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Understanding how Creation creates
Pool of creation/Creation
The source/Source of creation/Creation
Using the pool of creation/Creation individually
Using the pool of creation/Creation collectively

The pool of creation/Creation is the simplest and most straight forward, yet extremely powerful, analogy to understand how we create our experiences consistent what the energy consciousness model and based on the understanding that energy and consciousness are one and the same.

Understanding how Creation creates (Top)

One of the perspectives we can take as to how we create our experiences and discussed under the topic of Creativity Physics is that our lives are analogous to the way music is made. A note that we hear is simply a disturbance in the air. The note of music is made by intentionally disturbing the air in a particular way. Depending on how the air is disturbed the note sounds different. By changing the disturbance we change the note. Since we cannot normally see the air that is disturbed that gives rise to the music we hear, physics teacher rely of water waves and how waves are made in a pool of water to demonstrate how music is made. Here one can actually see how waves are made by the disturbing the water. They can also see how waves superimpose to create patterns which reinforce or cancel the overall size of the waves.

In many ways we can look at our lives as a disturbance in the material of creation. That we, what a note of music is to air, we and the actions we create are to Creation. What that means is that any experience we have in Creation is just a ripple or disturbance in the material of Creation. Our mind and the choices we make are seen to disturb the material of Creation to cause us to have the experiences we desire.

The pool of creation/Creation is a way we can visualize Creation and our creative endeavors analogous to the superposition of vibrations. Pedagogically, we can visualize Creation and our creations much the way create ripples in a pool of water, the pool of creation. It is also the way music is made, the music of the spheres if you wish

Pool of creation/Creation (Top)

The pool of creation/Creation works much like a calm pool of water. Imagine a very large pool of water such that you cannot see its boundaries. The “stuff” or material of creation/Creation out of which everything forms is the water of the pool. The pool can be very calm and look as though it is a sheet of glass - not even a shimmer on the surface. When the pool is calm, this represents the “no-thing-ness” of creation/Creation out of which all forms. When a ripples exists in the pool, a creation comes into existence adding to Creation.

Ripples are created in a pool of water by an insertion of something into the pool or a pushing down on the water surface. Dropping a rock into the pool will cause a ripple. The ripple we create can be one time ripple as dropping a single rock or we can continuously generate a series of ripples by continuing to drop rocks one after another.

Each ripple can be seen as a creation and exists until the ripple move out toward the edges of the pool and the energy is fully dissipated. If we continually insert into the pool the ripple we create a continues series of ripples. Although one ripple moves out an dissipates, another moves out behind it and the ripple pattern remains - the creation persists. In this case the creation would exist as long as we continue to make an insertion into the pool of water.

In a pool of water, each and every point can be a point of vibration to cause a ripple. Each point can give rise to a creation. At any given point a ripple ca be created whether or not there is calmness at the point or a disturbance. The energy of the new disturbance is simply added to what is there. Then there is more than one source of ripples, the ripples overlap and superimpose. Here two creation exist at the same time. As multiple points exist to cause ripples more and more creation comes into existence.

At any one moment, there are places where the pool is calm and there are places where ripples exists. There are places that are causing ripples to come into existence and there are places where only ripples pass through and nothing is generated. In essence this is Creation. It is the superposition of all the ripples (creation) caused by all the points that have something being inserted to disturb the water.

Ripples that are created by a single thrust into the water and are dissipated exists only for a short period of time in creation. Ripples that are continually generated by a thrusting are creation the persist for long periods of time.

Each action we take, whether it be to think a thought, speak a word or to act in the world, result in disturbing this pool of water. We calm the pool by letting our thought, word or action dissipate the energy we put into it. That is, we surrender to what already is rather than create a new disturbance by thinking, speaking or acting.

Anything held in mind is a disturbance of the pool and causes a creation to come into existence. How big and powerful a creation we create depend on the energy which we put into the thought we hold and the action we take. Once we disturb the pool, there is nothing we can do to stop the ripple we create. We can stop generating a particular type and kind of ripple but once a ripple is created it exists until its energy is dissipated.

To hold a thought and thrust into the pool is to cause a ripple to come into existence is the masculine act of creation. The feminine act of creation is the ripple taking shape in response to the masculine thrust and rippling outward until the energy is dissipated. What is important to note here is the masculine is what causes the creation, the feminine becomes the creation.

We are in the masculine aspect of creation when we think a thought, hold a thought and/or act on the thought we hold. The difference is only the amount of energy we put into the disturbance and how long we hold the thought or continue to act. So as soon as we hold a thought our creation beings to manifest. How big an experience it creates depends on the energy we put into the specific environment in which we find ourselves.

The feminine act of creation is to be out of mind surrendering to the flow of energy, ridding the ripple so to speak as one would surf a wave until the energy is dissipated in the experience it creates. As we all know it is possible to be in the process of surrendering to a particular act we created but yet not being present to what we are dong but thinking another thought. Here we are only superimposing a new creation on our existing creation rather then enjoying the creation we created.

In essence Creation is an infinite pool that is very agitated with large and small ripples going in every direction with many, many different locations which act as the sources with the sources of the ripples coming into and out of existence all the time.

The source/Source of creation/Creation (Top)

In this pool of creation there is no single “Source” as such. Each point can be a source. Yet each point lies at the Source. In this view, each and every thought we think goes back to the Source of Creation and arise from the source/Source. Each thought has the potential to create an entire Universe or an entire Realm of Creation. The only question is, “How much energy can be put into any one thought?”

The pool of creation/Creation is material of Creation. We can imagine ourselves going back to the source/Source of Creation where our lives are created and all our experiences are created. They all come from the same source/Source. Our thoughts and what we desire are what gives rise to the experiences in our life. A thought of the Creator are what give rise to Creation and our role in Creation. Our lives are the superposition of our thoughts and the thoughts of the Creator. Hence we go back to the source/Source and simply switch the energy into a new direction, into a new form.

At the source/Source, there is no creator or Creation or source of Source. There is just the thought of mind creating a disturbance in the Pool of Creation. Whatever we create is simply superimposed on all that currently exists. We then only need to keep our focus for that creation to persist. That is we don’t go changing and undoing the changes we just made, until we see what we desire manifest in our life as an experience.

The only difficulty in using the techniques which arise from this understanding is you have to feel its truth. That is, it must be true for you and not something you take because someone said it is true. If your concept of Creation allows for such beliefs it will work for you. If your concepts of Creation doesn’t really support such a belief you will not hold focus and never see it as working. But you can do your own experiments with the calming exercise and explore for yourself the information to convince yourself that there may be more truth behind this methodology that you first imagine

Using the pool of creation/Creation individually (Top)

Using the pool for our conscious creating is to realize each thought we have is inserted into the Source of Creation at the Source. In this regard it behooves us to gain clarity in both our thoughts and the intention we hold and to work to calm the agitation at that point we are going to insert our thought. Although there are multiple energies passing through any given point at any given time, we do not need to be adding energy to any thought other than the one we desire to insert into Creation. We do this by visualizing calming the pool as a sheet of glass and “quieting” ourselves as we see this pool forming into a sheet of glass. This is the essence of the “Pool of creation/Creation Calming Exercise.”

Yet, in observing the pool of creation/Creation we can simply watch the ripples move outward to the extreme boundaries of the pool which we cannot see. In doing so we can see and feel the energy within the ripple dissipate. That in itself brings a calmness within our being.

Similar to the calming exercise, there are other exercises that provide a slightly different focus for using the pool of creation/Creation.

The “Pool of creation/Creation centering exercise”is to assist in centering ourselves in the source of the creative power and energy within our being to be present to what is, as it is.

The “Pool of creation/Creation insertion exercise” is to assist in our development to manifest our desired creation. It of course, builds on both centering ourselves in the flow of our creative energy and calming the agitation within our being.

The “Pool of creation/Creation sheet of glass exercise” is to assist in our development to see through time and space. Here we center ourselves in the flow of our creative power and calm ourselves not with the intention to create but to observe what we have created, and are creating, and how.

When we have calmed ourselves to see the pond as a sheet of glass, all of Creation is open. But it like a sheet of glass that can be transparent or a mirror. We can use the glass to see though time, through the layers of reality or anything that we wish to see. Or we can use it as a mirror to reflect back to us any aspect of our own being to understand how and why we have created ourselves as we are. Or we can see it as a pool, the Source of the “stuff” of Creation, a place of “no form,” a place of “no-thing-ness” out of which all Creation forms. Any intention we insert into the pool and hold will manifest.

If we watch as the vibrations ripple out from where we inserted our intention we can see it integration into the length and breath of the pool. In this integration we know that as the ripples move outward to the extreme boundaries our subconscious is integrating our intention into our subconscious beliefs to be made manifest as an experience in the world.. We can look at the ripples as the ripples that are going through our subconscious transforming our entire inner being to manifest our intention.

As the ripples pass over the horizon, we are done in the sense that we have inserted out thought into Creation. We can end our visualization getting on with our life knowing that our intention has been totally integrated throughout the universe to bring into our life the experiences we need to have to manifest the intention that we have set. All we need to do is to hold focus on to that thought that it is being made manifest and act as our intuitive guidance leads.

In using this understanding we hold the thought and understanding that our intention is set and has been heard. It is manifesting in the quickest way possible for the environment in which we find ourselves. We now simply need to act on your intuitive guidance fully trusting that it will lead us into the manifestation of we desire. The intuitive guidance we receive is only the thought being made manifest.

As we learn our creative power, we may want to take our intention and thrust it into the calm pool three times as though you dropped three stones into the pool. We do in three times based on the following visualization. Visualize yourself at a large electrical control panel performing the following three steps when you recite your intention and thrust it into the pool of creation/Creation.

Start by imagine yourself sitting at your desk. The first time you state the intention see yourself as being told that your are going to turn a switch on a master “creation” control panel. Here you become aware of what you are going to do and get prepared to act. The second time you state your intention you see yourself getting up and going to the control board to find the switch. Here you check to see what switch you need to select without turning the switch. You just ensure you have the correct one. The third time you state the intention, you turn the switch and cause the energy to flow into your intention. Here you watch the energy flow into the designated flow path and you see the indicator lights all aligned that the energy is flowing in the proper direction required to manifest what you desire.

For those familiar with Eastern meditation techniques, this pool of water is the Sidhi of Creation - the perfection of Creation and how Creation works. We are simply planting the seeds of intention (the Sutra) into the field of pure Consciousness to unfold as experience in our life. However, the field of pure Consciousness is not the mind and what it perceives in “no-thing-ness.” Rather, since energy and consciousness are one and the same, the field of pure Consciousness is the flow of energy of Creation. Our mind is simply directing the flow of energy that is sustaining our being into a new creation by how you are focusing our attention and awareness. The thought we insert is simply our conscious channeling the energy of Creation. And, it needs to be noted we do it all the time. The difference here is that we are conscious of what you do. Here in using this model, we are intentionally creating the fertile conditions (calming the pool) to optimize the growth of the seed we plant as it ripples out as the dominate creation in our life.

Using the pool of creation/Creation collectively (Top)

 The collective experience is about adding the individual ripples we cause to occur. When wave are in phase, they add to each other and the overall wave become stronger. When waves are out of phase, they cancel each other out and become weaker.

Using the pool of creation/Creation collectively is about getting several independent ripple making sources to create ripples that add to each other rather than cancel each other out. Conceptually this is very easy to do. Practically it can be difficult.

From a physics view point, the physics of waves, to create two ripples generated from independent sources to add, one must be aware of the frequency of the ripple and the distance each source is from the other. That is, the two source must be brought “into phase” with each other. Exactly what this means for two or more individuals is unique to the individuals and each of the individuals will have to “tune” themselves different. What this means is that there needs to be an agreed upon common intention. Each will then need to do what they need to do to align their life what that intention. What each needs to do may look very different from what another does. All that can be done is each individual will have to consult their individual intuition as to what they need to do to bring their life in alignment to manifest the joint intention.

Methods and techniques to use the pool of creation/Creation collectively is discuss in the application Organizational Creativity.

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