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In looking at energy and consciousness as different forms of the same material of Creation and how energy consciousness molds itself into the experiences we have, the hologram, or maybe better said the holographic process, provides and interesting way to understand a variety of phenomena and experiences we have in Creation. Alternative said, energy consciousness is holographic or has a holographic aspect or property.

The holographic process is phenomenon where by a coherent beam of light of a particular wavelength is split creating a reference beam and a second beam, often called the object beam, directed at on object. Both beams are directed to a particular type of recording medium to create an interference pattern and the hologram. What is interesting is if the same wavelength of light is directed onto the interference pattern on the recording medium an image of the originally illuminated object will appear revealing its three dimensional aspects as we move and rotate the medium containing the interference pattern. The hologram is the illuminated interference pattern revealing the object. The object looks real as if it is existing within or behind the recording medium. Additional discussion on who the hologram is made is discussed in the topic, "The phenomenon of the hologram and the holographic process."

What is most interesting about the hologram is that if the medium or material used to create the hologram is cut into small piece each piece contains the whole. However, the image created by the piece is fuzzy or less distinct than the original image. The smaller the piece the more fuzzy the image. The larger the piece, the more the image look like the original. When the full uncut medium is used the image provided is in it greatest details. The reason for this is what is on the recording medium is an interference pattern created by illuminating the object and not a picture as with a photograph.

Relative to energy consciousness and how it is described to molds itself into Creation there are several aspects in this molding process that give rise to seeing energy consciousness has holographic properties. To understanding the holographic aspects of energy consciousness, it needs to be understood, the focus is from the view or perspective of the awareness which gives rise to consciousness observing the energy manifesting and there is the need to come to understand if not experience being a detached witness. It is this ability that allows our awareness to stand apart from the creation/Creation it experiences to observe the creation/Creation much as we would watch a movie that allows us to see the holographic properties of energy consciousness.

This means that each piece or fragment of energy consciousness contains an awareness of all that is. It is just that the smaller the piece, the more fuzzy or unclear the picture. When consciousness awakens it only remembers, recalls or focuses on the clarity of the small fragment of all that it knows. As a consciousness expands its awareness, the size of the fragment of all that is increase and greater and greater clarity is obtained.

Aspects of the holographic process in energy consciousness

Each piece contains the whole: In the hologram, each piece contains the whole. If we look at the concept within the "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," the consciousness within, or behind, Creation gives rise to the understanding that to experience Creation the consciousness must somehow forget how it creates what it experience and loses itself in the experience of Creation. Otherwise it will not have the experience. For example, to experience being lost, one must have no hope or idea of ever finding their way home. Otherwise, it will not experience being lost. Hence the consciousness which creates the experience it desires must somehow become lost in the experience. The way the consciousness within or behind Creation loses itself and becomes lost is to fragment itself into individualized and independent points of consciousness.

But, it needs to be clearly understood that each pieces of awareness is a piece of the whole not separated from the whole. It is only an illusion that it is separate. In expanding or awakening its awareness, any individualized point of consciousness can expand itself to see the whole. This expansion into the awareness of the whole is the concept which lies in the traditional concept of enlightenment.

Here the hologram is different than energy consciousness. When the hologram is cut apart, each piece needs to be assembled back into the whole to see the hole picture. However, with energy consciousness, each piece has never become separated from the whole. It only lives in the illusion of being separate. But taking an inner journey and facing the fear of making the nonconscious conscious we can access the whole, or from a creativity perspective, any part of the whole.

The issue we face as an individualized point of consciousness is that whole cannot be clearly seen unless the point of consciousness has awakened to the awareness of the whole within its being or to a sizable portion of its being. When one is enlightened to the truth of what is they have some awareness as to the fact within them is the whole of the Universe. Paradoxical but nevertheless true.

But to experience this awareness in one way or another is to experience the infinity of our being, experience the Source of Creation, or experience the Ultimate Accident. However, our problem is that the current mind is finite trying to comprehend the infinite and only has a limited set of experience to comprehend what it experiences.

To have the experience of whole is not something that is achieved by being in mind but out of mind and to access the awareness which lies in feeling as a detached witness. As a detached witness the awareness claims no identity or has no identification with what it experiences. In this state of no identification it can explore the depth and breadth of what it feels and from where it comes and where it goes. In that exploration one can access the Source. But it something that will only be recognizable in feeling. But, most importantly, we all have been there. It is the state of being as a very young child before it mind steps it and judges what it experiences. Hence the proverbial story of the "fall from grace" and being banished from the Garden of Eden by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is our mind which keeps us from experiencing and knowing the whole and the key is to get out of mind into the awareness which lies in feeling as a detached witness - obviously easier said that do for so few have done it.

One approach is to explore our life to see where we have given a way our creative power and call back our creative power from where we have given it away or robbed ourselves as a result of what we have come to think and believe. As we regain and expand our awareness is like assembling the pieces of a jig saw puzzle for which we do not know the image of the puzzle. When ever we create that "critical mass" of pieces, we obtain the clarity of what the whole image of the puzzle reveals. So too with our creative power. We need to reestablish our identity as the creator. We scattered and fragmented our creative power in the pieces through out the creation we have experienced. In doing so we forget that we are the creator. As we call back our creative power we can assemble that critical mass of enlightenment to the truth of what is about ourselves and the nature of Creation discussed here.

The hologram is an illusion: The hologram or the object we see when light is projected onto the holographic interference pattern is an illusion. It is not real but has all the characteristics as seemingly real when viewed by our eyes. It has a three dimensional quality with details depending on the fraction of the holographic medium we use. The reality is light is only recreating an image of the object which formed the hologram.

A similar situation exists in our experience of Creation. Mystics have said that we live in an illusion of mind. What we experience in Creation is not real. But what exactly do they mean? Creation is very real when someone hits us or we hit some immoveable object. What needs to be understood is that Creation is real for it is the energy of energy consciousness manifested as directed by the consciousness experiencing Creation. The illusion is that we are not responsible or we are not the creator of the Creation we experience. The truth of reality is that as discussed and attempted to show in the various topis referenced in the topic "Energy consciousness molds itself," and the topic, "A holographic blueprint for physical Creation" we are the creator of the experiences we have and the creator of the reality we experience. It is just that we are participating in a shared creation where we have give up some of our creative power by agreeing to play by the rules of Physical Creation to have the physical experience of being a human being.

Of course, you may find it necessary to do your own experiments and take the inner journey and explore the mind to deal with the fear of the fear of making aspects of the nonconscious mind conscious to verify the truth of what is stated here.

A split beam: The most intriguing aspect of the holographic process is that it arise from a single beam becoming split and the need for that same type and kind of light to reveal the image created. This is why holograms only became possible when coherent light beams become available to study and understand the process. Within this requirement to create a split beam, are two things. One is the ability of our awareness to become the detached witness to separate itself from the energy of the experience to observe the creation/Creation. The second is that the beam of light used to reveal the hologram must be of the same type and kind as the original beam used to create it.

In the holographic process an original beam of light is split into a reference beam (unchanged beam of light) and a beam of light scattered off an image (the original light modified). The two are brought back together to create the interference pattern on the holographic medium and the original unmodified beam is used to see the image. Analogously energy consciousness is split into the consciousness reflected in awareness and energy reflected in the flow of energy into a form. But to experience the creation the awareness needs to see itself as separate from the creation. That is the awareness is the reference beam seeing itself separate and apart from the medium on which it shines. But it is only in shining on what it created does one experience the creation. Although the awareness see itself separate from the creation it is what is giving rise to the creation.

The second aspect of this split beam is that the light that is used to see the hologram must be of the same type and kind used to create it. As discussed in the topic, "A holographic blueprint for physical Creation," the object that is used to scatter the reflected beam is our belief structure and how and what we think and believe. As such, the awareness which reveals the equivalent of the holographic image must be of the same type and kind which created it. Since our awareness is unique, no one will experience Creation as we do. We create a shared creation but we use our own unique belief structure and perception to create it. Hence no one sees through our eyes to see what we see. Our mind stands in the way. So to see creation through the eyes of another, our awareness must get past our filter and the filter used by the other to see as they do. However, if they and we both move past our filters to the truth of reality, we can see the same thing. Hence many of the deepest mystical texts of all the world spiritual teachings come up with the same result as to the nature of Creation and how Creation works.

We need to realize that any mind can only experience that to which it has awakened. It will not perceive that to which it has not awakened. Alternatively said, unless we are aware and awake to what we experience in some way, we will not experience it. For example, humanity lived for centuries without the awareness of unseen electromagnetic radiation. Yet the radiation was always present. Only when humanity become aware and awake to its existence could they being to understand it. It is incumbent upon each of us to become aware and aware as to the truth of what is and push past the limits and barriers of our mind. Otherwise we will always live within our mind and trapped in the creation of our past experiences and understandings.

An inherent duality: This split beam requirement, that is, awareness seemingly separate from the from of energy creates an inherent perceived duality within Creation. That is we see ourselves separate from the creation we experience when, in reality, we and the creation we experience are one. How we focus our attention and awareness determines how our energy flows to create the experience we have. What we experience is just our awareness experiencing what it created by its focus. On this point we keep looking externally for what we must do internally. We do not realize our inner world is reflected in the outer. The topic, "A holographic blueprint for physical Creation," provides some additional discussion on this topic.

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