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To understand how we share or donít share realities we first need to understand how we choose what we believe. What we believe develops a perspective that we will use to view and filter the experiences we have. That, in turn, creates our reality, the world we experience. Then depending on what and what we believe, we share or donít share the reality we created.

The first way we choose to believe and experience a creation/Creation is to follow our mind and how we have come to think the world works. This is about accepting without any proof or verification within our own being as to we accept as truth. Usually we somehow numb our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. This is done so that we donít hear what they have to say. This is especially true when what we believe as true is not in alignment with what we know is true. It is about following what we learn, hear, copy and mimic without question. This is education without any laboratory to prove the truth of what is learned. Ultimately, we act on whatever we come to believe but what we believe has never been adequately check as to its validity as truth.

This first way is that we live in our own isolated world protecting and defending the truth that our ego knows. The ego will defend that truth to the point of denying information from the external world that does not fit what ego (at whatever level we live the ego, enculturated or transcendental) has experienced and/or believes. We share only to the point that others agree with us and little attempt is made to figure out a way to communicate what we know and merge it into a common understanding. Rather we prefer the isolation of our own view.

This is also the way of the mystic who comes to an understanding about reality but is unable to readily share what they know. The cannot remain in their understanding and also remain in the normal world because of the mundane demands of the normal world. So, to remain in their world, they retreat to some isolated way of being to protect the reality that they know and experience. Here we wait for others to come to us unless we are somehow forced to be in the world or otherwise drawn to be in the world such as "to earn" a living. More people live in this first way than one would suspect.

This first way can be said to believe with the mind. To escape this way of experiencing a creation, we will need to do our own experiments and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. We need to be open to feeling to see what serves and doesnít serve and provide us what the feeling of a fullness of being and/or inner satisfaction that never runs dry.

The second way we come to believe it to follow the lead of another who may or may not be living the truth of their being. This simply boils down to doing what we are told. This is about creating followers and, even worse, slaves. Here we do not think or believe, we follow. Here we never engages our brain to think let alone engage our heart to feel. This way to believe is also the essence of blind loyalty where we find ourselves doing things "under orders" that do not correspond with what we know is true.

This second way is not to share our reality but to deny any internal truth and live according to what the external world or an external authority directs. Here we assume for whatever reason that what we see, know and experience internally is not real and/or valid seeing, knowing and experiencing. Here we simply accepts the external reality and/or what they are told. This way of living tends to cause addictive patterns that we use to suppress and deny the truth within our being and kill the pain that results from this suppression.

Here again more people live this way and have developed some type of addiction than we would suspect. In fact, there are many addictions that are considered quite acceptable when in reality they are an escape from our pain and/or what we feel. One such acceptable addictive behavior it thinking when our thinking is used to escape what we feel. Accumulating knowledge can be as addictive as any other type of behavior. Similarly, meditations that deny the body and its sensation in order not to feel or be bothered by feelings can become an addition.

This second way can be said to believe without mind or heart. Here again, to escape this way of experiencing a creation, we will need to do our own experiments and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. We need to be open to feeling to see what serves and doesnít serve and provide us what the feeling of a fullness of being and/or inner satisfaction that never runs dry.

The third way is to realize we have a truth within our being and we and follow the truth of our own being. It is to follow the truth that we know within our own heart and somehow verify it for ourselves. This is to listen what is said by other but to either verify it for ourselves in some way or check what is said against the truth of our being or our internal truth. This is to speak and live our truth in all ways. This is about creating someone who is capable of becoming self determined at every level of their being. If our truth differs from the world, so be it. We will follow our internal lead. This way will cause us to go against any external influence if it is leading contrary to our internal true. Many will interpret the steadfastness of living an internal truth as stubbornness but it is much deeper than that. It is about denying the essence of our being and suffering an internal pain if we act contrary to that truth.

The third ways to experience a creation/Creation and to share a reality is to modify and evolve our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and living in that wholeness. We share what they can of our own reality and incorporates what we can from their external reality. Trying to walk in an integrated truth looking for that balance point where the two world are compatible. It is a dance that is difficult for most to do. Either they retreat into isolation or addiction or they live in the world of separation.

This third way would be the way of experiencing a creation from the heart. It is to learn to dance between our truth and what the heart perceives and what the mind perceives because of the experiences it has had within the creation.

The fourth way to believe is to merge our truth with the truth of another. It is to create a set of experiences which allow us to see the truth of their being and make it our own and they in turn they have a set of experiences that allows them to see the truth of our being so that they can make it their own. This is how consciousness awakens consciousness to THE Truth - however, it needs to be done in a way that spans the infinity of Creation. This is basically to do a set of experiments that allows us to have the experiences which allows us to experience the truth of what is said or communicated in some way. This is a learning that is capable of making what we learn our own truth. It also creates a strong common truth that creates the foundation for a very solid and joint creation. This forth way is the way of creation and unfoldment. It allows us one of the fastest ways to assimilate knowledge and understanding that allows for the growth and unfoldment of our being into the infinity of our being. We only need to focus on the feeling which allows us to feel the blossoming and expansion of our being.

Although we all use all of these four ways of coming to believe, we use one more than any other. The first way, the way of the mind, is used most frequently. The third way, the way of the heart, the least frequently. The second way, to follow anotherís lead, is the way a child tends to believe and is the basis of many childhood struggles. The child wants to discover and explore truth for themselves and step into the third way of coming to believe. The fourth way is the most natural way for consciousness to awaken. But the early care givers have fixed ideas as to what "truths" the child need to learn. The child usually gives in and lives the first way. The fourth way is the way of a creatively mature adults where there is a give and take with patients to allow each to assimilate the truth of the other.

Whatever we believe, in turn, becomes our reality and our reality is a reality unto itself. It is the basis of the view and filters we have of reality. We may or may not have synthesized our understanding into an integrated whole. Most have fragmented, separated, and even opposing beliefs. This separation and compartmentization within our begin does not allow us to realize this fact. It is only when we consciously try and manifest a creation using the feminine approach to nurture the needs of a creation. It is to create where we grows our creation from the unseen world through a seed condition do we being to see how fragments and scattered our lives really are. In any case, what we believe and how we believe becomes the basis of how we live life, how we create the experiences we have and create the reality of those experiences. How we live our life, in turn, determines how we share or donít share our reality.

How we live and how we chose to share our reality is our choice. We have a free will and are free to create whatever we choose. However it is only in living our truth do we give the gift that lies within our being as a unique creation that we incarnated to give.

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