To know the Creator, look at what unfolds in nature


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Creativity is the language of consciousness. It is through the creative endeavors of consciousness that a consciousness communicates. In looking at the types and kinds of creations, we can come to understand the creator. To know the creator, we only need to look at their creation and the life they create.

In looking outward into the vastness of Creation to know the Creator, we need to also look inward for we are a creation of the Creator. In going to the depth of our being as many mystics have done, we find an awareness which perceives Creation depending on how this consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. Additionally, we find an energy which spans Creation with no boundaries. That is, all is literally a oneness and there are no boundaries that are fixed. The boundaries arise based on what we ourselves choose to experience. Unfortunately, only few have achieved such a depth within their own being. But it is nevertheless real. It can be said the vastness of the Creation we experience externally also exists within. The only question that remains unresolved for most is, "are we the creator of Creation or alternatively said, a consciousness experiencing its creation from within. Or, are we one or more aspects of this awareness much as in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective?"

In any case, It is through Creation and it unfoldment which includes each of us that we can come to know the Creator. All we need to remember is that all of Creation starts from an inner energy, a place of "no-thing-ness" and takes the form we chose to give it.

The greatest single stumbling block individuals have to embracing an experience of the source/Source of oneís being and many of the concepts provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is the fact that a true self awareness is, in fact, ultimately God awareness. Or maybe better said, self awareness of oneís creativity is awareness of the Creative Power of the Universe that most attribute to God. Although we each have much of the creative power we attribute to God inherent within our being, we donít believe it because we canít seem to do what we think God would do in the way God would do it. We think we know what God would do but we really donít. It is a supposition on our part. As a result we never recognize the God-like Creative Power that lie within our own being and accessible to us. In many ways it is the height of arrogance on our part to think we know what God thinks and would do. Our problem is a finite mind cannot grasp the infinity of the Consciousness that permeates Creation. All we can really do is look at what unfolds in Creation to understand what God does and doesnít do.

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