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 Sensual experience beyond sex 


The total body sensual experience

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There is a physical experience which an be had that can be considered the culmination, if not the overall purpose, of the human physical experience and becoming incarnate. It is a state of being where we are able to fully embrace the physical experience as a human being without separation from any aspect of Creation. It is an experience of wholeness and oneness through the Physical. It is best described as a total body/being sensual experience.

As a result of the types and kinds of sensation some experience, some refer to it as a whole body orgasm, whole being orgasm or energy orgasm. However, to use the word orgasm and relate this experience to a sexual experience can be misleading. Although the experience will encompass sexual feelings, and maybe very sexual for some, it is much more than a sexual experience. It is best described as beyond sex. These experience allow us to fully unite and experience the union of the mind, body and spirit. As a minimum the difference from a sexual experience is one of deep intensity and duration.

Whether we realize it or not, this energy orgasm or whole body/being sensual experience is what we seek and have been seeking all our life within the human physical experience. It lies beyond sexuality but it gives feelings of sexuality.

The issue of going beyond the sex

There is an issue we all seem to face when it comes to having any experience where we experience feelings of sexuality. It is to move past the sex and sexuality to be able to fully embrace the experience and allowing the experience to led us where it may.

Relative to the sensual experience, most never experience this sensory state because they becomes lost in the sex thinking it is about sex. Or, they avoid the deeper experience of sex for whatever reason and never open the door to the experience. Because most of us never open ourselves to what we feel and are free to explore what we feel and flow the lead of the energy, we think sex will give what we seek. However, it is not the sex which will leads us to the sensual experience. It is surrendering to the flow of energy and allowing it to enthuse our entire being.

Entering this sensual state of being is where we are able to fully embrace the physical experience as a human being without separation from any aspect of Creation. It means we do not deny what we feel but relax and surrender into it. There is the need to move past the feeling of sex to where our whole being is absorbing and radiating with a totally sensual feeling and experience. It is a feeling where the physical sexual interaction can be a distraction and does not at all provide us with anything close to the feelings of being sensual.

The issue isn't sex. Sex stands in the way of what must be experienced and one must go through the sex. To move into and through the sex, the sexual experience should be one that provides for a feeling of expansion within our being and allows us to move into the total sensual experience. However what we think and believe about sex and the experience it gives often prevents moving into this deeper experience. We cannot intellectualize it away. One must experience it and being to learn discern the difference in the feelings.

Intellectually knowing something can be quite different than experientially knowing. This fact is extremely true for the sensual whole body experience versus the sexual orgasmic experience. Consequently, the whole body sensual experience cannot be had by intellectualizing it. It can be experienced just sitting as one would sit and meditate. But we cannot get to the experience through the mind. It is something experienced by relaxing and surrendering into the feeling of what is occurring. In this regard, any experience we have has the possibility of moving us into the fully body sensual experience if we can totally relax and surrender into the experience. But, we need a way to get out of mind to do so. The sexual experience and the feelings it causes to arises within the body and the senses is one of the most powerful ways we have to get out of mind. As such, the sexual experience is the natural door way to the whole body sensual experience. But we have to be able to move past the sex and move past the focus on the sex to move into the whole body sensual experience. This cannot be accomplished through the mind or anything we intellectualize about it.

A sensual versus sexual experience
An experience beyond the sexual experience

To begin to understand the whole body sensual experience versus the sexual experience, we need to ensure our interpretation of sensuality vs sexuality is accurate. Sexuality: the state of sexual; involvement or interest in sexual activity; sexual appeal or potency. Sensuality: the capacity for enjoying the pleasures of the senses; the quality of being pleasing to the senses. We need to move toward feelings which are true to these definitions. Self imposed sexual play, is just that and will have no real lasting effect worth speaking. However, when we allow ourselves to totally digest and absorb what we feel we can get a feeling that goes far beyond any sexual act (self imposed or otherwise). Doing so can provide us with a lasting memorable effect that remains with us and can in fact change some aspect of us. This is what happens when we are free to experiences our own heart. But we need to give ourselves permission to feel what no one else has ever given us, or will give us, permission to feel.

Most, consciously or nonconsciously, have been trying to use sex to try and find an unexplained feeling of completeness or something of its equivalent we can access within ourselves. It is an experience for which we cannot find the right words to explain it nor can it be explained in words. Rather, it is a feeling and we have to go into the depth and breadth of what we feel to feel it.

Some experience failing to find this completeness as a longing for the beloved/Beloved or a soul mate to experience this completeness. Looking for a beloved or a soul mate further mentally entwines and confuses the sensory experience with sexual. Yet, the truth of the matter is, the feeling of completeness comes in simply fully experiencing the physical experience for what it is and allowing the sensory experience to be had for what it is and to fully embraced what we feel. Here again, this whole body sensual experience can be considered the culmination, if not the overall purpose, of the human physical experience and becoming incarnate.

To go to the depth and breadth of what we feel means we need to be open to what we feel. We need to give ourselves permission to feel. Being open to what we feel means facing and going past sexuality and the pain of the past and all the reason why we shutdown our ability to feel. It is a problem we all face in one way or another. This is why each individual will need to face both their pain and their sexuality in a way they could have never imagined for what they seek lies beyond mind and its past experiences. This is why only so much can be communicated in writing. What needs to be said and experienced cannot be done in words. It is why eventually we will probably need another in some way to help us have the feeling. Creation/creation is not done alone and we each will need another or other to have any experience we desire to have. Often the other takes us into sexuality and/or the longing for the beloved or that soul mate which allows us to come to understand what we ultimately seek lies beyond the sexual and/or beyond what another can give us.

Here we need to understand only we ourselves can give us this experience. It is the feeling of total surrender through the overwhelming feeling of sensuality. It is about a perspective being open to feeling and then surrender to what we feel using the whole body and our whole being as to what we feel. Here we need to understand it is about finding a perspective which opens up a channel of understanding within us and creates an awareness of the flow of energy within and through our being which never stops. Only our mind and what we have come to think and believe stands in the way. Our mind needs to give itself permission to have the experience. Our mind need to give ourselves permission to find the perspective which opens the channels to surrender to the flow and then we need to give ourselves permission to surrender to the flow.

In this regard, we need to pay particular attention to what causes what we feel to stop flowing or decrease in flow. We want to live our life keeping those channels open. Quite simply the key is our own feelings and our own body to feel our body and the feelings within our being. As such we cannot deny what we feel but be open to what we feel whatever it may be, including pain and discomfort for often they become the doorway.

It is here the interesting link between pain and sex arises. Both can create intense physical sensations and both use the same pathways within the body to transmit to the brain what we feel. Both have been observed to be the doorway to this sensual experience as a result of the intensity of the feelings they create. Yet both also become the primary obstacles. Most run away from the pain and most get lost in the sex. To move past the pain we need to be willing to explore its origins at its deepest root in the mind body connection and look to see the gift in pain. As already said for sex, we need to learn to move through and past the sex. Either doorway can be used. Sex could be the more pleasurable way if it were not the baggage around sex. For many, the baggage around sex is so huge that pain is the only doorway available to them.

This whole body sensual experience is about feeling and is really about our heart and the freedom of our creative spirit. It is about looking at what we are experiencing as being in orgasm in a sexual affair with Creation. It is about finding what feels good and right in the moment and last past the experience to create an inner satisfaction which never runs dry. As a unique and infinitely creative being, we need to do our own experiments in life to look to see what give us that lasting feeling of orgasmic pleasure with creation, that energy orgasm, and the give ourselves such experiences To achieve this end, we need to calibrate our internal compass with this feeling. We need to combine the sensuality we feel in our body and with the words we speak and the actions we take in our life. What we need to be doing in and with our life is what puts all of this together.

Here a note needs to be made about the statement " looking at what we are experiencing as being in orgasm in a sexual affair with Creation." We need to realize the creative tension which generates the energy for any creation is a masculine and feminine tension. The energy of creation/Creation will flow to create an experience of that which is desired by the consciousness of creation/Creation. The masculine is what thrusts to cause creation/Creation to occur and is the consciousness aspect of creation/Creation. The feminine is what brings forth life and nurtures and sustains a creation/Creation and is the energy, or more appropriately, the flow of energy sustaining the creation/Creation to give consciousness the experience it desires to have.

As with any masculine feminine relationship it can be experienced by mind as tense, combative, in opposition to, and existing in separation. Or it can be experienced as mutually supporting, nurturing, wholeness and completeness. All that stands in the way of what can be experienced as an orgasmic relationship with the Creation we experience is our own mind and it perception and nothing more. Any experience we have in Physical Creation can be experienced as an orgasmic experience with Creation. All we need to understand is our responsibility and the role of our consciousness as the masculine  aspect experiencing its creation/Creation and the fact that Physical Creation is only flowing as the feminine to give us what we have desired to experience at some level of our being for whatever reason we may have. It has been observed in the exploration of our inherent creativity, exactly how we experience each experience we have as an orgasmic experience again depends totally on our mind and what we have come to think and believe about what we are experiencing. The more we are open to what we feel the ground the sensual experience we will have. Here again, the problem of sex arises. If we are experiencing our experiences of Physical Creation as orgasmic and an orgasmic sensory experience when we are in our physical body, we should not be surprised if we have if we have feelings of wanting to engage in sex. This is especially true if we do not allow our selves to consciously feel the depth of what we feel and what lies at the root of what we are feeling.

The sensual experience beyond sex

This sensual experience does not have be to through sex but sex is a doorway, and in most cases the easiest way if we do not allow the baggage around sex interfere. Some experience it simply upon awakening or when in a completely relaxed state. For many, that relaxed state comes after what they considers is one of their best sexual orgasms. In this case the sexual orgasm creates the deep relaxed state by taking the individual out of mind to become totally immersed in the feelings of the orgasm. If mind does not quickly return and step in, the door is open to a total body sensual experience. In fact, some have entered this state simply by changing how and what they think and believe for the change their thinking takes them out of the mind which was preventing the experience.

It needs to be emphasized, this is not an experience which can be analyzed. It is an experience to be enjoyed and savored. If mind steps in during the experience the experience is destroyed. Rather we must totally surrender to the experience being had. This is one reason why this state is not easily entered from meditation. Although meditation can create the relaxed state which opens the door, most meditation practices are controlled by the mind. We enter meditation through a decision of mind and we choose to meditate in a particular way in a particular posture. Some learn to step out of mind in some way during the mediation. But for many, if not most, mind remains in control in the background seeking to obtain what their mind thinks the meditation will provide them. In this regard, the sexual experience is a much easier way to enter this state of being than mediation since the sexual experience can usually get us out of mind faster than meditation or any other experience we have other than intense pain.

But, in regards to creating this sensual state of being beyond sex, we need to remember we each are unique. We each will need to do our own experiments to see what works best for us. Our path may be meditation. Our path may through an experience of sex. Our path may be simply walking through nature. The question is what allows us to step out of mind yet be totally surrendered and open to what we feel in our being as the energy enthuses our entire being.

Although for the most part, the experience runs by itself, there are things we can do which will lengthen the experience. The experience is a sensual experience. But, it is generated completely in or through the mind by how mind steps in to destroy the experience. Here an important realization needs to be made. That is, it is our mind and what we think and believe and/or that which captures our attention which keeps us from being in this experience all that time. That is we do not have to do anything to create the experience. We are already having the experience. Rather, we need to step out of what blocks us from experiencing it. But, it needs to be understood emphasized, that the human physical experience as it has currently evolved is not to be in this state.

It is simply the focus of our attention and awareness which does, or doesn’t, allow us to have this experience. It is what we think and believe which focuses our attention and awareness and determine where we will place our attention and awareness in any one moment. As discussed in the topic, "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind," even if we experience the Source of Creation our mind will characterize what we experience and believe what we experience based on what it previously experienced. Similarly, when we are having an experience what we think and believe is determining the experience we are having.

The more we can get out of limiting beliefs and hold beliefs which can create a perspective which fully encompasses the experience we are having, we will have a totally different experience. For example, the natural reaction is to withdraw from pain. However, if we have a perspective which encompasses the understanding there is a gift in pain, we will have a perspective which allows us to encompass the pain and the information available to us in the pain. Understanding the gift in pain totally changes the painful experience.

Additional example is most who experience this sensual experience will say there is absolutely no comparison to what is experienced and to any orgasm we can have. The sensual is a much more whole, encompassing and involves so much more of the complete self. But it is here we can see the subtly of how mind works. If we engage in sex and the focus of our mind is on having sex, the experience we have will be limited to the experience of sex. If we engage in sex but have a perspective that the sex is only part of a much larger experience, we are open to a larger experience and move closer to a whole body and whole being experience. Similarly if we meditate for a particular end - stress reduction, spiritual enlightenment, following the directions of a meditation teach, or whatever, especially if we entered meditation with the intent or beliefs we need to separate ourselves from our body in any way, we will miss the whole body, whole being sensual experience. However, if our meditation is simply about learning to hold a single point focus and to become mindful and aware of what we think and feel, if we are able to be free to explore any thought we have and/or any feeling we have with no desire or beliefs we need to separate ourselves from what we experience, the door is open for the whole body, whole being sensual experience. We simply need to focus on following the feeling we have wherever it leads.

Alternatively said, we need to have a focus of our attention and awareness which gives ourselves permission to experience the whole body, whole being sensual experience. This requires both how and what we think and believe to be fully open to such and experience and the immediate focus of our attention and awareness is such that we are free to move in what we experience as opposed to being diverted by what is occurring outside ourselves or preoccupied with the past or the future. Rather we need to be fully present in the moment and fully present to what we are experience as an experience to be savored and had. It is to be like the wind, coming with nothing and leaving with nothing just being in the experience.

The feeling which arises in this sensual experience it a result of a flow of energy which enthuses our entire being. Sexuality and pursuing sex is to have the feelings arise from the sexual stimulation. In allowing ourselves the sensual experience we will find an incredible sexual arousal. But, it is completely different than anything we experience in sex. In fact, the experience rarely begins with a sexual arousal. Rather the experience leads to sexual arousal as one of its end results.

Also, there are two other end results. One is that our feelings are completely satisfied and the satisfaction is unlike anything we normally experience as satisfaction. The other is we are at the same time completely at peace in every possible way. We find that inner satisfaction which doesn’t run dry no matter what is happening in our external world. For the duration of the experience all is right. All is the way it needs to being and we experience complete harmony in our little piece of the world.

To have this experience, we need to relax into it or surrender to it as it unfolds. The more we can step out of mind to relax and surrender to the experience the more we can both lengthen the experience and go deeper into the experience. It is a surrender which requires both mind and body. We cannot judge or attempt to describe in any way what we are experiencing and we must be free to move as the body desires to move. We must allow the experience itself to have total control. The key is us allowing the experience. We have to let it happen. This, of course, is very difficult for most of us to do because of how much time we spend in the mind.

Habits run strong. We need to realize the mind and body are connected. The habit of being in the mind does create particular body sensations corresponding to those mental habits. The body sensations of sitting and being in the mind thinking about something are different that just sitting and feeling our chest rise and fall in breathing. Although the body sensations may only be subtly different between these two difference experiences, nevertheless, they are different. The more we feel any sensation the stronger the body memories and the stronger the habit we create. Similarly, the more we are in a particular sensation, the greater the body memory. So, in time, we have body memories and habits of thinking which are as strong as or stronger than any body memories and habits of feeling.

When we begin to have a total body sensation which is feeling based, where as our body is conditioned to thinking. As a result, we can become uncomfortable with the sensation if not actual fears arises at what is happening. As soon as we being to feel discomfort if not fear, mind will step in out of habit to remove the discomfort and protect itself. If fear arises, mind will not only step in but jump in to protect us at the perceive threat arising within the fear or embedded in the fear. In this regard, for some, an experience such as this can become negative if not down right scary. Some simply become fright by the power that is experienced in such a whole body experience. This is not surprising for after all, the point of creative power is to be fully present in the moment. A whole body sensation can only be experience in the moment and if the focus of our attention and awareness just happens to be focused on the power that is available, we can be overcome but the awesomeness of it for that moment is the doorway to an experience of the Source of Creation and/or the infinity of our being. Both, the experience of the Source of Creation and the infinity of our being can be overwhelming to mind as a result of its finite nature.

Also in this whole body sensual experience there is no sense of time. Time arises form a comparison and is totally a perception of the mind. When we are out of mind fully present to the experience and there is nothing to which to compare. We are simply present to what is, as it is, as it is unfolding. This is unsettling to mind if not frightening.

In trying to describe this experience to another it can be said it is a whole body diffuse energy experience. It is probably best described as an experience of flow. A flow of energy which permeates our entire being and every part of our body that is both sexual and not sexual. There is the feeling which we could characterize as sexual in the genital sense and as sexual arousal and stimulation, But it also over the entire body and includes the mind for the mind is part of our being. Only because most do not feel such an intensity except in a sexual orgasm, the end result often seems to be genital pleasure. But, genital pleasure is really only a side effect of a much larger whole body/being orgasmic experience.

In many ways the whole body sensual experience can be described as an orgasm in which one never has to touch themselves or be touched. It is just an infusion outward and the whole body can experience an undulation different from, yet paradoxically, similar to, what is experienced in sexual orgasm.

Since this sensual experience is such an out of mind experience, it is extremely difficult to remember afterward exactly what we experienced and how the body responded. Only the overall aspects seem to be remember and much of what is remembered is in comparison to the sexual experience. For example, smooth, rhythmic, steady pulsations and movement paralleling some orgasmic experience or the intense pleasurable feeling of orgasm. Here again exactly how we describe what we experience is the same problem as what is described in the topic, ""The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind." We each will describe it differently based on the experience we have and what we think and believe about the experience.

What is most intriguing about this experience is once it starts we need to surrender to the experience and there is need to act to touch ourselves in any way. Rather we just need to surrender to the movements of our body and, as already stated, the more we can surrender to it, the greater the depth and breadth of the experience.

The key to this experience is a combination of being present to the experience and willing to surrender to the experience and relaxing into the experience. It is to fully trust the process that is being experienced. It is to savor the harmony we feel experiencing the wholeness and unification of the mind and the body.

The problem of experiencing this sensual state of being

The problem is mind and its desire to create this state. But mind is what keeps us from this state. This state of being requires several things of which the most important is surrender and we must allow it to happen. But, for mind to think it can create the this state of being means that mind is exerting its control. The very act of mind trying to create it is what keeps us from being able to experience it. Nevertheless, there are some thing we can consider.

Relaxing and Surrender

Relaxing into the experience and surrendering to the experience is an essential part of any created experience. Since the doorway to what many would call a spiritual experience, such as this whole body sensual experience, the experience of the infinity of our being or an experience of the Source of Creation, many do what are called spiritual practices (such as meditation or yoga) looking to create a condition of relaxation and/or surrender.

Strength of will to hold a single point focus and the energy as developed in these spiritual practices and passion to act are important to any creative endeavor. However strength of will needs to be balanced by letting go and surrender. Relaxing into the process and allowing the process to lead is probably the best way to describe the surrender which is required. It is to allow the flow of energy to lead where we need to go and what we need to do.

Strength of will alone is unable to take us to what we desire to create. Rather we need to learn to get clarity as to what we desire to experience, set a clear intention and then hold that intention such that we never to lose focus. But we need to know and be willing to let go to surrender to the flow of energy we create through the focus of our attention and awareness. It is most important to realize is that the letting go we need to experience is letting go of the ego’s agenda, wants and desires to step out of mind and what we think and believe as to how our journey will unfold or as to what we need to do to create the experience we desire.

If we are not willing to let go, then the energy gets scattered and fragmented. We can experience the fragmentation and scattering of our energy as a internal struggle, discomfort if not outright pain. For us to experience the bliss of creating the sensual experience, we need to allow the creation to run itself. We need to trust, let go of our resistance and relax into the experience.


The key to being able to surrender is trust. When we can trust the creative process, we are free to surrender to what is unfolding. Fear may arise but we cannot give into fear for we trust the process will deliver us past the fear. When we cannot trust, we fear. Fear blocks the free flow of energy. Blocked energy can turn into anger, stubbornness and even manipulation so as to protect ourselves. Persistent blocked energy can become quite discomforting if not outright painful. When our resistance to what is is high, we have little freedom of movement. We rob ourselves of our own creative power to create something new. The greater the resistance, the greater the pain and discomfort we face. However, if we can trust ourselves and the creative process, the greater power of creation we access and the easier it is for us to surrender to the flow.

Part of what helps makes any creative experience pleasurable for us is two things. One is to take a responsibility for what we experience. The second is the absence of fear. When we live in fear there is the anger, stubbornness and the like which give rise to unpleasant and discomforting feelings. However, if we if we take responsibility for what we experience and learn to trust enough in ourselves and the creative process, we can overcome any fear we may have. When we know we can create conditions with fear, we becoming willing to let go of what blocks our energy to remove the anger stubbornness and whatever is giving rise to the discomfort or unpleasantness we face. We are then free to surrender to the more pleasant sensation of release. The release can be simply and smooth and rhythmic flow which we can interpret as an inner satisfaction or blissfulness to an exquisite energy "orgasm." Some describe this energy orgasm as the Kundalini rising. Whether or not our mind interprets this energy "orgasm" as sexual in nature to depends on how and what we think and believe and the past experiences we have had. After the release of the blocked energy, we are then open to allow the energy which is enthusing our being to freely enthuse all our being. This then can give rise to what is experienced as full or total body and being sensual experience which lies beyond the orgasmic feelings of sex.

The mind body connection

We need to understand there is an extremely deep mind body connection. In essence our body and the Creation we experience is our consciousness manifested in Physical Creation. That is, we created our body as it is and the experience of Physical Creation in which we find ourselves to have the experience we desired to have. What we experience is created, or if you like better, controlled by our mind. What we think and believe determines how we focus our attention and awareness and that focus determines what we experience.

The whole body sensual experience is an experience or state of being where we are able to fully embrace the physical experience as a human being without separation from any aspect of Creation. It is an experience of wholeness and oneness through the Physical. It is best described as a total body/being sensual experience. It can be said it is like "ordinary" orgasm butt he full body or energy orgasms permeate our being uniting mind, body and what we call spirit.

In ordinary sex, the life energy and feelings which arise overwhelms the mind and emotions temporarily. But in it is concentrated or centered in and around the sex organs and the mind regains a relatively quick control. In the energetic sensual experience, the energy permeates our entire being and we need to have a complete surrender of mind, body and spirit. The resulting feeling allow us to be completely at peace in every way possible. We access and inner satisfaction which never runs dry. The flow of energy will give rise to a more whole and encompassing feeling within our entire body and being.

The difference between the sexual and whole body orgasm is one of deep intensity and duration. In ordinary sexual orgasm, most experience a peak intensity which is relatively short. It may be only be a moment, followed by a short "afterglow" or residual feelings which fade. The whole body sensual experience or energy orgasm tends to be longer and more intense with a residual awareness. It may or may not have an identifiable genital aspect. It may not feel sexual as in the usual sexual experience. Rather, it tends to be immensely satisfying leaving us feeling completely satisfied unlike anything ever experienced before and the feeling lasts. It can be so profound as to change our life and/or even create what would be describing as healing some part of our being. In can be said the outward changes in our life is simply a result of the healing of an inner aspect of our being such that we are experiencing the inner being reflected in the outer. Some see the inner healing, some see the other changes. Some see both.

But the mind body connection plays and even more interesting role in changing our thinking so as to be open to the whole body sensual experience. Freedom involves giving up our ego and fears of suffering and paradoxically this requires surrender. Most consider surrender as becoming captive so few people truly surrender. In reality we may pretend to do surrender but there is an intellectual knowing and an experiential knowing. To intellectually give up a fear and surrendering is quite different than experientially giving up fear and surrendering.

Surprisingly, we are supremely resistant to accepting the true depth and breadth of our inherent creativity and the power, joy, and pleasure that is our birthright. Rather we seem to prefer the amusement of struggle, conflict, desperation, secret yearnings, being materially obsessed and competitive and controlling. The resistance we face is not only of the mind. The resistance is very present and deeply stored within the body.

We need to realize everything we experience is an energy and our body senses that energy. Every thought we think has an energy and we can feel that thought in the body. Every feeling we have in the body imprints the body. The more we fear the more that fear becomes encoded in the body. When we seek to change a particular thought, way of thinking or fear, there will also be a body component which needs to be addressed. The feelings which becomes imprinted on the body give rise to the body memories. They are memories in that when we feel certain sensations and environments, what we feel triggers the memories of when we felt those sensations in the past. When we desire to change our thinking what we face is not just changing what we think and believe, it is also about changing the imprints on the body created by that way of thinking and believing.

We may fool ourselves and others by believing the thoughts we have and the words we say and even the actions we take, But our bodies are always willing to tell us the truth if we are willing to listen. Relative to the sensual experience discussed here, when these types and kinds of energy events occur our body awareness and/or stored feelings in body memories will begin to surface as feelings, pains, or mental images and each will need to be addressed to dissipate the energy held by the body. Otherwise, we will shutdown the whole body sensual experience.

Whether the whole body sensual experience arises spontaneously or as a result of something we do, the form the energy takes and how we experience it can vary greatly. What we experience depends on how we have focused our attention and awareness by how and what we think and believe and what lies in our enculturated mind and transcendental mind as experiences of the past. Ego fixation and fixation on things of the ego, such as ownership and control issues, which is so prevalent with many only increases our resistance to the experience and will kill the experience. If we can be open to the experience and face what arises, we can experience great pleasure or bliss throughout our whole being. Or, we can allow ourselves to become confused and frightened or experience some other expression of what remains buried and which does not allows us to freedom to relax into the experience. Yet, we need to realize and be open to the fact that any experience of this energy is strong enough to move the physical body spontaneously to heal and set our creative spirit free. It is analogously be washed cleaned by the life giving waters of life. We only need to trust the creative process to do so.

A summary consideration

The free expression of our creative spirit which can result from such an whole body sensual experience can: promote better relationships including sexual relationships; heal and rejuvenate the body; improve creativity; access the passion to increase our productivity; banish fear through personal empowerment we access; facilitate inner healing which fosters outer harmony; and created a wholeness within our being uniting mind body and spirit. This in, in turn, creates an inner satisfaction which never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world and provides the culmination of our human physical experience and becoming incarnate.

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