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 How energy consciousness localizes in an existing creation


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Any creation/Creation is a result of the consciousness of an aspect of energy consciousness holding the desire to have some type and kind of experience for whatever reason it may have. It is the consciousness within the energy that chooses to take form within an existing creation. The role of consciousness in the creative process is to become the masculine aspect to thrust out in its attachment and desire to create an experience of that desire. In doing so it becomes the cause in the cause effect relationship. In response to the desire of consciousness, the corresponding energy assumes the feminine role and move to manifest the creation by giving it form and nurturing the desired experience.

Energy consciousness is what initially localizes and that localization subsequently results in the energy and the consciousness localizing or taking form. Energy consciousness localizes through attachment of consciousness and subsequent splitting of energy and consciousness into a pair not unlike which occurs in the pair production phenomenon.

How the inner reflects the outerEnergy doesn’t localize separate from consciousness and consciousness does not localize separate from the energy. We need to remember the inner is reflected in the outer The world we experience is our anti-particle. We create a consciousness or inner model and then reflect it outward in an expression of energy ad diagramed in the Figure entitled "How the inner reflects the outer." Within this image, we can see our conscious mind as being represented in that of which we are aware in life. Our subconscious mind can be seen giving rise to our body and our unconscious mind that backdrop of Physical Creation that we experience with our body. Our dormant consciousness is reflective of all that does not exist which our given world.

As in the pair production phenomenon certain conditions must be met such a the correct energy and occurring around a heavy nucleus. Analogously we need another to help us meet those conditions and to become the object of the focus of consciousness.

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