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Tunneling is a quantum mechanical phenomenon were bound particles are able to escape the barrier which confines them when they have insufficient energy to climb over the barriers. It is, in essence, as if they tunnel through the barrier. Tunneling makes the impossible, possible. Tunneling was first observe in radioactive decay of atomic nuclei. Alpha particle were seen to penetrate what should have been impenetrable potential barrier.

The explanation of tunneling

To understand the tunneling phenomenon it is appropriate to talk about the wave-particle nature of reality. The first property of matter relative to tunneling is that, all particles, including us huge (on the nuclear scale) physical beings, consist of both a particle nature and a wave nature. However, the bigger and bigger the particle, the less and less we see its wave nature, but that does not mean it does not exist. Hence, as huge beings relative to the nuclear level, we don't routinely see or pay attention to our wave nature.

The particle nature of an object is rather easy to understand. A particle has finite boundaries with sharp demarcations. If one were to look at a ball, for example, which is no more than the physical representation of a sphere the ball only exists within the boundaries of its shell and exists nowhere else. If one were to view a "slice" of a particle or ball, the particle would have no existence except at the boundary and within the boundary We, as physical beings, can be viewed as such objects. We exist only within our skins and have no existence outside our skins.

However, it has been shown with modern physics that we can consider particles to also have a wave nature. A wave is traditionally described as the propagation of the energy of a disturbance. For example, if you throw a pebble into a still pond, a ripple, which is the transmittal of the energy of the pebble hitting the water, goes out in all directions from the point at which the pebble entered into the water. The disturbance which transfers the energy is the pebble hitting the still water, pushing the surface down and then the surface bouncing back once the pebble breaks through the surface. The wave is the propagation of the energy of this ripple outward, caused by the pebble’s energy disturbing the still water.: A big base drum works on the same principle, but the cloth mallet which hits the drum does not break though the drum head but bounces off, and the sound now becomes the propagation of the disturbance transmitted by the drum head to the surrounding air.

Now, if a particle of mass is just a "solid," condensed or concentrated form of energy, then most of the energy of the particle is confined within the boundaries of the particle. But since it is energy and has a wave form, some of the particle’s energy is spread out into the wave portion of the particle outside its boundaries, although it is a very small amount and there is less and less the farther you get away from the center of the particle. The wave nature of a particle would look something like a very dense concentration of energy in the boundaries of the observable particle and then "thin" out as one gets farther and farther away from the observable particle.

Now there is a point to be made here when we view the wave nature of the particle. Some of the particle’s energy exists outside the boundary of the particle, Of particular note is that, the particle’s wave extends to infinity, although the amplitude or the "amount" of the particle present as it stretches out to infinity is very, very small. Since the wave nature of the particle extends to infinity, the particle therefore exists everywhere simultaneously even though its existence is very small outside its boundaries.

So how does tunneling work? In the wave nature, the particle’s energy extends outside the barrier to infinity. Now the bigger the barrier, the less energy that is out beyond the barrier, but there is energy, none-the-less. The since part of the particle is already localized outside the barrier it is just a matter of the energy of the particle relocating itself within itself but outside the barrier. The greater the energy the particle has within the barrier, the greater the chance of the particle being about to spread enough of its energy to localize outside of the barrier.

Application of tunneling

At first glance, tunneling, being a quantum mechanical phenomenon, doesn’t seem to have much application in our everyday world of creativity. However, nothing can be father from the truth. Understanding and using the phenomenon of tunneling can be a great assess in helping to make a faster, easier and gentler transformation for any creative endeavor we undertake. The reason why it is applicable to our creative endeavors is two fold.

The application of the quantum mechanical principle of tunneling to altering belief systems is based on the things. One is the oneness of the universe. The second is that, in actuality, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual, the seeming separation is just a very (very) powerful illusion. The physical and spiritual only look different from each other, much like an ice cube in water. This means that, the spiritual, emotional and intellectual planes can have direct analogs with the material plane and that physical problems and conditions can be worked on any of these four planes, it is just that their solutions will look different.

One reason why tunneling is applicable to our creative endeavors is that we create our experiences through what we think and believe and we outline our creative endeavors in our creative imagination. Both our thoughts and our creative imagination functions in concern with our brain and the electrical impulses which give rise to the thoughts we have are on the quantum mechanical level. What this means is that we can move outside of any limit and barrier of the mind to access information and understanding outside the experiences we have had. We can go into the realm that is seemingly impossible to our mind and being into existence that which has never been experienced.

Thoughts are mind's characterization of an energy and, being energy, it is possible to work changes at the energy level. The energy level is much easier to deal with than trying to make a change at the physical level where certain beliefs and limitation may already have manifested in the physical plane. Additionally, since we become what we think about, by changing the energy of our thoughts, we will eventually manifest the physical changes in our life that correspond to these thoughts.

The second way tunneling is applicable is that energy and consciousness are equivalent\t and both energy and consciousness have particle natures and wave natures. We can use the wave particle nature of energy consciousness to localize our awareness anywhere in the seen and unseen realms of Creation. What this means is that conventionally, escaping the collective and changing physical rules of creation is almost, if not impossible. However, it is possible to tunnel through the barriers.

Tunneling does require what can be called a threshold of energy or a minimum amount of energy to tunnel through the barrier. It is not that there is a exact threshold. Rather the greater the energy the greater the probably of tunneling through the barrier. But to tunnel through any barrier we have to focus our attention and awareness to do so. That is, we have to concentrate our energy much the way we would us a laser to focus and create a coherent beam of light. Analogously, we need to structure what we think and believe to create a laser like focus of our attention and awareness. We then need to add sufficient energy to increase the possibility to tunneling through any barrier that stands in the way of what we desire to create or experience.

In general, we never sees the particle beyond the observable boundaries because the amplitude drops very quickly at the boundary. However, if we recall, we hear many people talking about seeing the aura around a person outside their physical boundary. This is another way to explain the oneness of all things - we permeate everything and everything permeates us but, at very, very low energy levels, and that then is how we can be in communication with everything at some level, yet at the same time essentially live separate existences. Additionally, the farther away you are from something, the less energy we have at that location to communicate at that location or with that location, So the intuitive and nonconscious information we receive is at a very, very small level. For people who are highly intuitive, this is one reason why we can read people so much better when we are around the individual we wish to read, because their energy field is much stronger.

In the topic, "A model for consciousness expansion - our limits boundaries and fears," our consciousness is seen to expand as a sphere, radiating outward from a center point. As it moves out ward, it encounters limits and barriers which are the beliefs and fears we hold that do not allow us to expand past that limit or barrier since it acts as a wall.

Limits or barriers of themselves are neither good nor bad. We may choose the set of boundaries on a situation so we can learn a particular set of lessons or a particular type and kind of experience. In fact, when we incarnate we choose a particular set of boundaries for this life. However, if they are placed and held out of fear, then they do nothing but obstruct our growth. We cam attempt to around them by hitting them directly and fighting them or we can tunnel. Since our wave nature extend to infinity, we really have no limits and barriers, they are an illusion.

But in the wave nature, the particle’s energy extends outside the barrier to infinity. Now the bigger the barrier, the less energy that is out beyond the barrier, but there is energy, none-the-less. By a proper focus of our attention, we can focus on the reality of being on the other side of the barrier, for it is a reality and already exists in our wave nature. As we continues to hold that thought over a very long period of time or with great intensity, more and more energy is directed outside the barrier and eventually a majority of one’s energy can "tunnel" through the barrier.

Do you remember how the Blob or Slime creatures in the science fiction comic books and movies ooze under things? Well, our energy is sort of the same way. It can sort of ooze under things if we focus our intention to do so. By changing our intention and focus to concentrate our energy on the outside of the barrier, and given some time, we eventually are on the other side. Essentially we have tunneled through. If fear was the barrier we find that we tunnel through the other side of the fear and the fear is gone. In many ways it is conceptually like the way we outgrow fears as a child. All our understanding and beliefs are on one side of the problem. As we become a little more educated, a little older, and a little more experienced, we find that we somehow outgrew the problem without understanding how. Tunneling works in a conceptually similar fashion. By focusing on being on the other side of the problem, we are on the other side of the problem or fear and we don't quite understand how we did it.

Tunneling through the barrier does not mean we will instantaneously manifest what we desire. Rather we access the understanding as to how to create it. We then need to create the seed condition and create the fertile space within our mind such that we can act on it in the world to grow and unfold our creation.

The barrier we need to overcome is determined by what we desire to create, the beliefs we carry about what we desire, and the environment in which we find ourselves. The probability of us tunneling through a barrier, for example tunnel out from behind a fear depends on several things.

First, how thick is the barrier. The thicker we see the barrier, the harder it is to tunnel. By thickness, we mean how strongly we believe the barrier or fear is impenetrable. If we hold to impossibilities, it will be impossible, for we will see what we believe. We are or will manifest what we think about or believe. If we hold that there is always a way, then we will penetrate the barrier and overcome the difficulty. Sometimes when the barrier disappears or is overcome. At times, we believe we did something to cause it to happen, at other times it happens as though the barrier just disappears.

The second thing is the environment. What is not understood is that in one environment we cannot tunnel through the barriers for the energy required is still too great. However, often we can change the environment which lowers the energy required to tunnel through the barrier. This is why we should not give up even when something appears impossible. It is often possible to find an environment where the impossible becomes probably. Of course, we will encounter difficulty if we cannot move from the starting environment to one that is more suitable for where we desire to experience what we desire to create.

For example, it is very difficult to gain sufficient understand about healing living in the every day world. However, if we change our environment and go to a medical school, then it becomes possible to learn what is necessary. So too many of our creative endeavors. If we change our environment first, it is easier to create what we desire. It still takes time and energy but it is less than what we would have expended in our starting environment.

A third item that influences tunneling is how remote is the solution we seek. It is really a corollary to seeing the barrier as impenetrable. Our energy wave extends to infinity but the closer we are to what we seek, the easier it is to penetrate our barrier. If we see only one solution that is extremely remote, we don’t have much energy already out there in "solution land." However, if we can see multiple solutions and various options, there is a lot of energy already out there in the land of the solution. It is only a matter of focusing more attention on the solution.

We do have the choice of establishing the boundary conditions on how impenetrable our fear or obstacle is. If we consider it impossible, it will be impossible. If we consider it penetrable but difficult, with little option, it will be penetrable but difficult, with little option. If however we consider it to be relatively undefined and we believe that as we focus on the other side of the barrier we will see innumerable solutions and can therefore be used to quickly penetrate the barrier, we will see innumerable solutions. Believing is seeing. We are the one who frames both the problem and the solution, and we can always tunnel through any obstacle. The obstacles are not infinite, we are infinite. We can be on the other side of the obstacle if we intend ourselves to be so located.

In many ways, tunneling can be seen as the basic process we use to create our experiences. When we focus our attention and awareness to create an experience, for example the physical experience we are now experiencing we localize our energy. We do this by creating a set of boundaries and barriers through the beliefs that we have and these boundaries and barriers confine our energy to create the experience. The process is very analogous to the way music is made by varying the vibration of air in a tube or the vibration on a length of string.

Normally we do not remove the boundaries or barriers because they are creating the experience we desire. If we wish to stay in our experience, such as the physical experience, but desire to experience some other aspect of Creation or create a new creation outside our existing creation, we will have to "tunnel" our way through the barrier or boundary and place our energy in a new location through the focus of our attention and awareness to have that new experience. In the process we will be splitting our energy between our original location and also in the new experience. By keeping our energy in the original location, we can return to that original experience. If we took all of our energy out of that original experience, we would not return and if the original experience was a physical experience, our body would die. If we localized in the new experience but kept some of our energy in the original experience such as the physical experience, our body would remain in a comatose state. In this regard, to tunnel to some new experience and splitting our energy, it is important to always hold the intention to return to our original state.

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