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Creative power lies in the flow and movement of energy. Creative ability is about knowing how to manipulate, control or influence the movement of the energy we experience. We experience the movement of energy as feeling. Whether it is an external flow of energy or an internal flow of energy, we experience the flow of energy as a feeling. Hence, creative power lies in feeling. We access creative power when we are open to feeling and the awareness which lies in feeling. As such creative power lies on a spectrum. At one end the flow of energy is totally outside of us. At the other end the flow of energy is totally inside of us. Depending on how we position ourselves in our internal and external environment we can step into and out of any flow of energy.

Our body is the vehicle we use the to sense and feel the flow of energy in Physical Creation and give us the physical experience as a human being. As such, there is a powerful awareness and a profound wisdom and understanding about who and what we are, our birthright, what we incarnated to do, about the nature of Creation and ourselves, the creative powers/Creative Powers, and the source/Source of Creation locked within our body. It is accessible only through the depth of our feelings when we are open to feeling at the very depth of our being simultaneously at each and every level of our being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

If we are free to do our own experiments and have complete freedom to explore in our creative imagination  we an come to see we can position ourselves to experience the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creation within or without. That is, we can learn to dance with the localized and non localized aspects of our being. It all depends of what we choose to experience.

There are many mystics, some of which who have been killed for says so, say we are the Creator experiencing Its Creation. The question is not whether this is true or not, but rather, "What have these mystics experienced such that they can make such a statement?" The answer is the infinity of their own being. All that keeps us from such an experience is our own mind by how we focus our attention and awareness by how and what we think and believe.

The most important thing one needs to understand about creativity is that creativity is an experience. Creativity not something you can learn from books and/or from others. To access the depth and breadth of our creativity, we must learn to experiment with both the inner creative power and outer creative power separate and together to see exactly how they are connected and what is available to us in any particular situation. We learn it from doing and giving ourselves permission to experiment with the inner creative power and outer creative power creative powers available to each of us. Unless we experiment with these creative powers in a way that fits our uniqueness as a creative being, we will be unable to access the true depth and breadth of what we can create. In doing our experiments, it must be realized there are no mistakes. There are only learning experiences as to what does or doesn’t work.

To experience the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creation, we start with getting a clear intention then choosing the way we wish to go about creating it. In terms of accessing the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creations we need to understand we are a unique creation. Things that are very personal and unique to us will be obtained on a path that is unique to us. We cannot follow any other to find such things. We can use their advice, use the lessons learned from their approach, and even follow their path to a great degree. However, ultimately we must find our unique path to such things. In this regard, there are two ways to find our path. There is a masculine way which tends to be hit and miss unless and a feminine way which requires surrender. Or, there is a third way were we can learn to dance between the masculine way and the feminine way. The discussion "Inner and outer creative power" provides some thought for a deeper exploration of the inner and outer creative powers

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