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 Sexuality and the longing of the heart 


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The manifestation of any creation is a result of a flow of energy into and out of form. Flowing into and out of form includes a separation followed by a reuniting. The creative process which gives rise to the ebb and flow and the associated separation and reuniting involved the tension of opposites to generate the energy which fuels the creation and subsequent dissolution of the creation. These opposites can be seen as a masculine and feminine aspect and a flow of energy experienced as sexual feelings. The separation inherent in the creative process can be experienced as a longing for the other half which allows us to be complete and whole. It is a feeling of returning to wholeness or completeness.

As a human being, we are a creation. As a creation we are separate from that out of which we came and we each contain a longing to return to that out of which we came. Exactly how we experience this longing and what we feel depends on how and what we think and believe about which we are experiencing. This longing tends to be centered in and around the heart and can be experienced as a longing for the a beloved, The Beloved, our soul mate, someone with whom to mate or simply another with whom we can feel complete. But we need to understand whatever we feel and however we interpret it, the longing we feel in our heart ultimately arises from what we feel in the creative tension of the creative process. Since this longing arises from the creation process itself, it is the ultimate pain we will face and inherent in the experience of Creation.

It is this longing and the pain which arises around this longing, especially when it is a longing of the heart, that propels us into very deep awakening to what lies in the heart. On this point, sexuality is an extremely important issues. Most experience a longing in their heart for another. Most see it as an individual of the opposite sex so the mental answer is to go and find a sexual partner. In most societies this means find a spouse and getting married.

Additionally, spiritual practices have even been developed around the use of this longing and its associated sexuality. The practices are designed to assist in moving from seeking a beloved, that sexual and physical partner, and raising it to a spiritual dimension to access the Beloved, that ultimate Love. In some ways sexuality seems to have been created to exasperate the pain of longing of the heart. Yet when most seek to alleviate the pain through sex they get stuck in the sexuality and what it creates. Hence the recommendation to become celibate in many traditions that seek to transcend the physical and/or obtain spiritual enlightenment.

However if we understand there is an awareness in what we feel and there is a gift in pain, we can pull the string on this longing. We can use this longing to access the awareness as to what we need to do with our life lies in a deep feeling beyond sexuality and the types and kinds of feelings we have around sexuality. We only need to remember that what we need to do in our life which gave rise to us as a creation is about creating our life. It is only natural that some of the feelings about creating the life we need to live will have overtones of sexuality. The issue isnít about having sex. The issue is about living the intention for our life to have the experiences we incarnated to have.

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