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In trying to comprehend the vastness of Creation we are faced with the question how do we comprehend something infinitely vast with a finite mind. The answer is realize our mind is finite but our being is infinite and spans all of Creation. Our awareness is localized in our body and the mind we created as a result of the experiences in that body. However our creative life energy/creative spirit spans all of Creation. All of Creation lies with or is accessible within.

In actuality our mind is limited only because it has had a limited set of experience. Additionally, in awakening and going to sleep, we tend to forget things. However, all lies within nonconscious mind. Nothing is forgotten and all is accessible by how we focus our attention and awareness. The rituals and practices in any spiritual, religious or mystical tradition is only about focus our attention and awareness to have a particular type and kind experience which we call spiritual.

The way to deal with the infinity of Creation is to understand that we too are infinite. We have an infinite consciousness and an unlimited creativity to figure out how to explore any aspect of Creation. The issue we have is mind will characterize anything we experience based on its prior experiences. The question is whether or not we have that minimum set of experience to understand what we experience. Or alternatively said, to properly characterize what we experienced.

It is here we need to study and observe the creative process. Since our mind is limited, it cannot guide us through the unknown. However, our creative life energy does go where we focus our attention and awareness. By holding a fixed focus and as single point meditation, we can feel the flow of energy giving rise to our desire experience and follow it into manifestation. It is here in this method the entire Creation becomes open to us. The issue is can we trust the process sufficiently to hold the single point focus until the energy flows to fulfillment.

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