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The flow of society


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The flow of society is not a specific flow like the flow of Creation, the flow of Physical Creation or the flow of a specifically held intention. The flow of society refers to the composite flow of energy of the part of human collective of which we consider ourselves a part. It is what is giving rise to our society as it exists now and where our society is heading overall.

Here it needs to be noted that depending on what we perceive our society to be will determine what we see. The question is what is it that we consider ourselves a part. We all are part of the human collective and we all live in some country. Most of us live in a small community and most of us have some family. When we accept and align with our family, community and country, we move to align with the flow of that family, community and country within Physical Creation. If we rebel against our family, community or country, we still tie ourselves to the flow of the family, community or country. We still get pulled along with that flow. To step into the opposite of a duality is still to be part of that duality, what it means and where it flows and how it unfolds. The way we escape to flow of our family, society and/or our country is to live the truth of our being where it takes.

Aligning with the flow of Society

Accessing the flow of society is not like accessing the flow of energy created by an intention. To access the flow of energy generated by any intention, we use our body and what it feels. However, accessing the flow of society is different. We must first find that group of individuals of which we feel a part. That group may be our society or it may be our family depending on how we feel about it. We then need to ask ourselves if this group is our society. If not, we need to continually expand our awareness outward until we encompass a group of individuals that we feel is our society. That group then becomes the our focus for accessing the flow of our society. We then need to step out of mind and what we think and believe about that group as we step out of mind for any creative endeavor and look to what we feel to access the flow of that group. If we stay attached to any beliefs about that group we will bias what we feel about the group and not have a accurate reading as to where the flow of society is going.

Here to notes needs to be made. One is since we align with the a group of individual through feel, much of our alignment is done nonconsciously. Often we cannot logically explain what we feel what we do about a particular group. To fully understand our attachment we will have to explore our nonconscious mind and make aspects of our nonconscious conscious. The second note is we can define a society or our society based on whatever group of individuals our mind selects. Then, what we consciously and nonconsciously think and believe about that group of individuals define the society. Here again, to know where that defined group of individuals is headed, we need to step out of mind and anything we think and believe about them to access the flow. To stay attached to any belief about the group will not allow us accurately access the flow.

To align with the flow of society we need to first get clarity as to what we think our society is or what we mean by society. We then, focus our attention and awareness on what we perceive our society to be. We then look to see what feeling it causes to arise within our being and use those feelings as our compass point for wherever reason we desired to access the flow of society.

Additionally we can ask our intuitive guidance, "What do I need to do to align with the flow of society?" Then follow the intuitive guidance we get. However, it needs to be emphasized that we will access what we nonconsciously and consciously think our society is. Unless we explore what we we really mean by "society" there will be nonconscious beliefs that influence what we access without our awareness. As such, we many not be seeing the flow of energy we want to see but rather we will see the flow of energy that our nonconscious mind has lead us to see.

Primary flows of energy influencing our creative endeavors

In any one moment, there are five primary flows of energy to which we can surrender which are acting as an  undercurrent that are influencing our life and creative endeavors. Each flow  is the result of a single or composite intention. They are (1) the intention for our life, (2) the flow of Creation, (3) the flow of our society, (4) the flow of the intention of our enculturated mind, (5) the composite or resultant flow of the conscious and nonconscious desires of our mind. Of course there are other flows of energy that are variations of these five or a subpart.

From a creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, the recommendation is to choose that which serve us and allows for a feeling of freedom and expansion into the fullness of being.

From the perspective of manifesting a particular creative endeavor, the recommendation is to calibrate our internal compass and assess the flow of energy which aligns with the intention we hold and create a single point focus.

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