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It's all about energy


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It’s all about energy
The nature of energy
Enter consciousness and energy consciousness
Forms of energy
General comments on energy
Energy is energy
Path of least resistance
Creating flows of energy
Different forms, different experiences
Conservation of energy

The energy within - our creative life energy
The energy of Physical Creation
The energy of the unseen
Creation, energy and consciousness

First and foremost, creation/Creation is about energy. Without energy, there is no movement. Without movement, there is nothing to observe. With nothing to observe, there is no Creation/creation. Anything that comes into existence whether it be a thought, an object or an experience, arises from a flow of energy. All Creation revolves around creating and dissipating flows of energy.

Energy is defined as the capacity to produce an effect or do work. To make something happen, that is, to produce an effect, we need energy.

Creativity and to create is about having the ability to make something happen. It is about bringing into existence something never before seen or experiences or something significantly different than the past.

The form of energy we need to explore is about our ability to cause an effect where the effect is to cause something to come into existence that did not previously exist or is significantly different than the past - that is, to create. Alternatively said, we need to understand the form of energy necessary to access and manipulate energy for the purpose of creating the experience we desire.

On first observation of our creative power and creative ability there appears to be three seemingly unrelated types of energy. One is the energy within us that allow us, or gives us, the power to create. The second is the energy which we experience externally in the physical world that we use every day. The third is what appears to be an unseen energy which we can experience internally and externally which exists in what most call the spiritual. Although these three types of energy appear unrelated, if one explores exactly what is really meant by the concept of the capacity and/or ability to product an effect, one can come to see there is a relationship between energy and consciousness. This relationship which will cause the perceived difference between these three seemingly different energies to disappear.

The nature of energy (Top)

Energy is defined as the capacity or ability to produce and effect or the ability to do work and there are various forms of energy. The two most basic forms are kinetic energy and potential energy. Kinetic energy is energy in motion and potential energy is energy stored in some way. Depending on how the energy is in motion we can further define energy in motion by the type of motions such as rotational energy or radiant energy. Similarly, we can further describe potential energy by where it is stored such as chemical energy, gravitational energy, nuclear energy and the like. What is important for our discussion on creativity and physics is Creation is the dance between the forms which energy takes.

From a creativity perspective the first thing to understanding about energy is that energy is not physical. It is not physical in the sense that we can hold it. A form of energy gives rise to the physical but the energy itself is not physical. Rather, one form of energy is physical. We can often feel it if we have the means to sense it. We can work with its effects. We can transfer it from one object to another. We can store it to some degree. But we can’t hold onto it as we would a piece of mass. Yet, mass is energy. In holding mass, we hold energy. But the energy we can hold must be converted to another form of energy before it can be used to give us the ability to produce an effect. Energy that is held in form is rendered unavailable to energize our creativity or creative actions.

Energy is what gives rise to the physical. Our experiences of the physical world give us the impression that energy is of the physical world and some other material exist in the unseen world. We access energy sources, like oil, coal, gas, sunlight and the like and use it to power motors and machines to do work for us. We use it to make things happen. So we think energy is of the physical world and something that is physical. However, energy is of the unseen world and something else exists in the physical. What exists in the physical is the experience of energy. In particular, it is the experience of energy localizing into a given form.

The important point here is to understand that energy, or rather a flow of energy, is what gives rise to creation/Creation. Technically creation/Creation is not energy. Creation/creation is the experience of the flow or movement of energy. The contrast of what is fixed and what flows is what gives rise to the form of creation/Creation we experience. Without a flow of energy there is no movement. Without movement there is nothing to observe or experience. As such, as we adjust and/or change the flow of energy, we experience a different creation/Creation.

Physically, we generate a flow of energy by moving or changing the positions objects with mass relative to one another in a way that a flow of energy is generated. We say we move an object form greater potential energy to one of less potential energy. In the process of that movement we generate a flow of energy to create or do something. For example, objects fall down. The object falls from greater potential to less potential. We can harness the energy in that fall as we do in the power obtained from hydroelectric dam as the water flows down a mountain to the sea. We rearrange the atoms of chemical fuels like that of hydrogen and oxygen to create water and energy. Our bodies rearrange molecules to generate the energy of life. We rearrange the nuclear structure of Uranium and Plutonium with neutrons and create nuclear energy which can be transformed into electrical energy.

In the physical world, we rearrange the objects of Physical Creation to release the energy stored in the arrangement of the atoms and nucleons and in the gravitational force between objects with mass. In time it would appear all the energy of physical Creation will be released and dissipated such that physical Creation will cease movement.

Enter consciousness and energy consciousness (Top)

Within an existing creation, energy is neither created or destroyed. It is only transformed. Within the creativity perspective and energy consciousness model perspective, all that energy that is dissipated in physical creation still exists as potential accessible through, or by, consciousness. Consciousness, by how it focuses it attention and awareness, can “concentrate” energy. Or, alternatively said, consciousness causes the energy to localize into a particular from or flow. Consciousness can seemingly create something out of nothing. Yet, all it is doing is transforming energy from one form to another. Consciousness transforms the potential of energy within energy consciousness into a form of energy it can then use to make something happen. The form of energy that consciousness uses is thought energy or the energy within, or giving rise to, thoughts.

In this regard, the human being is a creativity machine and an energy transfer device that allows consciousness to easily and readily translate or transform thought energy into a physical manifestation. As experienced by humans, consciousness creates thoughts. It then uses the body to amplify that thought energy and convert that thought energy into action through the mechanical and chemical processes. Consciousness then uses the body’s actions to rearrange the world in which it finds itself to create what it desires.

What need to be realized is that although thoughts are massless, they are nevertheless things. Just as we can rearrange things in the external physical world to generate energy, we can rearrange our thoughts to generate the energy and passion to create and to generate a creative passion. As we rearrange our thoughts we change the focus of our
attention and awareness. That, in turn, shifts where we direct our creative life energy which lies at the essence of our creative power and creative ability.

Forms of energy (Top)

The term creative life energy to describe the energy which lies at the essence of our creative power and creative ability brings our attention to the fact that there are different forms of energy and they are experienced differently. The release of nuclear energy is experienced quite differently than the release of chemical energy. A weight of nuclear material exploding as a bomb is quite different than the equivalent weight of chemical explosives. There are orders of magnitude difference in effect. Similarly a weight of chemical explosives being detonated produces a substantially different effect than that same weight of explosives being dropped and the gravitational potential energy being released. What is important here is the transformation of different forms of energy give rise to different experiences.

The fact that the transformation of different forms of energy give rise to different experiences is a fact that is missed by most. It should be obvious but it is not appreciated for what it really means. As said above, there appears to be three types of energy or abilities that a human can access to cause an effect. There is an energy and power within, there is the external energy and power of the physical world and then an unseen energy which most call a spiritual energy or spiritual power. Yet when we look carefully at the definition of energy, they all are only different forms of energy. The question is how do we transform one form of energy to the other and access that transformation for what we desire to create. To do this, we need to understand something about these three forms of energy - the energy within, the energy of Physical Creation and the energy of the unseen. But before each of these forms of energy are discussed, there are a few general comments which need to be made about energy.

General comments on energy (Top)

Energy is energy (Top): Energy is energy, it doesn’t matter where it is, it is the same. What is different is the form the energy takes. With the correct methods, we can readily convert chemical energy to mechanical energy to electrical energy to magnetic energy and back to chemical energy if we wish. We can convert radiant energy to electrical energy and back again. It simply depends on what we wish to do and how we arrange the environment to cause the transformation of energy from one form to another. The key is to understand what is the proper arrangement of the environment to do the transformation we desire to have.

Path of least resistance
(Top): Energy in transformation flows from a place of which is call higher potential to lower potential such as a ball rolling down a hill. The top of the hill has greater potential than the bottom of the hill. A ball rolling down the hill converts the higher potential to energy of motion as it rolls down the hill. When the energy flows, it follows the path of least resistance. Aligning with the energy will carry us from that place of higher potential to the place of lower potential in the fastest way.

Different forms, different experiences
(Top): it needs to be noted. A place of higher potential is not any better or worse than a place of lower potential. The experience of each is just different. From an energy perspective, energy is energy and the only difference between any form of energy is what we can and can’t do what that particular forms.

For example a higher vibrational electromagnetic energy interacts differently and causes different effects in physical materials that a lower vibrational energy. More often then not, the higher vibrational energy is more destructive to living forms that lower vibrational energy. That does not make the higher vibrational energy bad and the lower vibrational energy good. However it does mean we need to protect living forms differently from higher vibrational energy that lower vibrational energy. That in turn, makes for a different experience of Creation.

Creating flows of energy
(Top): We create the flows of energy through creating some type or kind of a tension of opposites. Without the opposites there is no energy for creation. The flow of energy is determined by the way the dance of opposites occurs and there are a variety of ways to experience this dance of opposites in creation/Creation.

Whenever energy gets converted to a form of stored energy, it no longer flows and becomes unavailable to cause things to happen. Energy has the ability to cause an effect and make things happen when it flows. When it is stored, it is stored and unavailable for use until it is released. How the energy is released determines the type of experience that is had. Burning a barrel of gasoline slowly in a engine produces quite a different experience that exploding the barrel of gasoline in one quick explosion.

Conservation of energy
(Top): It has been observed in Physical Creation that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed.. The caveat which needs to be added here is the arrangement of the energy is fixed within any given creation and physical Creation is a particular Creation. It is the arrangement of the energy that gives rise to the creation which we experience. If we change the arrangement of the energy we change the creation. Since the energy within a given creation is fixed, the energy within the creation is conserved. To create something new within the existing creation there will always be a sacrifice in creation. Something will eat of another in some way to gain the energy for a new creation.

To use a thermodynamic term, a creation is a closed system and nothing crosses the boundaries of the system. This bring up a rather important idea discussed in the creative/creation process supporting discussion. The creative/creation process creates a closes system. If the energy is not being conserved in what we think is a creation, we are not looking at the entire creation and only a part of the creation. Similarly, if we are in the creative/creation process creating a creation we can expect energy to not be conserved for we will be adding and subtracting energy in order to create the particular creation we desire. This paragraph may seem esoteric and not that useful at this particular time but it becomes important when we are engaged in creating within the creative/creation process.

The energy within - our creative life energy (Top)

Our creative life energy is the energy which sustains us in Physical Creation. It can be called our life energy or our life force. It is rather clear that part of this energy comes from the food we eat and the metabolism of the chemicals in the food in our bodies to generate energy. Yet there is another aspect to this energy which we experience as passion and the desire and energy to act to do something. This energy seems somehow unrelated to the foods we eat. It is not like we can eat a certain food and become passionate and full of energy to act. Yet there are chemicals that cause us to act in certain ways. This energy of passion within us gives rise to the concept of a spirit within and most of humanity has some type and kind of belief about this spiritual side of a human being.

From a creativity perspective, we need both the energy supplied by the foods we eat and the passion to act to create. With no energy from food we die. With no passion we have no desire to act and will be depressed in some way. We may even go through life like a zombie, the living dead.

To access our creative power and creative ability we need to know what foods serve and don’t serve our physical body. We need to know what serves and doesn’t serve our passion and allows us to become passionate about life. From a creativity perspective, the question is how does the energy within our being relate to the energy of Physical Creation and the energy of the unseen.

The topic “Bridge Point of the Inner and Outer Creative Power” discusses where the inner and outer come together. However, to utilize this bridge point there are things we need to explore about our inner creative power and outer creative power. In particular we will need to know what causes us to become passionate and have a strong desire to act. We need to understand how energy works and we need to understand how consciousness. We need to understand the relationship between energy and consciousness for it is the dance between energy and consciousness that determines the creation we experience and how the inner and outer creative power is divided.

The energy of Physical Creation (Top)

Understanding how energy functions in Physical Creation is key to understanding how energy functions in any realm of Creation. The physical world is made up of mass. Mass and the energy flows that allows mass to continually reform itself is what gives rise to Physical Creation. Without mass there would be no Physical Creation.

On a purely physical level it is to think about energy as energy as we know it and experience it. It is to study it to learn to manipulate as through the sciences of physics and chemistry. To say energy is the source of Physical Creation is not too difficult to understand. Without a supply of energy there is no ability to do anything. All physical creation can be viewed as being energy. The light from a bulb or the Sun we use to read this page is energy. Energy that fuels the car we may drive is contained in the gasoline consumed by the engine. We know from physics that mass of our body or the mass of the chair on which we sit is energy. Only the form and expression of this energy is different. All is energy and we too are an energy in that our bodies are composed of mass and energy animates our life. We can learn an enormous amount about energy just by studying Physical Creation.

However, as discussed above, it is necessary to see energy as non physical and the physical, in particular mass, as only an expression or one form that energy can take. Accepting the unseen aspect of energy is not too difficult for physicists have characterized some of this unseen aspect of energy as an electric and magnetic field and have observed the effects of these fields. Through their understanding they have created many technological advances with the use of this unseen aspect of energy such a all radio transmission, radar, satellite communications and the like. Additionally, physicist have come to observe energy has a wave particle nature and the energy can appear as a wave or particle depending on how we choose to observe. But, more importantly, they have come to understand that energy is both a wave and a particle that even when the energy is localized in the form of a particle it still has a wave nature that permeates Creation extending out to infinity. Infinitesimal as this aspect of energy may be, it nevertheless still exists.

All that needs to be accepted here is that there is an unseen aspect to energy in Physical Creation and that there is an part of this unseen aspect that can be controlled and manipulated by consciousness if it is aware and awake as to how energy operates. Energy is controlled by consciousness by how consciousness directs and focuses its
attention and awareness.

This awareness of the unseen energy and the ability to manipulate the unseen energy of Physical Creation by understanding how energy functions is the doorway into the unseen realms.

The energy of the unseen (Top)

Although it is difficult for a human to understand because we do not experience it directly, there is an unseen aspect to energy that is influenced if not directly controlled by our consciousness. Accepting the unseen of energy is not too difficult. Accepting the unseen can be controlled by our consciousness is usually more difficult. It is to understand that although our awareness is localized in a physical body, a part of our awareness expands and permeates all of Creation. Although our awareness outside our body is infinitesimally small, we can nevertheless focus our attention and awareness to increase our awareness of any one aspect of Creation inside or outside our body.

The key to the unseen energy is understanding consciousness and the realization that energy and consciousness are one and the same thing. Each is the ability and/or capacity to produce an effect. Each is a different form of the same thing which is called energy consciousness in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. As long as we believe the energy is physical, we will see that which is spiritual as somehow separate and removed from Physical Creation. Given the finite nature of our current mind, we will be unable to fully consciously experience the true oneness and interconnectedness of Creation. It will appear as thought there are unseen realms that are inaccessible to us. However, if we can see energy and consciousness as different expressions of the same material of Creation, all of Creation is open to us. All that needs to be recognized is that our awareness is energy consciousness experiences looking inward and energy is energy consciousness experienced in looking outward.

Creation, energy and consciousness (Top)

Creation arises from a flow of energy. Creation/creation is the experience of consciousness of a flow of energy within a particular environment. Creation is about the expression and unfoldment of a flow of energy as it is directed by consciousness within a given environment. The flow of energy within a particular environment, in discussed in the topic “Environment and Unfoldment of a Creation” the environment and the creation are integrally linked. How the flow of energy is, or is not, free to flow determines the type and kind of creation we experience. Consciousness creates the experience of creation by binding or “fixing” the energy into a particular pattern and then forgets how it does it so as to be able to experience the creation.

The role of consciousness is to be the cause of the flow. Energy flows to create an experience of where consciousness focuses its
attention and awareness. The intention we hold causes a flow of energy that flows along the path of least resistance. This flow of energy will eventually manifest in an experience of what we desire within the environment we find ourselves if we hold our intention with unwavering faith and as a single point focus for our life. In many ways, the process is automatic. All we need to do is hold focus consciously or non consciously. If we are going to manifest what we desire, we need to surrender to the flow of energy that will give rise to what we desire and trust the Creative Power of the Universe and the creative/creation process will carry we to manifest our desired creation.

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