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 Understanding the Creator’s/creator’s personal interest in Creation/creation


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There are two aspects to understanding the creator's/Creator's personal interest in creation/Creation. Although the two are ultimately the same, they look very different as a result of the perspective we hold. One aspect is related to the hope an individual has that the Creator, who many see a God, has a personal interest in them as a Creation of this Creator. The second aspect is the relationship any creator/Creator has with their creation/Creation.

Relative to the desire the Creator, as seen as God, has a personal interest in the individual, many seek to believe in a God or Creator who has a person interest in their life and their welfare. They wish to believe God cares about them and how their personal life unfolds. If we look at the prayers which many offer, they are petitions much like the request we make of parents or those in authority to allows us to do something, or give us something as in fulfilling our desires and wishes. Many seek to give God a list of wants and desires and then have God fulfill those wants and desires as if we were ordering a meal at a restaurant. In actually, such a God/Creator does exists. However, it does not act the way the individual thinks it should act. To understand how this Creator addresses their personal interests, we need to look at the relationship of any creator/Creator and its/Its creation/Creation.

The personal interest of the creator/Creator can be understood by understanding what the topics, "Origins of Creation," and the "Observer observed pair and the nature of duality," are really saying about this issue. What needs to be understood is the creator/Creator becomes the creator/Creation. Alternatively said, the creator/Creator molds itself into the creation/Creation. We do not see this fact for we are the creator/Creator experience its/Its creation/Creator. As such, there is no greater personal involvement which is possible than the creator/Creator becoming its/Its creation/Creation. The issue which with we are faced is how do we deal with this fact when we do not feel the creator/Creator hears our petitions and requests.

What is not understood by many is the creator/Creator of the creation/Creator we experience permeates the creator/Creation. The creator/Creator is the creation/Creation. Whether we perceive ourselves to be a creator experiencing its creation in a larger Creator, or we see ourselves as the Creator experiencing its Creation, or we see ourselves as a creation created by a Creator within Its Creation does not matter. In all of these cases, the creator/Creator lies within us and are integrally connected to that creator/Creator. It hears and understands every wish we have. It experiences every joy and pain we have. The question we need to ask ourselves is, "What does the creator/Creator desire to experience such that I, its creation, am not happy with the experience of this creation/Creation for whatever reason we may have?"

As discussed in the "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," we are an aspect of the Creator manifesting Its desired Creation. The question we need to ask ourselves is what is it we are called to do and become to unfold the desires of the Creator. How we answer this question is unique to us, who and what we are and how we have defined ourselves based on the experiences we have had.

The recommendation made here is to not trouble ourselves as to how creation/Creation works or what the desires of the creator/Creator may be for our lives. We can do all of that if we wish. But they are simply exercises of our mind and should not distract us from what we should be doing. Rather, it is recommended we do those activities in life which allows us to experiences a fullness of being, a fullness of life, a passion for life and a passion for living. In doings so, we may need to do our own experiments to find out what those activities are and we may find we end up walking the left hand path relative to those in our life.

Here we need to understand that the desire of the creator/Creator is what brought us into life. It is in doing those activities in life for the time and place of our existence which gives us a fullness of being and fullness of life with a passion to live life and engage life are where we fulfill the desires of the creator/Creator. What our mind chooses to think and believe about the creator/Creator is irrelevant. What is important is do we do in life what gives us life for it is the desire of the creator/Creation which has given us life.

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