The need to become mindful and aware of what we feel


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The need to become mindful and aware of what we feel
Creative power lies in feeling
The intention for our life
An awareness about Physical Creation and its creator
The gift of pain

We need to become mindful and aware of what we feel for a variety of reason. Most importantly there is an awareness in what we feel and that awareness opens the door to many understanding about creation which our mind normally cannot access. To name a few we open the door to our creative power, the intention for our life, an awareness about Physical Creation and its creator and the gift in pain.

Overview (Top)

Each of us, as we experience ourselves in the physical plane, are in a body, either male or female. However, the awareness that is having the experience is not the body. Our body is a vehicle for the physical experience. For all practical purposes our consciousness as an independent point of consciousness and our body consciousness are merged into one being so we normally perceive no difference between the two views. However, this does not mean the two views do not exist and the we cannot separate and discern the two view and the information which each provides. To do so means that you will have to become very discerning and extremely intimate with ourselves and what we feel. Additionally, we can believe that we are our body. In this case we will have to deny much of the information that comes directly from our view as an independent point of consciousness which involves information that transcends the present physical reality. It is an awareness which can access the past and the future.

Because the creative life energy of the universe sustaining our being goes where we direct our attention and awareness, we can ultimately create anything that we intend as long as we do it in a physical body. Although we are beings of unlimited creativity, we have either chosen or agreed at some level of our being to limit our creativity to have the physical experience that we are having. Nevertheless, we can still direct our attention and awareness into any view and perspective of Creation we choose. This includes discerning the view from the body and the view from our individuated point of consciousness.

As a creation within Physical Creation, our creative life energy is split. Some of our creative life energy goes into sustaining our body and is used to create a condition which we call healthy or a body condition to give us the experience we need to have for one reason or another. Whether we like it or not and/or understand it or not, some illness and disease are exactly what we need to have to have certain types and kind of experiences. Other illness and disease are simply the result of you failing to supply adequate energy to sustain the body. However, we will not know which is which until we being to listen to our body wisdom and to look at the gift of pain to see what the body trying to communicate to us rather than judging what we are experiencing in the moment.

The key to creating our reality and creating the experiences we have is to become mindful and aware of how we are directing our attention and awareness. To do this, we need to look at both our conscious and nonconscious intentions of both our individuated consciousness and our body. Understand that the world we see and experience, including our body, is the expression of our unique creative life energy/creative spirit and no one sees and experiences reality as we do.

We are an unique creation in every way. The world we see manifested before us and our body never lies. It is truth manifest. Only our mind creates illusion. Our body and the environment in which we find ourselves is the truth of our being manifested. It is reflective of the beliefs we hold at some level of our being and our choice to have a physical experience.

To change our reality we need to change how and what we believe. We are probably quite aware that we may think one thing and we may say something else. However, what we actually believe is not necessarily reflective of either what we think or what we say.

Our body speaks the truth of our being as do the experience we have. The experiences we have in our body are not about what we think and/or what we say but what we hold within our being. Rather, our body and how it responds to the environment in which it finds itself reveals the truth we hold at the deeper layers of our consciousness; that lies in the nonconscious. In this regard, the world we see before us and that we share with others can be seen representing the beliefs and/or aspects of our being that we share in common with them. In knowing how to utilize the world we experience as our body and the environment we experience in our body, we can come to see how the inner is reflected in the outer and can access information that lies deep within our nonconscious that we are using to create our reality.

What we believe and what we hold is reflected in our body—in our bones, our muscles, our skin, our posture, our voice, our eating habits, our preferences and more importantly in our health or lack there of. The way this is accomplished is that we are a being of infinite consciousness. However, most of our awareness is nonconscious. Our conscious awareness (as reflected in what we think, what we remember as memories, and how we make our choices relative to the experiences we have) is a very small fragment of our consciousness.

This infinite nonconscious is available to us in any moment and is it in constant communication with us. Unfortunately, we are usually too busy and preoccupied with life and thinking to become aware of exactly how this body wisdom is attempting to communicate. For many, it is only when you feel the pain and/or discomfort associated with an accident illness, disease or not getting what we want, that our mind begins to pay attention to our body. Even then we rarely actually listen to the message. Rather, we treat the pain or the discomfort to make it go away rather than looking at the gift of pain. It is like shooting the messenger in an attempt to deny the existence of the message. It does not need to be this way. We can see differently and live differently than we have been accustomed to doing. We can access and use this body wisdom in becoming mindful and aware of what we feel.

In understanding how it is possible that our physical body and the world we experience is reflective of the beliefs that we hold, it is essential that each individual learn to understand how their particular body communicates to them and how they have shut off or deny this communication. When we utilize our body wisdom, we can learn to access an internal satisfaction that never runs dry regardless of what may be happening externally to our bodies and we can use this inner satisfaction to create the reality and experiences of our conscious choice and that best serves us and creates a life worth living. Accessing and using this body wisdom and our intuitive guidance are also addressed in other related topics such as "Communicating with our creative life energy" and "Intuitive guidance."

Creative power lies in feeling (Top)

Probably the most important reason to become mindful and aware of what we feel is that our creative power lies in what we feel. Unless we feel and have some level of passion to act, nothing happen. All Creation/creation and any experience in creation/Creation is a result of a flow of energy. It is the flow of energy that flows through our being which gives us our creative power. It is something we feel and not something we know through our mind. Our mind may direct and channel what we feel but the creative power to act and make something happens is a result of what we feel (More on ......creative power)

The intention for our life (Top)

The intention for our life is accessible in an awareness which lies in what we feel. It lies in one of the deepest feelings we can have and lies beyond the feelings we have in sexuality. It is here we need to become very mindful and aware of what we feel to distinguish between the feelings of sexuality which arise from our body to procreate and those that arise from the intention for our life to create the life to have the experiences we incarnated to have. (More on ...... the awareness which lies in what we feel)

An awareness about Physical Creation and its creator (Top)

As discussed in the origins of body consciousness, as part of Physical Creation it has an awareness about Physical Creation. In learning to become mindful and aware of what we feel, we can learn to discern aspects of Physical Creation. Shamans, tribal healers, medicine men and women, and the like have used this connection for centuries to access and communicate with the "spirits" which reside in nature. (More on ..... the origins of body consciousness)

The gift of pain (Top)

There is a gift in pain if know now how to use it. It is not about tolerating pain or just numbing pain. It is about becoming mindful and aware of the pain to look and explore the origins of the pain before we try and alleviate the pain so as to understand what it is trying to communicate. (More on .....the gift of pain).

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