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 Sexuality - a tool for enlightenment about our own mind and about creation 


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Enlightenment is gain revealing or broadening knowledge about a particular topic to cause to know or to understand that topic. Sexuality and our awareness of our sexual preferences can be used as a tool to gain enlightenment about our own mind, of creation/Creation, and how we focus our creative ability and creative power to create our experiences.

The basis process for using sexuality for awareness, awakening, enlightenment, and transformation is essentially the same and discussed in the topic, "Basic process for awareness, awakening, enlightenment and transformation through sex." The way to use sexuality as a tool for awakening, as a tool for enlightenment and a tool for transformation all start with the same basic approach. It is only the application of what is found in different. What is achieved is determined by how we have focused our attention and awareness on what arises in sexuality. The discussion here focuses on sexuality as a too for enlightenment. The basic approach we need to take if we intend to use sexuality as a tool is discussed in the topic, "Sex, the basic approach."

Awakening is about becoming aware. Becoming aware is about seeing the relationships between what we experience. It is to begin to see the cause effect relationships and the resulting cause effect chain. Understand that of which we are aware and how to use to which we have awaken is about being enlightened. Acting to use the enlightenment we access is about becoming a conscious creator.

Enlightenment and transformation are very related and the best way to compare to two is to realize enlightenment is about having an intellectual understanding of Creation. Transformation is about gaining an experiential knowledge of Creation by becoming a conscious creator of Creation with the enlightenment we acquire. It can be said enlightenment is about our creative ability and transformation is about our creative power.

The process for enlightenment starts start with becoming physically intimate with another, at the deepest levels of our physicalness. In this intimacy, the door is open to become both deeply intimate with the physicalness of our own body and at each and every level of our being and to become intimate with the way the Source of Creation expresses Itself. Here an important point needs to be understood. To deny the body and deny becoming intimate what the body is to deny becoming intimate with an aspect of how the Source of Creation is choosing to manifest Itself. If we want to become truly enlightened about Creation and the Source of Creation, we need to be open the becoming intimate with the closes manifestation of the Source of Creation in our life - namely our body and our being.

Sex is an extremely powerful experience for several reasons. One is life comes from life and sex takes us to an experience of the source of life which flows from the Source of Creation. Additionally, our creative power lies in what we feel and sex is an extremely powerful feeling experience. Engaging in sex and following the lead of the feminine in what we feel to flow with the energy, we become open to the powerful awakening, enlightening and transformative powers within our sexuality. There are several ways we can use our sexuality.

Gaining enlightenment in sexuality about our mind and insights on almost any topic is obtain by becoming mindful and aware of the feelings, thoughts, images and memories which arise and then pulling the string on what arises. It is to ask why these particular thoughts, feelings, images or memories as opposed to any other. When we go into the body to awaken its wisdom, we being to see how Creation really works When the body is awakened we can know the awareness which lies in feeling. We can see through time and space.

If we can move past the sex of sexuality and use sexuality to move into alignment with our creative life energy and are free to explore physical intimacy unencumbered by sexuality without suppressing or denying it, we will find we access a level of wisdom and understanding that is usually reserved for mystics and individuals who have devoted our life to spiritual fulfillment. The reason for this is there is no difference between the world of sprit and the physical world. When we are fully able to fully and freely embrace the physical in its most intimate ways, we are fully and freely embracing the Source of all Being in its most intimate ways and we are able to be fully present to, and merged, with the Source of Being. In merging with the Source of being we can being to understand how creation/Creation works.

"Methods" available for accessing enlightenment

Why we chose the partner we do

It is stated in several of the topic which discuss sexuality and creativity that there is not a person on the face of the earth we cannot passionately love and have a love affair at each and every level of our being. All that stands in our way is our own mind. This statement goes to the essence of what our mind controls and how it controls our life. We have our judgments and preferences about whom we can or canít love. However, when we remove our judgments we find there is not a single person with whom we cannot passionately love. But this is also true about whatever we enjoy, and donít enjoy, in life. There is not a single aspect of life that we could not passionately enjoy and passionately experience. All that keeps us from such a experience is our own thinking. Those areas or aspects of life which we consider mundane are really areas where we have lost our creative passion for one reason or another.

It is this statement that "there is not a person on the face of the earth we cannot passionately love and have a love affair at each and every level of our being -all that stands in our way is our own mind" lies at the heart and is the key of using sexuality as both a tool for enlightenment. It is to understand that the perfect biological match to ensure survivability of the offspring is based on smell. Any other reason for choosing a mate if of the mind and what we have come to think and believe.

As a tool for awakening, this statement allows us to awaken to what we believe. If we pull the string on whatever answer we give ourselves as to why we prefer one individual over another, and/or we are free to act or not act in our area and not another, we can come to understand how and what we think and believe and why. In exploring what we think and believe and why we think and believe what we do, and why we are free or not free to act in a given situation, we will become enlightened both about ourselves and how mind creates the illusion which is giving rise to the experiences we have.

The question with which we need to being our journey is, "why would we want to have a passion love affair with any given individual and what would we desire to create with them and why, in particular, why them as opposed to anyone else?"

Awaking aspects of our being

Another way sexuality brings an enlightenment is when the waters of life flow in such a way that we flush out our being, When this occurs we should not be surprised at awakening memories and aspect of our being that origin in experiences before our current life. Whether or not we perceive them as being previous experiences of physical life that some would call past live or just experiences or of other realms of existence doesnít matter. What needs to be understood is that when the waters of life flow in an overabundant way much like the energy and passion we can access in an intense passionate sexual experience, we can awaken parts of our being we never knew existed.

Exploring the longing

Within our sexual desires we can experience a longing for a compatible partner. Whether realized or not, longing can be experienced as a form of isolation which causes us to look inward much more powerfully that removing ourselves from society as done on many spiritual paths. Longing is often more painful because we are in the middle of a society yet alone and isolated. But it is longing and the pain of this longing, especially longing of the heart, that propels us into very deep awakening to what lies in the heart.

On this point, sexuality is an extremely important issues. Most experience a longing in our heart for another. Most see it as an individual of the opposite sex. The mental answer is to go and find a sexual partner. In most societies this means find a spouse and getting married. Spiritual practices have even been developed around the use of sexuality to assist in moving from seeking a beloved, that sexual and physical partner, and raising it to a spiritual dimension to access the Beloved, that ultimate Love. In some ways sexuality seems to have been created to exasperate the pain of longing of the heart. Yet when most seek to alleviate the pain through sex we get stuck in the sexuality and what it creates. Hence the recommendation to become celibate in many traditions that seek to transcend the physical and/or obtain spiritual enlightenment.

However, all we really need to do is pull the string and ask the question, "From where does this longing arise and why? Then continually pull the string on any answer we get until we find the root cause. In time, we will find ourselves at the essence of Creation and the longing which gave rise to the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.

If we pull the string to look at the longing we feel and the desire for joining of the masculine and feminine aspects of creation and remove overlapping aspects of the creative/creation processes to see a single process and understand the creative tension generating the energy of creation/Creation, there are five aspects to consider since often one or more of these aspects are overlapping.

We can look at the joining purely as part of an energetic process. That is, to see the process as the analogously equivalent of coupling of opposite poles of a battery created by an outward thrusting of energy and an inward flowing of energy. In the coupling of the masculine and feminine, the connection is made to allow the reverse flow of energy into being. That is, the flow reverse from an outward thrust into separation into a inward flow toward wholeness.

The second is to become aware of how we personally experience the masculine and feminine jointing. That is, being multidimensional beings within a multidimensional Creation, there are creative/creation processes that, whole or in part, gave rise to the reason or reasons why we are in a male or female body. What needs to be understood, is there are many things that our awareness desires to experience in life. In choosing to have an physical experience, there was the question as to whether a male or female body would be the better vehicle given all the experiences we desired to have. For some experiences it didnít matter if the body was male or female. For others, a particular body type is essential. As we move into those experiences where the energy shifts from a outward thrust of separation seeking the experience to having the experience, feelings of sexuality can be expected to arise.

We will experience feelings of sexuality if a masculine and feminine joining occurs in one of those processes. The greater the process contributed to our being male or female, the greater the sexuality we will feel. In many ways the sexuality we feel is the desire for a new creation, a new way of life. The question is whether or not we are free to engage the new life that is created. The struggle many people have with sexuality is the new life that it causes to enter our existing life. With or without sexuality, if we are unwilling to let go of what needs to be annihilated in the process we can experience a dark night of the soul.

The third is to become aware of how we experience any sexuality we do feel in the time frames before, during and after joining. This information will tell us where the energy is free or not free to flow into the new creation.

The fourth is to become aware of how we experience the joining of the inner masculine and inner feminine. In extreme cases it can be experienced as the Kundalini rising.

The fifth is to become aware of how to use the masculine and feminine joining to create a new flow of energy as discussed in the variety of sexuality and creativity topics.

Understanding how the Source manifests

Sexuality is capable of helping us to call back and reconstitute our creative power and in the process can put us in closer contact with the Source of our being. The reason for this is when we are intimately involved with another human being, we are close to the Source of our being. This is because that other person is another part of ourselves and only a reflection of our own inner journey and desire to find the Divine within and reunite with the Source of our being. By becoming more intimate with them, we become more intimate with the both ourselves and the way the Source expresses Itself. Additionally, in merging with another, a part of each is annihilated and that annihilated energy is the Source of Creation. How large an experience of the Source we have depends on how much we allow ourselves to be annihilated and how open we are to the experience we have and how we have focused ourselves going into the experience. The greater freedom we have to annihilate ourselves and flow with the energy that is released, the greater the experience of the Source we will have.

If we allows ourselves to be mindful and aware and truly discern what we feel whenever we engage in sex out of a want or a need, we will find that we open the door to the Divine within our own being. Additionally, when we open the door to the Divine within our own being, we can give that gift to the person with whom we are with. In this regard, this is one of the ways sex can be used as a tool of enlightenment. When we become so intimate with ourselves that we can discern between a sexual want and a sexual need and be able to nurture the offspring that comes from satisfying a sexual need at wherever level of our being in which it is created, we will come to understand the true power of the creative process and how consciousness does awaken consciousness.

The issue here is about staying with the feeling and going into the awareness which lies within the feeling and not become distracted, lost or otherwise preoccupied by the sexuality. The issue is not whether we engage or not engage in sex. Nor it is about being celibate or not celibate. The issue is about keeping our attention and awareness focused on the feeling and to go into the feeling to see what is revealed and be wiling to face what is revealed. Often what is revealed in the feelings of sexuality is frighten for it represents past traumatic experiences and pain which masks the true origins of what we feel. We can use this aspect of sex to explore deep feelings and surface past pains especially those related to creating life and/or creating/recreating our life. In doing so we become enlightened about our mind, ourselves and how creation/Creation manifests.

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