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From the creativity perspective, dreams and vision are about seeing what has not yet manifested. It is to see that which does not yet exist. Dreams and visions are very much related to each other and often are used interchangeably. However, there is a difference. A dream as defined in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is a a cherished idea or concept of something, or some situation, that for the individual, is of seemingly unreal beauty and charm that one can couple with a passionate desire to express in the world. A vision is a form of a dream but different in two ways.

One way a vision is different than a dream is that it is accompanied by a knowing that what is seen is a real possibility if there is the willingness to do what is necessary to create it. The main difference between a dream and a vision is a dream is of a world that does not exist and may seem fanciful and may or may not be possible to manifest for one reason or another. A vision is much like a dream but there is a knowing which accompanies the vision. However a vision is totally possible and all that stands in the way is the desire to create it. A vision acts as a guiding light in one’s life. Vision is the ability to see beyond what one has experienced.. It is to literally and figuratively see into the unknown and what lies before us and/or what is possible to create. It is to know the vision is totally possible to manifest if the individual has the passion and strength of will to create it. But it is not a strength of will of the mind to act but the strength of will to surrender to do what needs to be done to bring that vision into manifestation. Manifesting a vision is about getting out of mind and surrendering to the flow of energy and process which will manifest the vision.

The second way a vision is different than a dream is a vision does not have the same kind of passion behind it as a dream. A vision is not personal. Although one may be passionate about creating it, it does not arises from a personal passion and attachments. The passion transcends the ego and a vision is often about well beyond doing for oneself. That is, the individual who is manifesting a vision is not necessarily, and usually not, the benefactor of a vision as in a dream. In this regard, visions usually have what can be called spiritual and/or altruistic overtones. Dreams usually fulfill personal desires or desires for oneself.

Both dreams and visions arise from an energy within As such, Creation it is possible to share a dream and/or vision. If the focus of two individuals’ attention and awareness are similar as in a joint intention and the individuals have the minimum set of experience to similarly characterize the energy, they may share a common vision. However, in generally, it is difficult for several individuals or a collective to hold a common vision. In general, a single individual will manifest a vision.

Holding a shared intention or a common goal or mission is not the same a holding a common vision. It needs to be remembered, a common intention, common goal or common mission is from the mind. The mind can use what it knows to communicate what it desires in holding that common intention, goal or mission. The issue with a vision is that it is of something not manifested. Mind does not have the experience to manifest a vision nor does it have the experience to explain what must be done to manifest it. If it did, it would not be a vision. It would simply be another idea of the mind.

It can be said vision have a way of being effectively grounded within the current environment we find ourselves. We may have to recreate our environment to bring that vision into full manifestation, but we can nevertheless begin to bring it into manifestation in our environment. In this regard, dreams are seen more a fanciful for there is no way is seen to ground the energy of the dream to bring them into existence within the current conditions of our life. Hence they are often seen as wishful thinking.

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