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In the discussion entitled “The Importance of Desire in Creation” it is stated: “...we cannot outright dismiss our desires. Nor can we see our desires as something that needs to be given up such as becoming desire less. Rather we need to understand the desire and the source of the desire we have.” This is especially important about our sexual desires and from where they may be arising.

In the creative/creation process, consciousness will experience the duality of opposites and the seeming duality of the masculine and feminine. It is the polarity of the opposites, the gives rise to the duality of the opposites that creates tension to generate the flow of energy for a creation. Yet the polarity is a perception of consciousness which arises from how consciousness is viewing  the creative/creation process. Any piece of consciousness is capable of choosing what polarity it will become. Consciousness in whatever form it may find itself, such as in a male or female body, is neither masculine or feminine. It always has the choice of how it will respond to the longing causing the separation it feels.

Consciousness can choose to become masculine. It can thrust out and seek resolution of its longing. Or, consciousness it can become feminine. It can hold the longing within its heart allowing the universe to pull to it what it needs to satisfy the longing. In choosing the feminine and pulling to it what it needs, consciousness will also be choosing to become the fertile creative space for creation to occur. It becomes and nourishes the creation much the way that which is in the mother nurses the fetus within its womb. However, as the feminine it will also need to surrender to where it is lead by the creation.

What also needs to be understood on this topic is that the creative tension within a particular creation process can cut across multiple levels of being. When we choose to be the masculine to manifest a particular creation, we will be the masculine across all those levels affected by what we desire to create. We will have to act on each level in some way that the creation requires. Similarly, if we choose the feminine, we will have to surrender to the creation on each level of our being.

Another way of saying this is that if we are going to create anything we will have to have spiritual, mental, emotional and physical beliefs that allow us to act, or not act, in all of those areas. For example if we desire to build a building. If we feel, for whatever reason, we cannot dig in the ground for it is sacred to build the foundation as a result of a spiritual beliefs, we will be severely limited in the type and kind of house and/or building we can build.

Since this creative tension can exist at every level of being the creative process occurs at every level of being, in conjunction with, or independent of, any other level of our being. When we begin to act, whether as the masculine or the feminine, we will feel a flow of energy on each level of being that is affected by the creation. This brings up an interesting aspect with sexuality for the creative tension for a particular creation may or may not influence our sexuality depending on the flow of energy for that creation enthuses or infuses in our body.

Most people confuse the issue of sexuality as either a mental preference or a body need where as the sexuality may arise as a result of the creative/creation process to manifest a particular creation. That is, it is not something being chosen by the mind or the body. It is a by product of what we desire to create. Although the body’s need for sex, the mental creation of the desire for sex, and the sexuality as a part of the creative tension are very related, they are not the same. If we are mindful and aware we can see the overall experience that we have will be somewhat different for each. Most have never looked carefully at the body to see what it needs and have truly surrendered to the body. Few have ever looked at their consciousness to see its needs. The two, body needs and mental needs, become confused so most don’t know which are which. Even fewer have look at the role of sexuality in creative activities other than procreation or enjoyment. For most, the mere mention of sexuality being a by produced of our creative actions make little sense to most.

There are particular creations that needs both the body and the consciousness to participate. However many body needs are independent of consciousness and there are many needs of consciousness that don’t need the body. However to have a physical experience, we needs a body. To have any creative experience in the physical world we needs one or more physical creative vehicles to have the experience Exactly what the vehicle looks like depends on the what is being created. Often the creative vehicle we need for an experience in Physical Creation a collection of “things” or a collection of vehicles. For example to experience a baseball game it its fullness, we need at least two teams of nine players each, two to four umpires, and some fans to cheer for, or against, our team.

The body has needs. The body, as a body, may have the need for a member of the opposite sex for the creation it desires to experience. What our mind, especially the enculturated mind, think about that need has nothing to do with the need. If it is a true body need and we deny the need for the energy it may generate we will become bound and the body and our creation will suffer in some way. Our body has its needs and our body is not like any other person’s body. Our needs in this area will be unique to our body. We cannot judge the body needs based on any external criteria or how we may think. We will have to learn to communicate with the body wisdom within the body consciousness and find out exactly where the desire comes from and what purpose it serves. Again, our desire, whatever it may be, may be the way that our unique body and consciousness finds it way back to the Source of Creation. This particular fact, the unique needs of the body relative to sexuality is in fact the true bases of the Tantric tradition which uses sexuality as a tool for spiritual grown and enlightenment.

On this note, if the need of the body actually arise because of the mental programming we have received or come to believe, there will be a hollowness when that need is fulfilled. Additionally, the source of the longing will not be dissipated. However, if it is a true body needs, there will be a contact with the Source and there will be an internal joy and bliss that doesn’t evaporate in fulfilling the desire. An annihilation of part of our being will occur and a “new” energy will be available within us.

Most perceived body needs in the area of sexuality are actually desires of the mind. Often the mind masks the true need and desire within the heart to maintain control. It will use the body to maintain or generate a mental need. Pursuit of that mental needs will support the mind’s desire not to know and divert our conscious awareness from the longing within our heart to live to our true creative passion. Rather, mind directs our energy to whatever mind is choosing with which to occupy itself so it can remain in control. If you explore this area, and learn to use the body wisdom, we can come to see this is true. Sexuality for most people is a control issue and has nothing to do with the body, its needs, or its creativity.

This brings up the issue of partners and how we have created relationships in our life. We have assumed that one partner can supply all our needs but nothing can be more from the truth. We look at what a human being is in a very shallow way. We think all we are is human - a physical body in the world with a consciousness that can perceive and can change its environment. We do not see deeply.

We do not see that a human being is a unique being of infinite consciousness which Consciousness has created to find Its infinite Playmates as reflected in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. As a unique infinite being, it is rather narrow to think we can be satisfied by a single entity no matter how infinite they may be. To be unique means there is no one like us. This means there is no one entity that can meet our uniqueness in each and every way. There will be an enormous number of times when one partner has a need that the other cannot readily provide. If we provide out of obligation and deny our own being we will harm ourselves and the other for we can only give what we have. If we cannot provide our uniqueness to meet the needs of another, we are providing something else. If we are hurt in some way because we give out of obligation, we can only give hurt and obligation.

When, and if, we are free to give out of unconditional love with no expectations of return, that is we give because it is correct to give, we are able to prevent the damage to our own being. In fact, we will cause their being to expand and grow in proportion to ours. If we give out of conditional love, we will damage our own being if we get what we expect in return for our love for it will only increase our desire and ability to control. We create and reinforce within ourselves and the other a world where only conditional love is experienced.

We need to remember, each creative act causes the annihilation of the parts and the release of energy from that bound form. That free unmanifested energy is the Source of Creation. All flows from the unmanifested Source. No matter how much energy or how little energy is release it is still the Source. The greater the energy released, the greater the experience of the Source. Every desire is only a longing to return to the Source and allows us to return to the Source when that desire is fulfilled. Desire, any desire, is not to be judged but understood for it will ultimately lead you to the Source of Creation.

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