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Many religious, spiritual and/or esoteric traditions state that we need to transcend or leave the physical plane and become desire-less to find happiness. However, to try and become desire-less is a desire. Additionally, desire is the raw material of creation/Creation.

From the perspective of becoming a conscious creator desire is one of our essential tools. Rather that become desire-less, we must understand and use the power of what we desire to create our experiences. We can only become desire-less when we fully accept what is as it is fully content and happy with what is. Then, and only then, can we have the possibility of being without desire.

To deny desire is to deny the desire that brought us into Physical Creation. It is to deny both Creation and the Creator, and that in turn causes us to deny the source of our own creative power. However, if we fully accept what is as it is, we will accept what is wherever we are. If we are in physical form that is okay. If we are without a body in some non-physical realm, that is okay. If we are physically dying and leaving our body to transition between the physical and non-physical, that is okay too. To not fully accept what is as it is, we deny the Creator behind Creation.

This also means to fully accept our body as it is, whatever it looks like and feels like, for is it part of Creation. Our body is very special and very unique. Our body is the perfect vehicle for the experiences we desire to have. If we do not accept it for what it is as it is, we deny the both the power of the body as a unique vehicle and the energy that is sustaining it. There is nothing wrong with desire and there is nothing wrong for having desires. Desire is the raw material of creation and how Creation Itself manifests. Creation is only the observation of energy consciousness as energy in the form and the shape that consciousness desired. Desire is what fuels creation and creativity is the language of consciousness. We need to not become desire-less, Rather they only need to understand their desires and learn to work with those desires, especially those that arise from within the heart and our own creative living process.

The real issue in any creation is to become creatively  free. It is to become like the wind, coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments. We can desire all we want. We just need to learn how to not hold onto what we desire. The key is to learn to dance. It is to learn to dance into and out of mind and the heart to learn to surrender the flow of energy our intentions and desires create. To create what we desire we must seek what we desire with the passion a drowning person has for air. Then we need to be willing to let go and become like the wind fully trusting the creative process to deliver what we desire. The issue is not to become anything nor is it to become desire-less. We need to let go and become creatively free. It is to know we are a powerful enough creator such that we can create whatever we desire including the type and kind of experiences giving us the greatest fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

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