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In discussing dreams and creativity, there are two types of dreams which are of interest. One type are nocturnal dreams or the dreams of sleep. The other type of dream which can be related to a vision are cherished dreams or dreams related to deeply held desires and/or for what we incarnated to experience.

As defined by colloquial use, the word dream has several definitions. They are defined as 1) a series of thoughts or images passing through the mind in sleep, also the mental state in which this occurs, that is, the dream state; 2) a fancy or vision more or less freely entertained while awake such as a daydream; 3) a cherished or vain hope or ambition; 4) anything of dreamlike quality, especially of unreal beauty or charm. Similarly as colloquially used, to dream is to 1) see or imagine in a dream 2) to imagine or envision as in a dream; 3) to spend time in idle reverie 4) to have a dream or dreams 6) to indulge in fantasies or daydreams; and 6) to consider something as possible in that we are able to imagine something.

The first definition, "a series of thoughts or images passing through the mind in sleep, also the mental state in which this occurs," applied to nocturnal dreams and dreams which would be characteristics of a trance state or what is received in a guided meditation or similar state of being. Nocturnal dreams and their origin and use in creative endeavors is discussed in the topic, "Nocturnal dreams." The dream and/or information which arises in a guided mediation type activity are discussed under the topic of "Guided meditations."

The remaining portion of the definition of dream is related to what would be called visions and/or cherished dream but a note needs to be added. Within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, a cherished dream or simply a dream, is a cherished idea or concept of something, or some situation, that, for the individual, is of seemingly unreal beauty and charm that one can couple with a passionate desire to express in the world. In many ways a dream is only a thought about a different way of existing that is energized by the feelings we have about it. In the correct environment, our dreams can take root and grow into an experience. In this regard, dreams can be considered the seeds for creating new realities much the way seeds will unfold to create trees or other vegetation.

A vision from the creativity perspective is a form of a dream but different in two ways. One way a vision is different than a dream is that it is accompanied by a knowing that what is seen is a real possibility if there is the willingness to do what is necessary to create it. The second way a vision is different than a dream is a vision does not have the same kind of passion behind it as a dream. That is, a vision is not necessarily cherished. It actually could be frightening to the individual. The relationship between dreams and vision is discussed in additional detail in the topic, "Dreams and visions."

Both visions and cherished dreams or dreams lie on a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum are those visions and cherished dreams which lied close to the heart. They contain a quality which provides the individual a deep inner satisfaction when manifesting such dream. These dreams often reflect the intention for our life and/or the heartís desire. At the other end of the spectrum are those dreams and vision that like close to the mind and what mind wants and desires. Often it is hard to tell whether a dream lies close to the heat or is totally of the mind and the heart is masked or our feeling are so shutdown we can cannot tell the different between them. However a dream which lies close to the heart will always produce a deep inner satisfaction as one acts in their life to manifest it.

Dreams of the heart versus dreams of the mind

Reality molds itself to what we think. Anything that we believe and hold influences our overall thinking and our thinking influences how we do and donít act. Passion adds energy to both our thinking and our actions so as to propel us forward to cause us to manifest an experience based on what we think at a faster rate.

Relative to a dream and that for which we long, the kind of passion that is being discussed here is the kind of passion a drowning man has for air. It is of a type of passion which is so intense there is an element of suffering in that if one is not able to live and express their passion a part of their being will in some way die. It doesnít matter if the passion arises from the mind or the heart, the effect is the same. The passion will add energy to what one desires to manifest. Relative to a passion we have, a passion of the heart is as passion that arises from the flow of energy that sustains our being and flows from the essence of our being. It is a our creative passion. A passion of the mind is one that arises because of how one thinks and how the thinking is directing the flow of our creative life energy. A passion of the mind can be very intense but will never be intense as the passion which arises from fully aligning with the flow of our creative life energy.

There are two significant differences about manifestations that flow from a passion of the heart as opposed to a passion that flows from the mind. The passion of the heart produces a feminine creation that can be seen and experienced as a nurturing space which allows for growth and expansion. A passion of the heart is about life and creating life. The passion of the heart will provide with in an individual an internal satisfaction and joy that does not run dry once whatever is desired manifests. The beauty of creation itself is seen and experienced as one marvels at creation its self in wonderment and "Ah." It needs to be noted that any passion that does not create a nurturing space but seeks to own, control or in some other way manipulate the object of its focus is a passion that arises from the mind as opposed to the heart. Only the mind controls. The heart always nurtures and creates a safe and secure space for the protection and growth of the object of its focus.

The passion of the mind, although appearing the same can be significantly different than the passion of the heart and it usually is. Anything that is of the mind will be dualistic and a two edge sword for all that flows from or rather through the mind is dualistic for dualism is the nature of mind. It is dualistic because it can cut either way. It can be nurturing and sustaining if it chooses or it can be manipulating and controlling at times it could be both. Mind is the origin of the awareness of "I am" which is the opposite of "I am not" and all the subsequent "I am this..." and "I am not that...". The passion of the mind is masculine in it nature and tend to have a thrusting quality. It is the thrusting quality of the masculinity that can cut and separate into pieces rather than maintaining wholeness. The purpose of mind it to trim what is unnecessary or impedes oneís creations from manifesting so that the fruits are nurtured much the way a gardener would trim a fruit tree to create more abundant fruit.

It is mind that has been used to cut and separate whatever manifests from its Source and leaves a hollowness and lack of fulfillment within the individual. A creation that has been cut from it Source will not give it creator an internal satisfaction that doesnít run dry. If however, the mind has only been used to trim unnecessary attachments, there will be a lasting quality such that one can stand back and say, "it is good" and rest in full appreciation of the power of mind to create its reality and its experiences. It needs to be noted that to not take responsibility for what one creates only causes separation for one separates themselves from both their creations and their own creative power that arises from the Source of their own being

Some understandings about dreams

Within this understanding, several concepts arise around dreams. The concepts related to the origins of dreams and the relations of dreams and desires are discussed here. The concepts related to dreams and visions, manifesting dreams the concept of dream time as understood by the author and dreams we carry and how dreams can be impregnated are discussed in the topics, "Dreams and visions," "Dreaming reality into creation/Creation," "Dream time," and "The dreams we already carry," and "Impregnating the dreams of others."

Origins of dreams: There is a two part process to the origin of the dream. One part is where we sense an energy and our mind characterizes that energy the best it can based on what it thinks and believe and the experiences it has had. This part of the dream arises no different then any other thought. The other part is where the emotional energy or feeling arises.

Dreams are a thought or image in the mind and can take root and grow much like any other thought we may hold which takes root. However there is a different. The difference is the emotional feelings we have for the thought and the thought presents a relatively complete picture of what is possible. The idea or thought within the dream arises much like the origins of our thoughts. But the emotional aspect arises from the relationship of the inner masculine and inner feminine relative to that idea and whether or not the through or idea within the dream is something the inner feminine desires to nurture. The more the dream reflects the truth of our being, the more the inner feminine will be free to nurture the dream. Here there is a spectrum in the energy the inner feminine can give. At one end is a thought or idea for which one feels some beauty to the other extreme where the dream align with, if not is the fulfillment of, the dream of heart and fulfillment of the intention for our life.

In many ways we can look at a dream as being the offspring of our consciousness. In an analogous way that the children are the offspring of our physical body, dream are the offspring of our consciousness and the life it creates in physical reality.

In the same way a male and female body can mate and produce a child, any masculine and feminine aspect can merge to create an offspring. If the offspring is allowed to grow and unfold according to its nature, it will be a new creation and life unique unto itself. In essence, the masculine and feminine aspect creates is a blueprint within a seed condition which will grown and unfold into a life unto itself if it is given the proper environment. Otherwise, it will be stunted in its growth if not destroyed. Our dreams are the offspring of the marriage of our inner masculine and inner feminine.  

The way this second half of the process works to create a dream is that we have within our being an inner masculine and an inner feminine. The mature inner masculine is reflective of our ability to totally live the truth of our being. The totally repressed inner masculine is where our truth is totally dominated by our enculturation and/or programming of the mind. In essence our inner masculine is castrated. The inner feminine is what gives us the passion and energy to act. When the inner feminine is free to nurture the free expression of our truth we experience a fullness of being and a passion for life and a passion to live life. When full aligned with our truth, we live the life we incarnated to live and fulfill the intention for our life.

What happens is that we sense an energy and our mind characterizes into a thought. If that characterization is totally based on our enculturation and/or our programming, there will be little energy behind the thought. Our inner feminine will gives us the energy to manifest that thought if mind pushes it to act. But the inner feminine has little passion or desire to do so. However, the more the energy we sense is characterized by our truth the more the inner feminine will be willing to nurture that thought and the thought become a dream. It is a thought perceived as having some beauty and cherished by the inner feminine. When the thought is perceived as fully aligning with our truth and/or the manifestation of our truth, it becomes the dream of our heart which allows us to fulfill the intention for our life. Hence the dream of the heart and intention for our life can be seen as fully equivalent.

Dreams, desires and wants: From the creativity perspective, the main difference between a desire or a want and a dream is that the desire or want resides more in the mind and is fulfilled by obtaining what is desired or wanted. The desire or want ends with the fulfillment of the desire or want. The flow of energy created by the desire or want ends there and we are sort of stuck with any change of life style that arose to fulfill that desire or want although we may or may not recognize why our life is different.

In the case of the dream, there is a passion and part of ourselves lies in that dream and a part of ourselves will die if that dream is not allow to either be held with the hope of fulfillment or we can move toward fulfilling it. In moving to fulfill a dream we know there is the aspect of our being that is inherently different because we moved to change our life to sustain that dream. If we think for a moment about something we desire or want versus something we dream about, there is a much deeper feeling that goes with the dream. We experience the dreams as somehow part of our being.

When we truly dream about something, it is an experience such that we seem to savor in our mind what we would do with what we dream if we had it. It is almost as though we play a movie about what our life would be like if we manifested what we dreamed. Although dreams can be of a vividly imagined thing, a state of being, a way of life, occurrence or experience within our life, our use of the term dream emphasizes the state of being that arises from the dream. The use of the word here is more within the context of a dream being a state of being, or a thing or occurrence within a given way of expressing ourselves in the world. The emphasis here is on being or a state of being as a way or expression of life. For example, we can dream of having a particular type of car. Having that car creates a new or different way of being in the world because that car is in our life. We see ourselves and our live differently because of that car. In looking at such a dream, our efforts are directed not so much to the car and manifesting that car (the seeming focus of the dream) but our way of being in the world because what we dreamed of manifesting The emphasis here is not only on the endpoint of the dream but on how our life is different or will be different because we get the car that we dreamed of getting or we are changing our life to get the car.

Relative to the dream causing our life to become different, manifesting a dream to bring a dream into physical form or physical manifestation is capable of giving us the biggest rush of energy that we could ever imagine. If we are aware of what we feel and feel the energy flow and are in alignment with its flow, we will experience an unfathomable bliss and joy that accompanies the rush of energy. The closer the dream we hold aligns with what would be the dream of the heart, the greater the flow we feel and rush of energy and passion we will feel. On this point of the dream creating a rush of energy we should not be surprised if a dream carries sexual overtones or sexual feelings. After all, the dream is about creating a new life and a new way of being in the world which is also the function of sex.

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