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As we explore the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability, we will come to find we are part of a larger creative process. In fact, we are part of several larger processes. An example of being part of a larger creative process is that of our mind. Our mind is the product of the experiences we have. It is a creative living process continually recreating itself.

Our creative life energy carries us to certain types and kinds of physical experiences. As a minimum the experiences of obtaining food and water in order to live. Mind developed as a result of those experiences. Unless we being to understand the process that controls the development of the mind, we will not being to understand how we are not creatively captive to the mind we have. We can step out of mind and have a different type and kind of experience not previously had. This in fact, is the whole basis of a not doing practice. It is to educate mind that it is not limited by, and to, what it has experienced but is fully capable of transforming itself by the experiences it chooses to have.

As we work to access the depth and breadth of our creativity we will find there is what can be best described as an intention for our life and a flow of energy that is governing our life. It is this flow of energy that supplies our creative needs and can be perceived as a creative spirit. We describe it as an intention for there is a direct to the flow and hence our life. That direction of flow can be said to be the reason for our existence. Similarly, it is called a flow because it carry us in a particular direction in life much the way wind currents would carry a balloon across the sky or the river current would carry one to the sea. However, our life is superimposed on an existing Creation. In addition to the intention for our life, our life is interconnected with Creation. In this regard, there are things we are intended to do for Creation or within Creation. There are roles that we will play

Although Creation is the composite of a variety of creative processes, our body can be seen as a bridge point where three come together. The three which specifically come together in our body is the three flows of energy resulting from the desires of Physical Creation, the desires of the human collective and the desires of our creative spirit. In this regard, particular body is chosen for the particular “mission” in life we undertake. It is the perfect vehicle to accomplish what we set out to do in Physical Creation and to meet the desires of Physical Creation. This includes any particular desires the human collective had on influencing the intention for our life.

The question is which one of theses, if not some other, has the greatest impact on our individual lives. Although there are many deep undercurrents governing the unfoldment of Creation, these deeper undercurrents are not necessarily the larger creative process to which we refer. The larger process to which is referred are usually one of these three that governs our individual lives if not all of these.

For starters, the first larger creative process of which we are a part is not some grand Creation Plan where our lives are predestined. Rather, it is a process that we ourselves created and/or in which we agreed to participate at some level of our being within the existing Physical Creation. The file entitled “Some Models For Understanding How We Harness Our Creative Spirit” describes one way to view this larger process that governs our life. This process is the one found in the unfolding of the intention for our life. It is unique to us. The intention for our life, although unique to us is itself part of a larger creative process. It is one in which we all participate. It is to have a physical experience as a human in this time period of history. Having a physical body as a human being holds us bound to the larger process for the duration or life of our body.

The second process encompasses the role and/or roles in which we agree to play in the larger unfolding currents of Creation. The second larger creative process of which we are a part although larger than our life and expands well beyond our life is an individual process unique to our life. This larger individual creative process of which I am a part is not the same one in which you are a part. Although the process of which you are a part arises form the same one of which I am a part, the intention for our life causes us to have a unique experience of that composite of the two. Although these larger processes influencing our lives are coordinated and integrated where appropriate and when necessary, they are each independent of each other. As such, what I need to understand about how I create my reality will be conceptually the same as what you need to know. But, practically, within the details, what I need to understand to do I need to do will be different than you. This may be difficult to understand but it is nevertheless true.

We usually play a variety of roles in life and they can be all part of the same process or each part of a different process. Our experiences of Creation are experiences of a creation within Creations. Although much goes on around in and/or of which we are aware as occurring, only two really impact our lives. They are the current which unfolds our life and the current or currents in which we interact to unfold our life to gain the experiences we incarnated to have. This second process is experienced as the role we play or the role we play in Creation Itself. It may be determined by desires of Physical Creation or the desires of the collective or some combination of both. Then at other times, we may have a role whose origins lie outside both Physical Creation and the desires of the collective.

It needs to be understood there are things that individuals incarnate to change and/or to bring new experiences for humanity. There is nothing wrong in being human or with the human experience. We are not here to learn lessons as such, although that may be one result of what we experience. Being human is an experience to be had and savored as any other experience. Our problem is the powerful attachments for or against any aspect of the human physical experience and/or our lives. There are only two things we really need to learn to do as a human being. One is to not take our lives so personally for we are part of a larger experience in which we agreed to participate and play a role. The other is to learn true freedom to become like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing - and be totally present with what is, as it is. That is, to learn to have no judgments or attachments yet create what we desire with the passion of a drowning person has for air.

This concept of playing roles resulting from a undercurrent of Creation may be initially hard to understand and/or accept. Most of us think our lives are separate from the Creation we experience. We do not consider that Creation may need us to play a role. Nevertheless, it is true from a creativity perspective. That is, playing a role for Creation in some way, is something that is true or its equivalent is true relative to accessing our creative power and creative ability. That is, we may not necessary consciously experience and/or be aware of these processes in our lives. Nevertheless they greatly affect our creative power and creativity ability. There are things we do in life that we think we are doing them when in reality the currents which give rise to our life and/or the experiences we have are causing them to happen. This is a very important point. If we deny this fact, we will be limiting the creative power and creative ability we can access.

The Creation we experience is much like a weave of material. One thread, the flow of our life, crosses over many other threads. Those crossover points provided us with certain types and kinds of experiences. As when have these experience we play a role for the thread or flow of energy over which we cross. It is the current of our life and the current of the crossover point which determines how much and the type and kind of creative power we can access in the moment. There are times where we can be more creatively powerful than at other times. In being open to feeling, we can feel these moments for we can feel the flow of energy available to us in that moment.

If we wish we can look at materials with solid colors or with many different colors. The intention for our life is a cross thread of a unique color. It crosses many other threads. Cross over threads of the same color can be seen as accessing the same undercurrent for all the experiences that result from each crossover point. Crossover threads of a different color represent accessing different undercurrents. Here, each color represents a different undercurrent.

Some of us have lives of “one color.” That is, the intention for our life accesses and follows essentially one deep undercurrent all our life. It may be an undercurrent created by the human collective were we play a particular role all our life within a given society. Or, we play a give role for something Physical Creation desire to accomplish. For example, we may carry a specific gene mutation that allows us to experience something not otherwise experienced as a human being.

Others have “multicolored” lives. Here the intention for our life crosses many undercurrents during our life. For example, it may be that an individual plays a variety of different role in their society. Then, suddenly, they seem to step out of their society and have a life completely contrary to their society. When viewed by the individual or by their society, it may seem they have gone crazy. However, when viewed from the perspective of the intention for their life, it makes perfect sense and is fully in alignment with what they incarnated to do.

There is no right or wrong in how our lives unfold. One life is not better than another. A monochromatic life is no better or worse than a multicolored life. The only judgment that can really be made about how a life is lived is whether or not the individual is able to achieve what they incarnated to do and/or a life worth living. But, here again, we have a free will. If the individual become consciously aware of the intention for their life and why they have that intention, they do have the freedom to change it. If they change it in wisdom in a way that better serves who and what they find themselves to be, there is no judgment on changing the intention for their life. Even if what they choose does not serve them as well, if they choose consciously because they choose something they desire to experience, there is no judgment on what they choose. There may be consequences, but no judgments.

There is one profound “spin off” on the understanding that we are part of deeper undercurrents that is seldom recognized but has great impact on our life. It is that success in life is not always our success. That is, what we think we are responsible for accomplishing in our life may not be as much our accomplishment as much as it is the unfolding of a flow of energy into which we accessed. This aspect of the deep undercurrent is discussed in the topic “Success in life is not always our success

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