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One of the more surprising discoveries in the exploration of our inherent creativity was an additionally interpretation of the children to which the voice in the calling "Who will protect my children?" referred. As discussed in the topic, "The Calling," when the voice was heard, the interpretation of the phrase, "Who will protect my children?" was about preventing potential nuclear accidents and protect people from accidental irradiation. However, in time, there were to be found two additional interpretation of "the children."

The first additional interpretation was about protecting the creative spirit found within each heart. The primary finding of the exploration of creativity in the workplace was the existence of the creative spirit within each heart and the realization that when it was not properly nourished  it could ultimately result in accident, illness and disease.

The second additional interpretation arose as discussed in the topic, "You work for the others," when the author was visiting with friends of a mutual friend. Here it was very clear the children to which the voice referred was to the energetic children we create and abandon as a result of the lack of understanding as to our own creative power.

It needs to be understood that energy and consciousness are different forms of the same material of creation. Whenever there is a tremendous focus of energy such that the energy seemingly become a separate flow unto itself, it can awaken to the awareness of its own existence. In this regard, the flow of energy becomes the offspring or a child of its creator/Creator, the one who cause the flow to initiate by the intention they hold. As such there are two levels to the children relative to us as creators. There is the physical or nonphysical offspring of us a human being which arises through sex. There is also the energetic children or offspring of our consciousness and our creative activities. The role of consciousness in the creative process is to become the cause of a creation coming into existence. Analogous to the way Creation is a result of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation our consciousness causes creations to come into existence and they are our offspring.

A way to understand these energetic children is to understand that any intense passionate expression of our energy as love or hate gives rise to a life unto itself. If we look at the passionate love between two individuals whether or not a physical child is produced, that love causes the life of the two individuals to become very different It can be said that the love between the two individuals takes on a life of its own. Similarly if we hate somebody to the point we change our life as a result of that hate, that hate has taken on a life of its own. In essence, our deeply held passions of love or hate have produced an offspring. We do not always see the results of our energetic offspring in the physical world, but they nevertheless exist in the unseen realms.

This understanding is not about making ourselves paranoid. Rather it is about understanding how creation works and we do need to take responsibility for what we create including our energetic offspring. If we truly want love in our life, we must process and get over our feelings of hate, regret, vengeance, and similar emotions which cause us to become separate from a fellow human being. If we want peace in the world, we must stop producing the child of war at any level. To hate someone and call them our enemy but never express what we think and feel physically is still generating energy and creating a life in the unseen realms. Until that energy is dissipated, it will continue to haunt us and the human collective. We then wonder why some hate and animosities go on for generations long after the individuals who first hated have died. We can say it is passed on from one generation to the next by example but that is really no different than passing an energetic life from one generation to the next. It all depends on how we desire to envision the energy and its transmission in time.

In essence there are three children for which we need to become aware. There is the inner child within our being, physical offspring we create sexually ,and energetic offspring we create in our relationship of which our sexual relationships are the most powerful.

The inner child

Within each of us is a creative spirit which incarnated with an intention for our life to have certain types and kinds of experiences. For it to be free to unfold in our life, we must create the space within ourselves such that our inner masculine and inner feminine both come to maturity and then create the offspring that we desire to thrust into the world. We create mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine by learning to become our truth. Whatever inner child and inner world we create then become reflected externally because our inner world is reflected in the outer. In this offspring of the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine being reflected externally, we will find that we can fully support any life that we create in our relations sexual or otherwise.

The child of a relationship

As said above, there are two types of children produced in relationship. In a sexual relationship there is the potential to produce a physical offspring. It is assumed the reader understand how this is done and the implication for our life in creating such an offspring and is not discussed here.

What is discussed here is that we need to learn to understand the metaphor of sexuality. What is discussed here about sexual relationships exists for other relationship we have that are not sexual. It is just that the energy exchange is usually not as great as in a sexual relationship. However, great emotions of love or hate can come close to if not exceed the energy exchange in a sexual relationship. A passion non sexual love/hate relationship with any other human being can easily involve an energy much greater than the energy exchange in a passing sexual relationship. In this regard, strong emotional feeling for or against anyone or anything should not be dismissed lightly. If that energy is not properly dissipated we can and will produce an energetic child which can take on a life of its own, even to the point of possessing its creator.

Sex, as is really any relationship, is about mixing energy to create life. For a male to enter a female sexually, there will be a mixing of energies and a life created at some level of being whether or not a physical child is conceived. In physical form the genes of two people are mixed to create an offspring. The mixing of genes is only the mixing of energy in the form of mass - specifically in the form of DNA. However, mixing go on spiritually, emotionally and mentally in addition to physical mixing. There is always an offspring in such a sexual relationship when two people get together. The question is whether or not that offspring is what we desire to experience and/or does it carry us to the experiences we wish to have.

There is no free and unencumbered sexual exchange in intercourse. To move past sexuality, one must be totally free to experience what they feel and discern the subtly in what they feel without being encumbered by mixing any energy. This is normally hard to achieve unless one is very aware. How we go about achieving what is described here is our choice. We just need to be aware sexual intercourse is about mixing energies whether or we believe it or not. Most often, that mixing only serves to further confuse what we need to do. When we do not have clarity and then mix our energy with another it only adds to the confusion. If we have clarity and then mix our energy, we an at least see from where the confusion we experience arises.

Relative to the energetic offspring of any relationship, the questions which should be addressed are: "Do I really want an offspring (not necessarily a physical offspring for there will be an energetic offspring) with this individual? Do I want the life that goes with us being together in some way? Will it allow me to move in a greater personal creative power and freedom or will this individual stifle my creative power causing me to shrink and withdrawal? Will the offspring we create together give me a long term satisfaction in life and a life worth living? If I died and had to spend eternity with only this particular individual would I be happy with the life we create together?" Here our heart will tell us the answer if we listen. We will know if we are compromising our creative power in any way or being free to grow and expand that power.

The implications of energetic children

We are creative beings and we create by what we think and believe. Any great display of emotional energy can create a life of its own. The issue is to create the space to have this energy fully dissipate or it will cause us to live a life seemingly controlled by some unidentifiable  undercurrent continually pulling us a particular direction. Some may say that we are even possessed by a foreign entity. Or the energy is seemingly released from us but continues to affect others by our actions and the seeds we plant within their being as a result of the flow of energy we created. We can excite someone to action because of our emotional display and then leave the scene never to know or understand how we have caused one or more individualís life to change because of our display of energy.

The understanding here is to take responsibility for what we create and allow the energy to fully dissipate in the experience we cause to come into existence. Then in the full dissipation of that energy we allow the life that was create to follow its natural course of coming into existence, experiencing and existence and then returning that from which it came. Otherwise, it will remain alive infecting us or some other until its energy is fully dissipated. In this regard, many ghost phenomena are the expression of energy not fully dissipated in the physical experience which continues to be a haunting presence.

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