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 The cause effect chain, karma, balancing duality and associated principles of classical and quantum physics in the energy consciousness relationship 


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Within our creative endeavors we will stumble across a variety of principles that at first may not seem related. However in understanding their relationship, we can often make our creative endeavors much faster, easier and even gentle when it come to facing the required sacrifice and chaos of creation. This discussion provides some perspectives as to how these principles related to each other and are often just a different perspective of the same principles at work.

Some of the principles which arise relative to the cause effect relationship are as follows:

  • In the esoteric Eastern literature we find the concept of Karma. The concept of Karma is expressed in a variety of ways but the simplest is, what we do to another returns to us, and that we can become stuck on the wheel of karma continually repeating the past.
  • In classical physics there is the principle that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
  • In quantum mechanics, the observation has been made that how we observe determines what we see. To see the wave properties of a particle or the particle properties of a wave we must observed differently than how we normally look at Creation. How we choose to focus our attention and awareness by what we think and believe makes a big difference in what we see.
  • Within the equivalence of energy and consciousness, our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness. Any intention we hold causes a flow of energy to be created to create an experience of that intention.
  • Within the creativity perspective it is suggested we become like the wind, coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments. To do the we cannot hold strongly to either side of a duality and must find balance not to be pulled one way or another.
  • It is also recommended within the creativity perspective to learn to dance between the mind and the heart. To learn to dance we need to learn to step out of mind to surrender to the flow and stepping into mind to change the flow.
  • We are a creative living process, and whether we realize it or not, we recreate ourselves with every experience we have. Every experience allows us to reinforcing our past and what we believe or open ourselves to become different and to see differently.

Although it may not be obvious, all of these principles related to the cause effect relationship between energy and consciousness and the roles they play in the creative process. Some of the implications are quite profound.


Sir Isaac Newton is credited with making three fundamental observations about the way reality works that started the whole evolution of classical physics. Eventually his understanding was found inadequate to explain the atomic and subatomic structure of matter. Quantum mechanics was needed to explain that realm of Creation where we can observe how our observations changes what we observe. In any case, Newton’s observations are extremely important and extremely relative to where most individuals are in their current understanding of how reality works. One of his observations was that an object at rest or in motion will remain at rest or in motion unless acted upon by an unbalance force. A second observation was that the mass an object times its acceleration was equal to the force applied (F=ma). The third was that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For the discussion here, the first and third observations are what is relevant.

In the Eastern tradition, there is what is called the Law of Karma that governs the soul or the spiritual side of man. In many ways Karma expresses the equivalent of Newton’s first and third statements. The Law of Karma is expressed in a variety of ways but the simplest is, what we do to another returns to us, and that we can become stuck on the wheel of karma continually repeating the past. The need to experience the actions that we did to another can be seen as simply the need to balance the original force that caused our initial action. Similarly, being stuck on the wheel of karma is simply a way of saying that an object in motion stays in that motion until it changes.

In the realization that energy and consciousness are one and the same thing, the physical principles of Sir Isaac Newton and the Law of Karma can be considered the expression of the same concepts. However, in physics, Newton’s Law are applicable on the macro scale and quantum mechanics replaces classical physics on the micro scale at the subatomic scale. Similarly, Karma and its associated principles are applicable and address the macro scale or rather macro aspects of consciousness and there is a completely different set of principles on the micro scale, which are more aligned with, and parallel, the phenomena of quantum mechanics. Simply said, the quantum mechanical equivalent truth in the realm of consciousness is that wisdom and understanding replaces Karma. That is, in understanding how we create our experience by how and what we think and believe we can act in wisdom and become the cause to change what we experience.

The term "macro" relative to world of physics refers to large quantities of mass or massive objects like we experience every day in life. "Micro" refers to the atomic scale of these large quantities of mass. Relative to consciousness, macro refers to established and defined collections of thoughts, ideas and beliefs, our belief structure, and the ego and the identity that consciousness gives itself. Micro, relative to consciousness, refers to the individual thoughts and beliefs and how the individual thoughts and beliefs interact with each other. We can look at our ego and the collective social beliefs of society and cultures as the massive objects we find in the every day world we experience where classical physics applies very well. Similarly, the individual beliefs and how the believes interact with each other to create the ego and the corresponding personalities of the individual and society are analogously more on the atomic level and level of atomic interactions.

The easiest way to understand the quantum mechanics of consciousness and the power of our creative ability is to look at the cause effect relationship. Every cause results in an effect and every effect has it cause. This is a rather obvious observation to every human for that is the world in which we seemingly live. From this perspective there are reasons for everything and no coincidences. If we wish we can prove this to ourselves by pulling the string such that we can go back and establish the cause for any effect we experience. Whatever we see happen or experience, we can "pull the string" and go back and show a cause as to why that particular effect occurred as opposed to another.

Scientists and theologians have been stuck in pulling the string on this seemingly cause effect dilemma for eons. Did God create the world and insert a spirit in man or did the world evolve out of a Big Bang? Both these discussion are stuck in the cause- effect relationship, and both are true because there is no consideration of the relationship between energy and consciousness. The aspect that needs to be understood is that for every cause there is an effect and every effect becomes the next cause but the role of consciousness it to be the cause and the role of energy is the manifestation of the desires of consciousness. Yet, each is continually influences the other in a creative living process continually reiterative itself as a result of what it has experienced. When consciousness fails to act, we end up on the Wheel of Karma simply fulfilling Newton’s Laws. This phenomenon gives rise to the logic that there is a path of destiny for destiny is only the end result of a cause that has created a series of cause effect relationships.

Quantum mechanics would say there is a cause and or something which gives rise to the effect but there is a probability function that governs effect in the cause effect relationship. That is, a particular outcome is not guaranteed but there is a probability of something occurring, and depending on the conditions we establish, some things are more probable than others. So, with the proper preparation and focus, one can design an experiment where one makes pure energy appear like particles or make particles with mass appear like a wave. One can literally play with the probability function and make some outcomes more likely than others by how one constructs the environment.

The key here is that one can choose to manipulate the probability by how one sets up the environment. How one chooses to observe. The outcome depends on how one chooses. By how one chooses, one changes the cause-effect chain. By how one chooses and how intent one is on changing something, and because of how much energy one focus on where one places their attention and awareness, one creates a whole new cause- effect chain. Alternatively said, one shifts the probabilities because of the shifting in one’s attention and awareness which is only a change in how one chooses to think.

Simply said, the consciousness equivalent of the quantum mechanics world of probability is that by how one chooses to focus their attention and awareness, one is changing the probable outcome of whatever it is on which they focus. The more one holds their focused attention and awareness, the greater the probability of the outcome. One can focus so intently that the probable outcome becomes inevitable. If one focuses on the cause to the effect, one continually repeat the same cause effect pattern. If one focuses on the effect and see it as the cause, one can change the cause effect chain  to whatever one wishes it to be. The only question is, "how strong a focus does one hold and does one sufficiently shift the existing probabilities into a new set of probabilities.

In the discussion, "A contribution of Niels Bohr to Physics and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material," Bohr suggested a revolutionary change to existing ways of thinking about the atom. However, he could have chosen to "patch up" and try and fix the existing Rutherford model of the atom and continue in the existing cause-effect pattern. There is probably no doubt that he and others physicists would have come up with some strange fix resulting in the modified Rutherford model that explained nature to the satisfaction of the physicists. So too with Einstein. However, each of these men chose to focus their attention and awareness in another direction. In breaking the model of the past, in breaking the existing cause-effect sequence of physics at the time, a whole new universe of understanding opened in each case. So too with each of us and the reality that we currently experience. We can continue to focus on the existing cause-effect relationship recreating the future in the mold of the past or change our thinking creating a new cause.

As a result of how we normally experience Creation, we have become so focused on how we think the world works that the world becomes inevitable in its outcome. However, it is only because of how humanity has chosen to think because of the experiences humanity have had and how humanity have chosen to focus its attention and awareness for centuries. Consequently humanity has taught subsequent generations to think in a way that holds each of us blind to the true depth and breadth of our unlimited creative ability. We are like the eaglet in the discussed in the topic, "The Human Condition as seen from the Creativity Perspective."

Humanity is stuck on a wheel of Karma because we think macroscopically (characterized as the equivalent of classical physics thinking). To change the effects that humanity is seeing, we each need to change how we think. We need to change our fundamental structure - our belief structure if we are going to make lasting changes in society. As long as we believe we do not create our reality by how we think, we will never see what is possible and be captive of how we think.

To change our thinking about how we create reality, we first have to accept that we have created the current reality we are experiencing at some level of our being or we have agreed to participate in the experience. To deny what we have created or that in which we agreed to participate is to deny our own ability.

The reason it is so hard to take responsibility and really believe that we individually have created the reality we experience is that we are participating in a shared creation and are creating what we experience collectively. We are interconnected and the current existing reality is the superposition of all desires of the individual points of consciousness and what they think and believe. The pool of multiple forms is one way to understand how this can be seen as happening.

In many ways it would seem we face an impossible task if we wish to create a new reality for ourselves for we struggle not only against our own thinking but all of society and maybe even humanity. But this is not really the case. Creation recreates itself from within Creation and it starts by one point of consciousness at a time choosing to take responsibility for what it has created.

There is a longing in each of the hearts of each point of consciousness to reconnect with the Source of their being from which each of us arose. That longing pulls the individual to come to this understanding of how powerful a creator they really are. The longing for the beloved is what most spiritual traditions have attributed to seeking an external God outside ourselves and the longing itself is seen as arising from outside ourselves. But, in reality, the longing is which is really coming to awareness that we ourselves are the Creator (from within ourselves). For most people, this is too much to be believed. However, reality does not work the way we think it does. At the most fundamental levels reality does not work as we think it does. It works the way It thinks it does and we are all It. We are not are our ego as our mind would have us believe. Nor are we the experiences we have had. Rather, we are a aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation coming to know itself and its Creation. As a seed grows from a single point into a huge tree only to create more seeds which grow into additional trees to eventually populate the whole planet where its life can be supported, so too with this understanding. This understanding is a seed whose time has come and it is growing within us. Shortly it will burst forth into the world.

An issue of balance

Relative to the concept of Karma, there are some metaphysical concepts that we have probably heard and are worth noting on this topic of cause and effect. One is, "the fast way to reincarnate in a particular race or religion is to manifest a prejudice or injustice against that group." Frequently this principles is explained as "pay back" or that we need to learn to love though what we despise. However the issue is balance. From a karmic or macroscopic perspective we have directed a large amount of our energy into the direction against a group of people because of the intense focus we have against that group. To regain our energy to create other creations, we have to go back and regain our energy by redirecting that energy back to restore balance.

This is what is meant by the section in Rumi poem below where two people are joined in great passion, in great energy from The Essential Rumi, page 57, from the poem "Sexual Urgency, What a Woman's Laughter Can Do, And the Nature of True Virility"

"Immediately, with great energy she joins with his energy,
and their two spirits go out from them as one.
Whenever two are linked this way, there comes another
from the unseen world. It may be though birth,
if nothing prevents conception,
but a third does come, when two unite in love,
or in hate. The intense qualities born
of such a joining appear in the spiritual world.
You will recognize them when you go there,
Your associations bear progeny,
Be careful, therefore. Wait, and be conscious,
before you go to meet anyone.
Remember there are children to consider!
Children you must live with and tend to,
born of your emotions with another, entities
with a form, and a speech, and a place to live.
They are crying to you even now.
You have forgotten us. Come back.
Be aware of this. A man and a woman together
always have a spiritual result."

This poem addresses where two people join together in great love or hate and there will be a child. The child is an unbalance of the energy and it will cause an impact on our life just as great as a physical child. The energy will remain unbalanced unless we actively go and redirect that energy or have that energy play itself out as a life unto its own.

If however, we approach the situation of the unbalanced energy from a wisdom perspective, we can "pull the string" on our prejudice and pursue why we have it within our being they way that we do. What we will get is a realization and in that realization we can instantaneously transform that prejudice changing both our past and our future and the flow of energy. Rather than having to live with the flow of energy as the effect of a previous cause, we are free to make that flow the cause of a new creation and can in any direction we choose, or rather supported by our belief structure.

On this same note, it is believed that loving another at the expense of our own life is a wise and noble way to live. However, in understanding the balance of energy, to live at the expense of our own life and not loving ourselves to meet our own needs only causes us to create a condition that forces us to live and receive love at the expense of others. The following story is from book Message From The Masters by Brian Weiss page 56 and the author found in his own life an almost identical experience with a particular individual.

"Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the internationally famous psychiatrist and author whose pioneering research into death and dying and the NDE [near death experience] changed the way we deal with death, told me the following story.

Elisabeth was born an underweight triplet and the doctor told her mother that at least two of the babies would not survive. But Elisabeth’s mother was a woman of exceptional strength and courage, a woman who freely gave anything and everything to others but refused anything in return, a proud and extremely self-reliant individual. She vowed that all three daughters would survive. She nursed them for nearly a year, keeping them with her in bed at all times for body warmth, like a present-day neonatal incubator. All three children survived and flourished.

Elizabeth was on the faculty of the University of Chicago Department of Psychiatry when she visited her mother in Switzerland, the family home. Her mother had an unusual request.

‘Elizabeth , if I become a vegetable, I want you to give me something to put me out of my misery,’ her mother said.

‘I can’t do that, ‘ Elisabeth quickly replied

‘Yes, you can.’ her mother insisted. ‘You’re the only one of my children who is a physician. You can give me something.’

‘No, I can’t do that.’ Elisabeth repeated. ‘Besides, people like you, you’ve always been healthy, hiking and climbing, you’ll live to be ninety and go like that.’ Elisabeth added snapping her fingers.

A month or two after this visit, Elisabeth’s mother suffered a severe stroke that paralyzed most of her body. Although her mind remained relatively intact, this proud and independent woman had to rely on others for most basic needs.

‘I learned to listen to the premonitions of others,’ Elisabeth told me.

"Her mother died four years later, never having regained physical functioning. Elisabeth was furious with God.

Working with dying children and their remarkable drawings, Elisabeth’s spiritual horizons were expanding despite her anger. She also had begun to meditate.

One day, soon after her mother’s death, Elisabeth was ‘rocked’ by a strong inner voice or message during her meditation.

‘Why are you so angry at me?’ the voice asked.

In her mind, Elisabeth replied, ‘Because you made my mother suffer so much: This beautiful, caring person who never accepted anything for herself but would give everything to others. You made her suffer for four years and then she dies!’

‘That was a gift to your mother,’ the voice answered gently, ‘a gift of grace. Love must be balanced. If no body were to receive love, who would give it? Your mother learned this in only four years, instead of coming back for one or several life times severely retarded or physically impaired where she would have to accept the love of others. She has learned, and now she can move on.’

Hearing this and understanding the message, Elisabeth let go of her anger. Understanding can immediately heal or deepest pain."

Love as anything else must be balanced. We cannot give what we do not have. If we cannot love ourselves, we will not have the love to give and we will have to call upon the love of another. It is a simply law of balancing energy. Wisdom allows one to understand that we must be love and we must do so internally and externally. We must love ourselves to be an example for others as to how others should love themselves. But they also must love others and in turn freely receive the love of others. Otherwise, there will be an imbalance which must be balanced in some way.

Another statement often made is that "only when we decide that we are strong enough to master the external problems, then we will no longer have them in our future." Believing in an external cause is the root of our problem. In such a belief we enter and remain the existing cause effect chain . When we realize our inner world is reflected in the outer and all external conditions are a reflection of our inner state, we can go within and change our inner state that gave rise to the external reflection. Hence we will no longer need to experience that external problem. It is about responsibility for the creation/Creation we experience, all of it.

We need to understand that wisdom does erase Karma. We only need to pull the string on the experiences we have as to their cause within our being. When we shift our internal world, we corresponding change the external. We can always choose to live in the existing cause effect chain  or change the effect by changing the way we choose to experience it. In choosing to change how we experience it, we will create a new cause for our actions will be different as a result of our choice.

Being in the moment or seeing in the moment refers to the moment where our awareness presents to us a sensation and/or an image before mind jumps in and judges it. To be in the moment is to get between the stimulus, that which arises within our being, and the response that we have been conditioned to make. Unless we step in before we response, our response will always be from our past conditioning. There is a cause we experience that produces an effect. The effect is the stimulus to which we respond and responding from the conditioning of that past continues the same cause effect chain . The way the cause effect chain is broken is to be mindful and aware of that moment when the awareness presents the image and before we respond form the past conditioning of the mind. Unless we can live in that moment before our response, we will never have the opportunity to break the cause effect chain. But, in being in the moment, we are at the place of power to the our lives and the world we experience by how we choose to act in that moment.

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