming together to create a new life. It reflects why you came into this life and embodies or is the embodiment of the energy that sustains your being and creates the life you have. The ego can be changed if one is willing to do the work. The creative spirit cannot be readily changed but its characteristics can be denied and/or suppressed that gives the illusion that it can be changed.

But unlike the ego, it does not seek recognition for itself as does the ego. Rather it seeks to freely unfold, create and experience a life worth living. Whereas the ego is self preserving and seeks to preserve itself, the creative spirit is willing to sacrifice itself, the ego and even our physical life for its creation and what it incarnated to do. Yet, under certain conditions it can come out. When it does come out, it can take on a personality and life of its own that can be experienced radically different than how we view ourselves and what we think about ourselves.

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