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Our creative spirit is an incredible life force that rises from deep within oneís being. It gets called out to come into the world by the challenges the world presents to it. If one experiences a safe and secure space for the creative spirit to freely unfold, it is most probable we will feel sexual for it arises with a flow of incredible creative life energy that enthuses our entire being including the sexual organs.

The kundalini rising described in many mystical texts and practices is a description of this energy. But when this energy flows as a result of the release and free unfoldment of our creative spirit is it a somewhat different experience than the kundalini rising. In essence, when this kind of flow of energy is released within a mystical or spiritual practice mind is there to control and direct the energy into the practice. However, when it is release in the free unfoldment of the creative spirit, the creative spirit leads the process and the energy is directed into create a new life desired by the creative spirit.

The energy enthuses our entire being sexually in two ways. One is more of a mental impact and creates a desire to create life and/or recreate our life. That desire to create life can excite us sexually. The second way is more physical and the energy enthuses our entire being which includes enthusing the sexual organs. They in turn become excited.

In becoming sexually excited mentally and/or physically when our creative spirit is called forth, we can also experience a sexual awakening. The sexual awakening can occur in two ways. One way is to become awakened to long dormant or denied sexual desires and feelings. The second way is to awaken to the sensuous and sexuality in ways we had never previously experiences.

In calling forth our creative spirit accompanied by sexuality, we need to surrender to the flow of energy and where our creative spirit leads and not follow the sexuality nor what the mind wants. If we follow the sexuality we will thwart our creative spirit. If our mind tries to control the sexuality it will thwart our creative spirit. Our creative spirit needs to be allowed to pursue its own path and not be controlled by mind in any way. It must be allows to flow into what it desires to create. If it comes out sexually, it must not be controlled or held captive by oneís own mind or the mind of another. In essence, the sexual energy need to be directed back into oneself so that it creates the life it needs to create for the creative spirit experience an expansion and a free unfoldment.

This does not mean one cannot engage in sex when our creative spirit is called forth and we feel sexual. Rather what it means is the life that is created in and through sex within oneself, the other and between the individuals is desired to come forth. It is not about one partner seeking to control the other through sex in any way. Nor is it about using the other to get what one wants. Rather it is to allow the sexuality to bring forth the life, not necessarily physical life, and flow of energy within each individual that the sex was meant to create.

When our creative spirit is called forth and we become enthuses with energy and our sexuality is arouses that sexual arousal is about our creative spirit desiring to create a new life and to create life. It is not necessarily about creating a physical child, but it is, as a minimum, an energetic child. That energetic child then supplies the motivation and energy to create our life and the life we live in the world.

If one engaged in sex the focus should be the new life internally and externally that is created through the sexuality. The sexuality should cause us to feel an expansion and growth within our being and become full of life and a passion to live life. If we feel restriction in any way as a result of the sex, some aspect of the sexual relationship was controlling the energy in some way. It could be fear within one or both individuals or it could be the desire for mind to control the sexuality. Whatever the case may be, if freedom is not restored in the sex, the creative spirit will become thwarted and retreat. 

It does need to be noted that sexual awakening can occur more than once in our life. Depending on what we desire to create and how we need to recreate our lives, it can occur ever time we engage in a truly new creative endeavor. It actuality it can happen as often as we desire but we will need to surrender to the flow giving rise to the creation not to the sexuality. We are the phoenix and can destroy and recreate ourselves as often as we like.

When this spirit is called forth with sexual overtones or explicit sexual feelings we can perceive the individual creating the safe and secure space to call forth the creative spirit as the muse. More often than not, the sexuality which arises from the passion to create and freely express oneself becomes confused with the individual who calls forth our creative spirit to create. That individual may or may not be someone with whom one can be sexual yet still remain creative free. It is not uncommon that the individual who calls forth the creative spirit is also the one who kills or deeply wounds the creative spirit they called forth. That in turn, requires the individualís creative spirit to literally be resurrected and/or go through a long period of deep healing. If the individual calling forth the creative spirit is a true muse, the muse will continually inspire us and energize us with or without engaging in sex. If there is an engagement in sex, the energy is only multiplied. However, there is always the possibility one can become diverted by the sex. Care must be taken to ensure the energy is directed into creating the life the creative spirit desires to create. Otherwise, the creative spirit will become thwarted and withdraw.

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