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The material on this web site discusses sexuality and its relationship to creativity. Or alternatively said, it discusses creativity and how our sexuality stimulates or robs our creative ability and creative power. It is the complement to its companion web site Creative Spirituality. Although it goes no deeper than that which you would find in a discussion on educational public television, it may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Additionally, the perspective discussed here is a creativity perspective where we learn to hold our creativity sacred. The views expressed may or may not be in alignment with the social, religious, spiritual or philosophical tradition to which you ascribe. The recommendation is to consider what is provided and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. If what is provided here allows you to access aspects of your creative ability and creative power unavailable with other views, then use what is provided. Otherwise, seek something that works for you and allows you to experience a fullness of being and an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in your world.

Why a web site on sexuality and creativity  (Top)

In working with individuals to access their creativity to create what they desired, there has not been a single individual where sexuality did not arise in some way as an issue to be addressed. Sexuality is inherent, and integrally tied, to our creative ability and creative power and to the creative process in a variety of different and surprising ways.

In actuality, human sexuality is the final frontier we face. It has been said that the exploration of space is the final frontier facing humanity. But we have already gone into space. However, few have been able to truly explore the link between sexuality and our creativity because of the traditional biological concerns about having children and social diseases. Modern technology in a variety of ways has been removing those barriers one by one. Consequently, more and more individuals have moved into this realm only to become lost and puzzled as to what it really is all about, for what they seek has eluded them. Coupled with the changing roles and social status now available to females, sex and sexuality is being viewed in with a different perspective in may peopleís lives..

There is an old saying that what we call God, or rather the creative power we attribute to God, is closer to us than our own jugular vein. In actuality, human sexuality is the proverbial beast at the temple gate and humanity as a whole have yet to learn to get around this beast. Within the temple, within our own being, we find the creative ability and creative power to both create our experiences and create the reality of the experience we have. Within the temple we find the creator/Creator. Or, if we donít find the creator/Creator, we find the place and way to communicate directly with the creator/Creator, one to one without the need for a mediator.

To get inside the temple to see and experience this ability and power for what it is, we must face the beast in one way or another. The issue is not about having sex. The issue is facing our sexuality and what it really means for each of us individually and what our creative spirit desires to experience. In particular, what we incarnated to experience. This material is provided to assist in building the foundation to understanding how it is safe to face the beast at the door, why it should be faced, and some thoughts as to how to safely get around it and even dance with it. Whether or not you think this material meets this goal we suggest that you allow its effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

No matter how we look at it, the human experience is a sexual experience. We each are the product of sexuality and humanity needs to engage in sexuality if the human species is going to continue. Whether or not we as an individual engage in physical sex and/or sexual activity is another issue. Because of the way our mind characterizes what it experiences, the fact the human experience is a sexual experience has a great influence on how our mind ultimately perceives the creative process for the creative process has an inherent sexuality If we are going to consciously step into our creative and claim our birthright, we will have to face our sexuality in one way or another.

Although there is much more to the reasons why sexuality arises to influence and affect our creativity, simply said, our creative power arises from what we feel. Without a flow of energy and the passion to act, nothing happens. Sexuality provides one of the greatest sources of feeling and passion we can experiences as a human being. Why sexuality arises as an issue in creativity is discussed in the topic of the same title, "Why sexuality arises as an issue in creativity."

What is creative sexuality?  (Top)

Creative Sexuality addresses the relationship between creativity and sexuality from the creativity perspective and the equivalency of energy and consciousness. It looks at the relationship of energy and consciousness which lies behind, and gives rise to, sex and sexuality. It addresses the relationship between: our creativity; our creative power; the energy generated in the tension created by the masculine and feminine aspects of any creative process; and how and what we think and believe about sex and sexuality as a result of being a male or a female influences, directs, or controls the flow of our creative life energy to create the experiences we have.

This work is about creativity and how we create our experiences. Within the creativity perspective, life comes from life. When one creates life, whether it be physical life or an energetic life, there will be sexuality as a result of the creative process of creation/Creation. If one desires to create life (not clone a life or copy a life), or create a new life for oneself, or new way of being in the world, there will be sexuality. The sexuality arises from the feeling of creating life. [More on.... what is creative sexuality - an introductory discussion]

Creative Sexuality captures the lessons learned and observations made in assisting individuals in three areas each of which provided a different perspective on the relationship between creativity, sex and sexuality. One area was to access and release their unlimited creativity. The second was to access the intention for their life. The third was to address the issues related to, or around, sex and sexuality that were unexpectedly encountered or arose in a variety of nonsexually related creative endeavor. The origins of this web site and its material is discussed in the topic, "Origins and occasion for creating Creative Sexuality." How we can avoid facing sexuality or mitigate the depth to which we need to face it relative to our creative endeavors is discussed in the topic, "Avoiding the conditions requiring us to face our sexuality relative to our creativity and its implications."

An initial understanding  (Top)

There is an initial understanding about sex and sexuality that sets the stage for how it influences our creativity. The initial understanding is that, as probably we all are aware, is there is a biological and procreative function to sex. But then there is an energetic function that seems totally separate from the biological and often seems to have nothing to do with biology and procreation. Analogously, the biological and energetic aspects are like the traditional concept of physical versus spiritual. They are seen as separate when in actuality they are interconnected in a way not obvious to our mind. The relevant biological, social and energetic aspects are discussed in the topics, "Some observations from nature about sex," "Social issues of sex and our creativity" and "Energetic nature, metaphoric, symbolic and literal functions of sex," respectively

What is the primary issue about sex and our creativity?  (Top)

The primary issue that has been observed about sex, sexuality and our creativity is two fold. The first part of the issue is that the separation we feel in the creative process as a result of the creative tension will cause us to seek a way to resolve what we feel. For some, it leads to addictions. For others, it leads to become creative. Although the creative tension may arise from the desire to create something in particular, because the human physical experience is a sexual experience and mind will characterize anything it experiences based on its past experiences, the creative process is often characterized by our mind as a sexual experience or the desire for sexual experience when sex really isnít the issue.

Our problem relative to the first part of the primary issue is we often are not aware as to what is really giving rise to the feelings we have. Are the feelings about having sex or are they about creating something and we are experiencing the creative process as a desire for a sexual experience. Discerning the different can be quite difficult and acting on the energy in a way so as to not thwart the energy can be even more challenging.

The second aspect of the primary issue is that our outer world is reflective of our inner world. Most of the external issues around sexuality ultimately are about the undeveloped or under developed inner masculine and inner feminine. Having a mature inner masculine and a mature inner feminine creates an entirely different sexual experience and a different understanding and interpretation of the creative process than with an under developed inner masculine and/or an under developed inner feminine. Having a mature inner masculine and a mature inner feminine allows us to better discern the origins of any sexuality feelings we have and being mature, they can better direct us as to how we need to act on what we feel.

Sexuality, as discussed here, is inherent in the creative process and reflected in the masculine and feminine aspects of being. It is not as reflected in what we think and/or believe it means to be a male or female. Because of how a creative tension and a flow of energy is generated in the creative process the creative tension can be experienced as a sexual tension and the flow of energy as creating life or as a new life unfolding. Whenever a creative endeavor requires us to recreate our life to create a new life at some level within our being sexuality will probably arise and be experienced within our being in some way.

It needs to be noted here that even though mind experiences the creative process for a particular creative endeavor, each creative endeavor is a new experience of the unknown. So although mind should learn the lesson that it is always capable of, and probably will, characterize any creative endeavor as a sexual experience to one degree or another, it will be unable to readily discern exactly where the sexual feelings that arises in a particular creative endeavor are leading and why. If mind is wise, it will come to understand how to work with the sexuality and what it is really representing rather than becoming lost in the sexuality. (More on.....sexuality in the creative process)

In essence, sexuality is the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy. There is probably no single greater source of creative energy and creative passion than through sexuality. Although seldom discussed relative to creativity, how we view sex and sexuality, let alone use them, has a great influence on our creative ability and creative power and what we can and canít create. We donít have to become sexual or engage in sex with another to have sexuality impact our creativity, but we do have to understand it. (More on .... how sexuality impacts our creativity without engaging in sex)

The primary issue we face relative to our creative power and sexuality  (Top)

There is not one issue when it comes to sexuality and creativity. Rather, there are several related but seemingly different reasons why sexuality can be expected to arise, often unexpectedly, as an issue in our creative endeavors. The end result of them all, and primary issue we face, is we are faced with a choice. We can address sexuality as it arises in our creative endeavors (of which creating our life is one such creative endeavor) one issue at a time. In this case, sexuality is an issue that never seems to fully go away and only repeatedly haunt us. We seem to continually need to revisit it as it arises in a new or different way. Or, we can explore our sexuality and its relationship to our creativity. In this case, we need not be troubled when it arises. Rather, we simply act on it appropriate to our creative endeavor based on having explored it as an aspect of our being.

How we choose to make this decision is our choice. It cannot be made for us by any other and it is recommended that the advice of any other, whomever they are, is not followed. Rather, it is recommended we learn to look to our intuitive guidance and see what it recommends and follow her lead.

Understanding the influence of sexuality on our creativity  (Top)

It needs to be understood, sexuality is inherent in the creative process and we cannot escape it. It is the second most creative state we can enter. When not used consciously, we use it nonconsciously. For many of us, although we use it nonconsciously, it is the most creative state we will ever enter in our entire life. Relative to our creativity and what we create, most of us use it nonconsciously. More importantly, most of us are unaware of the influence it has on, or in, our life beyond creating children. The goal of creative sexuality is to become aware of its influences on our creativity and use it constructively in our creative endeavor..

There are two major reasons identified as to why sexuality arise as an issue relative to our creativity. One is that our creative power arises from what we feel. Although there are feelings we can experience more powerful that sexuality, for many, sexuality is the greatest feelings they will every have. Some even look to sex to experience feeling, or to numb less pleasurable feelings. The second is that issues of sexuality and how we experience it in being a male or a female in life blocks the free flow and unfettered expression of our creative life energy/creative spirit.

To begin to understand the creative impacts of sexuality, it is necessary to understand that we are multidimensional beings. Traditionally this multidimensional aspect has been encapsulated and reduced to the four aspects to our being - namely a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect. Sexuality influences all four of them simultaneously and more whether or not we are aware we are being influenced. Exactly how and why each is are influenced by sexuality goes to the energetic nature, metaphoric symbolism and literal biological function of sex. (More on .....the energetic nature, metaphoric and literal functions of sex).

Why are most unaware of the role of sexuality in our creative endeavors?  (Top)

Most are unaware of the role of sexuality in our creative endeavors for the following reason. Every experience we have is the result of a flow of energy. Only when we "step out of mind" as a detached witness to align with the flow of energy, as we would with our internal compass, and follow the flow back to its source/Source can we begin to see the masculine role and feminine role in the creative process of which our sexuality is a part.

We ourselves are one such flow of energy experienced as our creative spirit inhabiting a body. Our energy flows from the unseen realm of Creation into the seen in a continuous flow. However, most have adopted a belief and/or a belief structure that there is a separate spiritual realm and physical realm to Creation. This belief in separation masks the interconnectedness between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being and their relations to the world around us. That belief masks understanding the sexual tension that gives rise and sustains the unfolding flow of energy we experience as our life. Many experience this deep inner tension as a longing for a beloved, the Beloved or simply a soul mate. Most experience it simply as the need to find a mate. [More on .....the belief in separation]

Applicability  (Top)

Sex and sexuality are ultimately about creating life. Hence, it can impact all aspects of our life, at any level, wherever our life leads and whether or not one consciously uses sexuality or engages in sex. Nothing more needs to be said other than a result of sexuality being inherent to the creative process, it can impact every thing we do and lies as a deep influence to much of what happens in our life.

Truth in labeling - disclaimer  (Top)

Modern society encourages truth in all labeling and/or "up front" full disclosure on all products. It is encouraged so that the user can be aware of any hazards or side effects to any products that are used and/or prevent false advertising. It is to help ensure the user is not deceived or advantage taken of their lack of understanding or lack of appropriate information

Relative to our sexuality, sexuality is a very powerful creative force and very much a two edge sword. There are variety of aspects about sex that fall under truth in labeling and/or up front, full disclosure considerations. It has tremendous constructive and destructive properties.

No recommendation or suggestion is made here that you need to become sexual with another and/or engage in sex with another to understand how sex and sexuality influences your creativity. You, of course, can if you wish. It is your choice. The intent of this site is to give you information as to how sexuality can influence your creativity and for you to become aware if it arises as an issue in your creative endeavors. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not to consciously use sexuality and/or engage in sexuality. [More on ...truth in labeling - sexuality]

 The approach and bottom line  (Top)

How you approach sex and sexuality relative to your creative endeavors is your choice. Some thoughts on this subject are provided in the topics, "Exploring the creative power of sexuality and as a creative tool" and, "Practical questions about sexuality viewed from a creativity perspective" along with some exploratory questions in the topic "Exploratory questions about sexuality" you may want to use to look at some of the beliefs you have about sexuality. However, there is one bottom line statement that needs to be made relative to its influence on our creative ability and creative power to create what we desire and not rob us of our creative power. It is to become very, very clear as to why you desire to engage in sex and what are the real motivations in having sex. Pull the string as to why as deep as you can go. You may be very surprised at what you find.

Topics on sexuality and creativity (Top)

The file, "Discussion topics on sexuality and creativity" contains lessons learned, observations and the like on the subjects of creative sexuality and sexuality and its relationship to our creativity. Also in included in the list of topics are additional topics which may be of interest and help better understand sexuality and its relation to our creativity. (More on.... discussion topics on sexuality and creativity)

The recommended starting point for reviewing these files is the topic, "Summary points on sexuality and creativity." The composite of these summary points provide a quick overview as to what creative sexuality and the relationship of sex and creativity is all about. Individually, these statements are tidbits of information. Together they paint a mosaic of one of the most powerful creative forces we have available to us. (More on.... summary points on sexuality and creativity)

Discussion groups and forums

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