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 Conservation of energy consciousness


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The conservation of energy consciousness is a direct corollary to the equivalency of energy and consciousness. Since energy and consciousness are the same, what holds for energy holds consciousness. Within the concept of the conservation of energy consciousness, neither will be created or destroyed. The question as to whether or not an infinitely creative being can create more energy and/or consciousness is discussed in the topic, "As an infinitely creative being can we create more energy?" Since we currently are experiencing a creation within Physical Creation as a shared creation, the recommendation is to accept the conservation of energy consciousness and understand how it impacts our creativity.

In the same way the energy is fixed within an existing creation, so too consciousness. We donít create more energy or consciousness. Rather, we need to transform the existing form. We can convert either from an fixed form into a more useable form so that it appears we are creating energy or consciousness. But all we do is transform an existing form. On this point, we do not create something from nothing. Rather we transform an existing form, include that which exists as potential that appears to be nothing into what we desire.

On this point, "no-thing-ness" can be seen a just another form the energy and consciousness. That is, formless energy consciousness. As energy, we think about the unmanifested or non localized energy without form. For consciousness we see an awaken awareness without any identification as to an identity of any kind whatsoever. This consciousness without identity can be awake, asleep or dormant. Here is an interesting distinction between sleep and dormant. When consciousness is asleep it can awaken on its own or quite naturally much like when we go to sleep at night and awaken in the morning. Dormant is a condition where the consciousness will not awaken until conditions are correct. Dormancy is much like the a plant goes dormant in winter and does not awaken until spring.

One should not be surprised at this corollary if one remembers the definitions of energy and consciousness. Energy is defined as the ability to do work (a force acting through a distance) or the capacity to produce an effect. Consciousness is defined as the ability to make something happen. They are not normally seen as the same because we tend to experience consciousness within our being and as something which lies within any, what we define as, living entity. We tend to see energy as residing in the nonliving aspects of Creation and animating creation. Yet it is the energy within our being, our life energy, which animates our life and allows us to be alive.

There are two profound implications from the conservation of energy consciousness that parallels the implication of energy. They are that consciousness, as energy, can neither being created or destroyed, only transformed. The other is that the consciousness, as energy, within an existing creation is fixed. To create something new we need to change or transform our consciousness. That is, we need to change what we think and believe in some way. This required transformation leads to the required sacrifice for any creative endeavor in the creative process.

Within an existing creation/Creation, energy and consciousness are held within a fixed arrangement to give rise to that creation/Creation. Within the creation/Creation energy is conserved and consciousness is conserved. The two remain within a give balance and arrangement. Otherwise the creation/creation will change and become different. The energy can be transformed from one form to another and the consciousness can be transformed from one form to another but the total energy and consciousness is fixed within a given creation.

Within the view that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed and consciousness and energy can be seen as equivalent forms of the same thing, any creative endeavor can be viewed as an energy and/or consciousness transformation. The entire creation process is seen as an energy balance and transformation, whole or in part, of an existing internal and external form and/or expression of energy into what is desired. Since consciousness is seen as energy, this means that oneís existing belief structure will also need to be transformed to support what we desire to create. There will always be a corresponding inner and outer piece. To create something new, we will have to think and believe differently than we have in the past. Additionally, since energy and consciousness can only be transformed, something internally and externally will need to be sacrificed to manifest the new creation. Exactly what will need to be sacrificed is not always clear to mind or can be anticipated. However, our intuitive guidance can provide guidance on these aspects. In any case, some inner and outer portion of our life will need to be given up to create the new life we desire.

Just a energy can exist as energy in motion, stored energy and energy converted to mass, consciousness can exist as an aware and awake consciousness, unaware but awake or unaware and asleep in the form of the nonconscious or dormant. Consciousness and energy are just different forms of the same material of creation/Creation experienced differently. We can transform our view to experience an expansive infinite seen and unseen Creation or we can experience an infinite consciousness that can experience any one aspect of Creation in an infinite number of ways. The only bounds placed on what we experience is determined by what we ourselves place on our experience of either energy or consciousness. We place those bounds by our perspective which in turn is determined by what we think and believe and the level of consciousness which we allow ourselves to awaken.

Energy flows where consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. As energy flows, consciousness changes its focus to awaken or go to sleep. Consciousness is a creative living process continually redefining itself every moment and energy is reforming itself to provide an experience of what consciousness believes. The experience consciousness has in the moment is either as an awakening and expanding consciousness as to who and what it perceives itself to be, or it is holding fix in its identity and the experience only reinforcing the identity it has of itself. In this case consciousness is beginning to go to sleep.

Consciousness expands or contracts itself by redefining itself by refocusing itself. In doing so, energy flows into that new focus of that awareness and attention and something somewhere else is sacrificed to feed that flow of energy whether it be something within the existing creation or the creation itself.

The amount of energy in a creation is fixed by how awake and aware the consciousness is of itself. The actual form of the creation is determined by how consciousness observes. There are an infinite number of ways to observe any give manifestation of energy. The greater the depth and breath of oneís awareness of their own being, the greater the energy that manifests in the creation one experiences and the greater the depth and breath of the creation experienced.

To change a creation or how one observes their creation without changing the level of oneís awareness, some existing aspect of the existing creation must be transformed into the new creation. This is what we experiences in the normal way we live life Our awareness does not change. The form of the creation changes in the relationship of our conscious and nonconscious mind to allow us to continually seen a changing external world.

If one changes their awareness they will change their entire creation and although it may look the same, it will function and be experienced quite differently. This is what enlightenment or expanded awareness is about. Creation appears unchanged but it is experience as a totally new Creation. The bottom line is how one chooses to change how they observe the creation they experience determines how another creation of the same form and type forms but is it is different.

Until one learns how to transform an existing creation by how they consciously observe creation, they will not understand and be able to use the energy that comes with a deeper or rather more expansive level of awareness. Most do increase their awareness as part of the natural process of unfoldment of their consciousness but they try and live in the world they had prior to their new level of awareness because of habits, likes, dislikes and other such attachments. Hence to access our own creative power, we need to learn how to transform the energy within our existing level of awareness by how we are choosing to consciously observe the creation we experience. As we learn to change creation by our power of conscious observation, it become relatively a simple matter to expand our awareness in any direction we wish.

The energy in any creation, such as Physical Creation, is fixed and we must work within the fixed creation in which we find ourselves if we desire to experience that creation. If we are in physical creation to have a physical experience then we must learn to work within the fixed energy of physical creation. Other wise we will be negating our own reason for being here. What we can come to see is as a human, we stand between two creations. One is the physical plane and the body we inhabit and the other is our individual consciousness and the experiences we have while in the body.

The energy of the physical plane is fixed by the consciousness that is observing the physical plane, that is its creator/Creator which is call "Om" in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. Which, by the way, is not necessarily our individual creator/Creator. Our energy and the Physical Creation we experience is fixed by how we are choosing to observe both ourselves and the physical plane and the level of awareness of each. It is entirely possible for us to expand our level of awareness to that of the consciousness creating the physical plane. In doing so, we will see the full depth and breath of physical Creation for what it is without our filters and biases.

However, we can independently explore the depth and breath of our own consciousness that is just as expansive as that of the Creator of the physical plane. However, the energy we access in establishing the depth and breath of our awareness as an individual point of consciousness will not necessarily be readily transferable to the physical plane unless we align with, and understand, the matching facets of our awareness and the awareness of Physical Creation. Alternative said, unless we can be happy with what is, as it is because we understand why it is the way it is, we will not understand how to use our awareness in the physical plane to effectively change what we physically experience. Actually we align our awareness with the awareness of the physical plane all that time to some degree. But we never realize exactly what we are doing. This is why some ways of understanding create more powerful results in the physical world than others.

The bottom line to all of this is that we will not "get" more energy and we cannot get rid of what we have unless we learn to transform what we already have - both energy and consciousness. We either need to transform our energy within the creation we are experiencing or we transform our consciousness causing a different creation to manifest. In trying to transform either it needs to be remember there is a simultaneous inner and outer transformation. We need to remember how the environment and the unfoldment of a creation are related much like the annihilation of component parts that we see analogous to the pair annihilation phenomenon It does need to be noted and emphasized here that "a different creation to manifest" does not mean a completely new world. We are talking about a world that may be physical seemingly completely the same as before yet totally different in how we see and experience that creation.

We cannot, and will not, get something from nothing. From nothing we get consciousness in the form of awareness and energy. That is all that one really has. Unless we change our level of awareness the energy available to us is fixed. We can either transform our energy within a given creation or we can transform the consciousness, that is, in the way we are observing. Unless we change our awareness we cannot transcend the world in which we find ourselves. The choice is ours and always was and will be ours.

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