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 Flow and need to be open to feeling


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There are a variety of reason one can give as to the need to be open to feeling relative to one’s creativity and creative actions. However, they all arise from the fact that nothing can be experienced without a flow of energy. With no flow of energy there is no movement and no Creation to experience. When the energy becomes fixed or frozen in any form whether it be in a physical form or nonphysical form (which has traditionally been called a spirit) the energy becomes bound and movement is reduced and there is the loss of freedom. The key to manifesting any creation is to discern the flow of energy giving rise to the desired creation and then surrender and flow with that energy. The goal in creation is to long for what we desire with all the passion we can muster but yet become like the wind, coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments. To do so we need to learn to dance between the two views of creation and the dance between the mind and the heart.

In knowing our creative life energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness and energy follows the path of least resistance, we can use the awareness of the flow of energy in a variety of ways if we are open to what we feel and can discern and discriminate what we feel. For example, we can set an intention, discern the flow of energy created by that intention and look to the flow to guide us through our internal compass to create what we desire along the path of least resistance which will be the easiest and often the fastest. Or, we can know the experience we have is the result of a flow of energy created by an intention we hold at some level of our being. We can pull the string to see what exactly is generating it or caused it to arise. In this manner one can surface many nonconsciously held intentions. Or, we can look to a particular flow of energy we feel and discern the direction it is taking us in our life. We can discern whether or not the direction it is taking us serves and does not serve our creative spirit and its creative needs. Or we can use what we feel as the awareness which lies in feeling and the awareness in the body to gain information about the situation we face. In any case, the interconnection of the intention we hold and the ability to feel and discern the flow of energy generated from that intention can be very helpful in creating or discreating any experience.

In terms of feeling the flow of energy within our being, we need to understands the body functions much like an antenna and a radio receiver where the mind is tuned to what we feel. As an antenna and radio need to be connected, plugged in, properly calibrated and properly tuned so does the body and what we think and believe.

The body is receiving or perceiving energy all the time. Seeing, hearing, smelling and the like are just some of the variety of ways our body senses energy of which we are consciously aware and perceive what we are experiencing. We do sense energies that we are not consciously aware but they still generate impressions. We can even begin to recognize "alien thoughts" if we are mindful and aware. That is, we can recognize thoughts which we know are not ours and that have arises form some of the energy that we sense external to us. We may even know from where the energy behind those "alien thoughts" comes.

However, we must learn to discern what we feel and learn to distinguish the feelings that accompany the freedom or free expression of our creative spirit, the flow that accompanies any intention that is set and held, and/or the feelings that arise from outside energies. Most will have to change their perspective and calibrate their internal compass and become intimate with their body to be able to discern the feelings that accompany the flows of these different energies. When we do so, we access a very powerful creative tool.

It is important to understand that the creative/creation process is something that needs to be experienced to be truly understood. An intellectual knowing does not do justice to understanding how to use the creative process. We must become creative, step into the unknown and experience the process. We have to be willing to consciously create and need to be aware and awake of the process as we travel through the process to see what the process really is. There is a great difference between the mental understanding which can be learned by reading or in the classroom and the experiential or laboratory portion of the creative/creation process We are always creating subconsciously and unconsciously. The human being is creativity machine that cannot not create. However, the conscious experience of the process, seeing the limitations of mind in a truly creative endeavor and feeling the flow of energy in and during the process is not something that can be taught and/or mentally understood. It must be experienced in mindfulness and awareness.

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