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In the traditional view of the concept of spirit, many spiritual traditions see the human being as spirit incarnate in a body. That is, the spirit inhabits the body much the way you or I would inhabit a car. The spirit using the body as a vehicle for an experience and when it is done with the experience it leaves the body. In general there is nothing wrong with this concept and seemed to have served humanity well for centuries if not millennia.

With the advent of modern medicine, mind body medicine, energy medicine, and many alternative medical practices there is seen a mind body connection and we can being to question whether or not another view of the body and its relationship to what is traditionally called its spirit is appropriate. There appears to be a much closer association of the spirit with the body than solely as a vehicle as if it were a car. Somehow, in some way, this spirit that inhabits the body is intimately involved in creating the conditions of the body in essence to become the body or entwined with the body.

Additionally there are many seemingly cryptic statements made in the mystical literature that appear to make sense in light of the pair production phenomenon where energy is converted to mass. That is, the appearance of mass out of a seemingly no-thing-ness of energy. Many mystics and many holy books have said that Creation arose out of a void and we are capable of creating something from nothing. Yet when we look at the creative/creation process, depending on the view we take, it does appear creations arise from nothing. However, if we switch our perspective to one of the multiple perspectives possible we see something different. If we look at the whole process as opposed to looking from within the creation and/or from within the world of the creation, we can see how there are influences in and from the unseen.

It is also said "as above, so below, as within, as without." That is, the unseen realms are somehow directly translated into Physical Creation and our inner world is similarly translated into our external world. The pair production phenomenon provides a way to understand how this works.

In looking at the pair production phenomenon it needs to be remembered that it is much easier to build with prefabricated materials than starting with the basic raw materials. Although using prefabricated materials limits what we can create, we can create much, much faster. As such, the creative/creation process as experiences in Physical Creation appears to utilizes a seed condition and grow, evolve or unfold creations. The same is true for many, if not most, of our creative endeavors. We create a seed condition and the seed conditions begins with the thought we hold that guides the energy of the unfoldment.

Given the relationship of energy and consciousness, the perspective found in the topics, "Origins of creation/Creation" and "Observer observed pair and the nature of duality," and the kinds of descriptions of the ultimate mystical experience provided by individuals such a Jill Bolte Taylor and others there is the need to change the traditional view of spirit. What the evidence is suggesting is that we can see what is traditionally called spirit just a flow of creative life energy molding itself in response to the how awareness has focused its attention and awareness. That is the creator/Creator and the creation/Creation are one and the same. The creator/Creation and creation/Creation is just the never ending ebb and flow of energy consciousness into and out of form. As discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, we are just an aspect or an individualized point of consciousness of this consciousness within, or behind, Creation experiencing its creation/Creation. Each of us have the ability to expand our awareness or rather awaken our awareness into the infinity of our being Then, depending on how we focus, we can remain in the infinity of our being, experience the totality of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation or simply relocalize our awareness into some particular form or aspect of Creation. We have a free will. The choice is, was, and always will be ours. The only question is, "what is it we really desire to experience?"

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