A Different Application of Einstein’s Assumptions


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A Different Application of Einstein’s Assumptions
Einstein’s four insights
No absolute reference frame
Individuated points of consciousness
Creative Relativity - same creative laws for any consciousness
Localized consciousness

In the topic “A Contribution of Albert Einstein to Physics and Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity” four insights which helped to revolutionize Nineteen Century Physics are discussed. These four insight by Einstein have profound implications within the energy consciousness model for how we create our experience. This topic discussed those applications to creativity.

What is important to realize is that with the understanding provided by energy consciousness, because energy and consciousness are seen as one and the same and only perceived differently, these four insights are directly translated into consciousness. As applied to consciousness, their implications have significantly impacts our creativity and what creative power and creativity ability is available to us.

Einstein’s four insights (Top)

The four insights are as follows:

  • There is no absolute motion and no universal or absolute reference frame. Each photon, each packet of energy, is independent of another.

  • A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy.

  • The laws of physics are the same in any reference frame such that any two of these independent packets of energy will obey the same laws of physics since each could be considered an independent frame of reference.

  • Mass is one form of energy and can be converted to the another under the proper conditions.

No absolute reference frame (Top)

The first insight, “There is no absolute motion and no universal or absolute reference frame - Each photon, each packet of energy, is independent of another” leads to two understandings. One is there is no absolute “truth” or rather no universal/absolute reference for truth. This does not mean there are no absolute truths. Rather it means there is no absolute truth such that one can refer to a particular point of consciousness or energy as THE correct representation of truth. For example, as far as we know, it is probably an absolute truth that two masses will attract each other with a gravitational attraction for each other. However, there is no reference frame that one can point to as the exclusive holder or reference for that truth. The truth is independent of the reference frame of observation of the truth. Additionally, if two independent reference frames do not agree as to what is the truth on a particular item, either one or both are wrong. The question is,”Which one is wrong and/or how do you know both are not wrong?” Although the truth is everywhere not exclusive to none, it is not always seen for what it is.

The second is that to say each packet of energy is independent of any other which means in the equivalence of energy consciousness each point of consciousness is independent of each other. Each point of energy or point of consciousness, however expansive or narrow it perceives itself or is seen to be, is independent of any other. Each is, in essence, a universe or realm of Creation unto itself. The only absolute “truth” if there is one within of the relationship of energy and consciousness would be reality molds itself to whatever consciousness believes for if this is true, there are reference frames or ways of viewing where even the laws of physics appear different. A simple example is that between the realm of quantum mechanics at the atomic level of matter and the macroscopic level of matter where classical physics applies.

This is the equivalent to the mystical statement that the center of the Universe is at each and every point and no one point or view is in any way more or less sacred or special than any other. Within the creativity perspective and Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material this principles is reflected in a variety of ways. One is that we will perceive reality to be whatever we believe it to be. Alternatively said, reality will mold itself to give you an experience of whatever you believe. This leads directly to a second that each individual needs to hold their creativity sacred for it is their creative power and creative ability which is causing them to have the experience they have.

In the application of this first insight to the laws of physics it is stated that there is only relative motion. There is no absolute motion and there is only relative motion of one object in relationship to another object. Further, it is impossible to detect the motion of one system relative to the motion of another system by performing some physical measurement in each system and then comparing the results expecting to see a difference representative of that relative motion. From the perspective of the science of physics, a ball rolling across a table at rest will look the same as a ball at rest and the table is moving at a constant velocity. Since the ball is round we assume it is always the one moving. The observation of only the motion of the ball relative to the table tells us nothing about the velocity or direction of the table. We can only make a statement about the movement of the table relative to some other object.

The same is true for consciousness. We can make no statement about the motion and direction of a consciousness (that is another individual) by observing what they do. We can only make a caparison based on some reference or a standard of comparison. Our choice of reference is arbitrary for there are no absolutes. Said another way, we cannot judge in any absolute way whether another consciousness is creating a heaven or hell for themselves. Nor can we say a person created their hell as opposed to entering hell for what they try to create with or for another. We can only make such a comparison against some standard that we are using.

Since each consciousness is an independent reality, what is heaven for us may be hell for them and what is heaven for them may be hell for us. This truth is mirrored in the traditional dictum to not judge another individual unless you have first walked a mile in their shoes. This also means we cannot judge against any standard that we choose for our judgement may not be applicable to their consciousness. Unless an individual subscribes to the same standard and beliefs that we do, our judgement and comparison make no sense to them and we will be unable to communicate our concern. They will have no way to understand unless we bring their awareness to the same awareness that we have. If we move to their awareness, we will find ourselves giving up our awareness and what we understand for if they had our understanding we would not be looking to give it to them.

There are several other aspects to this understanding. One is that each point of consciousness will define and discover itself independent of every other based on how and what it experiences. Additionally, however a point of consciousness defines itself, it will be unique and like no other. If we feel alone in our uniqueness such that we hear differently, see differently, think differently and feel as though no one really understands us, we are correct. We are alone, and that is why some esoteric traditions say that God was lonely so He/She created the world to have someone with whom to share creation. Additionally, because each point of consciousness will create a unique reality, whatever intentions we carry can readily grow and manifest in our consciousness in away that may not be the same as another’s for each is unique. So although we hold the same intention as another, they will most probably manifest in uniquely different ways.

Individuated points of consciousness (Top)

The second insight, “A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy” leads to the understanding each point of consciousness that is capable of observing creation is independent of every other yet somehow interconnected. This means that each point of consciousness, no matter how big or small it perceives itself to be or is seen to be, is an entity. Its consciousness and subsequent awareness as an entity thins out to zero at an infinite distance away from its perceived center or source of its being.

Each conscious (e.g., for example you or I, or any point of consciousness) is also energy and our consciousness or energy, whichever word you prefer, extends to infinity and permeates all of reality. Everything in the universe permeates us and we permeate everything in the universe. Everything is interconnected and any one aspect of Creation is capable of communicating with any other. Simply by consciously properly focusing it attention and awareness any point of consciousness can access any other aspect of consciousness or it’s manifestation in the universe. This is the basis of all types and kinds of abilities that are perceived of as “psychic, ” mystical, or an interaction with unseen realms.

This helps to explain how intuitive guidance works. It is simply a matter of learning how to focus and localizes our attention and awareness into whatever aspect of Creation we wish to explore. Within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material this principle is stated as the existence of individuated points of consciousness. This principle coupled with the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective give rise to concept that we each are unique infinite individuated points of consciousness or, alternatively said, individuated points of consciousness with an infinite consciousness, or infinite creative beings.

Although it may not be obvious, this principles implies that the reality we see and experience is a composite sum of how all the individual points of consciousness are thinking and intending. This phenomenon is further discussed in the topics “Pool of Multiple Forms” and “Music analogy for creation/Creation.” If one point of consciousness changes the way it thinks and/or what it intends, then all of reality correspondingly shifts in some way. The shift may be small and may not be notices, but nonetheless exists and is real. It is like taking one instrument out of a symphony. The music of that symphony changes although the change in the sound may be small or seemingly unnoticeable. Hence we create the reality we experience individually and collectively by how and what we think consciously and nonconsciouslyindividually and collectively, and how much energy we individually and collectively put into the thoughts we have, hold and/or act upon.

Creative Relativity - the same creative laws for any consciousness (Top)

The third insight, “The laws of physics are the same in any reference frame such that any two of these independent packets of energy will obey the same laws of physics since each could be considered an independent frame of reference,” means that the laws of creation, all of them whether they seem to give rise to physical creation or one of an infinite number of unseen realms, are the same. Additionally any law of creation are experienced within or without by any consciousness are the same. This is because each consciousness is an independent reality or reference frame. This give rise to the understanding each of us, as is each point in Creation, are using the same creation principles to create our experiences. What applies inside are the same principles that apply outside. Only the perspective and their uses is different. Within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material this principle is called Creative Relativity and lies at the foundation of the approach when working with any given individual or situation.

The first implication is that each consciousness is a point of observation and, as such, a point of reference. Therefore, each consciousness will obey the same laws of physics and, because energy and consciousness are one and the same, they will obey the same rules of consciousness. You, and how you create, is identical in every way to the way the Creator of Creation creates. Exactly how each of us apply the rules for creation is unique to our consciousness based on how each of us have come to define ourselves. The only question is, “Have we uncovered all the laws of energy that exist and their corresponding counterpart laws of consciousness that govern how we create or are there more to discover?” We may find it is a never ending journey for Creation is infinitely vast and as vast as our creative imagination and whatever we can conceive.

The fact that each consciousness is an independent consciousness but the same rule of energy, consciousness and creation applies to each, reinforces the Bohr approach. Bohr looked to the nature of Nature for understanding about how atoms worked.. Bohr knew any theory which involved Nature, such as the physics of the Atom, had to correspond to Nature. If we realize that Physical Creation and earth represents a consciousness manifesting a creation, we can look to the way creation works in Physical Creation for an understanding of how we create with and within our own independent consciousness. Although it may not teach us all there is to know about how to create, Physical Creation is a creation much bigger than any creation any one human appears to have created. From this perspective, earth can be seen as a more evolved and a mature consciousness than the consciousness of any one human, or collections of humans. Of course, this is a subjective statement than may not be totally true. Nevertheless, in this regard, earth can be seen as our teacher on the subject of creating and the nature of Creation if we are willing to look to it to see what it tells us about how to create.

Localized consciousness (Top)

The fourth insight, “Mass is one form of energy and can be converted to the another under the proper conditions,” has several implications to our creativity.

The first implications of this fourth insight is is that consciousness, as its equivalent energy, can be experienced as localized into a particle that is analogous to mass. Or, consciousness can be experienced free and unbounded as the wave. It is this single phenomenon of consciousness that appears to have given rise to the concept of the existence of a physical realm and an spiritual realm to Creation characteristic of many, if not most spiritual and religious traditions. However, in reality, whether the energy and/or consciousness if fixed like mass or free and unbounded like an electromagnetic wave, each is nevertheless energy. So too the concepts of spiritual and physical. Each is still consciousness, just expressed in a different way.

Within the creativity perspective and Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material this gives rise to the concept that aspects of our consciousness are solidified into a form much the mass can be considered a solidified fixed and frozen energy to give rise to the creation experience or experience of creation/Creation. In the same way it takes special conditions to convert mass into energy, special condition are needed to free that consciousness that has solidified into a mass like form. This is why it is often so hard to change what we experience in life. We have to create the proper conditions to transform our existing “fixed” or “frozen” consciousness into a new form. It needs to be taken from its current fixed form give rise to our current creation/Creation, dissolved into a “no-thing-ness” or “no-form,” to be recast into the desired new creation/Creation.

We can convert one form to the other under the proper conditions. This insight is the essence of the transformation process of consciousness whether experienced as the creative/creation process, the Phoenix experience or any other name we give to the process of where we transform our consciousness. Having a free will, we are free to dissolve an existing form or creation back into its components as non localized energy consciousness, that proverbial place of “no-thing-ness” and mold it into whatever form or create we desire. The only question is how do we do that for what we desire to create when so much of our energy is localized in a physical body and our current experiences. .

The second implication of the this fourth insight in the equivalency of energy and consciousness is that all mass in whatever form has a consciousness. Whether that consciousness is conscious, operating in a subconscious fashion or dormant, it doesn’t really matter. It is still consciousness. Additionally, each point of consciousness is capable of holding an intention and when conditions are correct, that intention can, and will, manifest. Whether you or I recognize any mass as conscious is another matter and it doesn’t matter if we do or don’t. Because of the way humans perceive consciousness we have defined what is conscious based on that view. We look only to those things we recognize as having “life” as possibly being conscious. Additionally, we seen only those life forms with whom we can communicate in some way as conscious.

There are many implications to this principle that mass is form of consciousness. For example another is that the earth, as a identifiable mass, is a consciousness and has awareness.. So too our bodies. Our bodies have an awareness unique to its self which is the basis of our body wisdom, the wisdom inherent within our body.

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