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In the discussion “The Bohr Challenge” the concept of looking to nature to see how creation/Creation works was introduced. This concept was introduced because of the revolutionary insights Bohr obtained when he looked to nature as to how the atom worked. So too how consciousness and energy work. We look to nature to see what nature says about them.

When we look to nature it seems many living things undergo a sleep - awake cycles. Whether all living thing go to sleep is another question. As humans, sleep is essential to our well being. For now we leave open the question as to whether or not consciousness goes to sleep on either in nonhuman perspective or a cosmic perspective. The topic “The energy consciousness perspective of sleep” discusses sleep in greater depth. But, from a human perspective, and for our creative endeavors it can be said our consciousness goes through cycles of awakening and sleep.

At a working level the premise is that consciousness will undergo cycle of going to sleep and awakening. What is important are the experiences consciousness has had, the focus of the attention and awareness of consciousness at the time of going to sleep, and the intention consciousness holds when going to sleep. These will influence if not determine what consciousness believes about itself when it awakens. We can use this understanding to access information about creation/Creation as discussed in the topic “Using sleep and nocturnal dreams to access information.”

The recommendation made here is to become aware and awake to what you are holding in mind when going to sleep. As necessary work to change it such that your sleep can help you create what you desire. For example, the author described in the topic, “A Foolish Thing” and the sample format “Unconditional Love Tape Transcript” creating a tape which he played whenever he went to sleep. His intention was to use the sleep state to reprogram himself based on the tape transcript.

How effective this method is to making changes within our being is open to your judgment. But it must be understood, we are not necessarily consciously aware of the shift in our non conscious mind and its belief structure and how those change influence our life. Exactly how we respond to life as a result of the changes in the subconscious belief structure may be different than what we expect. Whatever we attempt to insert beliefs into our subconscious mind, we do so because we expect or hope for certain results. However, we may make the changes we desire but those changes get manifested other than expected. It needs to be understood, changing our subconscious belief structure is not like exposing someone to a set of beliefs and expecting someone to act a certain way in response to those beliefs. Inserting beliefs into our belief structure may change our entire perspective and cause us to respond to life in an entirely new direction.

Redefining oneself without changing

One of the “tricks” consciousness uses to redefine itself without having to really change is to allows itself to “go to sleep” and forget. Sleep is seen only a natural forgetting process to help create new experiences. In the same way we go to sleep to heal or energize a tired body, sleep allows consciousness to release the energy it binds in the experiences it has. That freed energy in turn becomes available for a new creation and we experience it as refreshing us or energizing our life. Also sleep allows us to forget how we create our experiences as the creator so that we can have the experience of our desired creation.

It needs to be noted, consciousness will go to sleep where there is no contrast or change to the experience. Only change and the differences in change allow us to awaken. Change and difference allows us to define ourselves by determining “I am not that.”, “I don’t like that.”, “I am like this.” If nothing ever changes, we will never know if we have been awake, or fallen asleep and awaken again, since we have nothing in which to compare the two moments.

Change and comparison of the changes is the only way consciousness knows if it is awake. The more change of which we are consciously aware, the more awake we will be. Alternatively said, consciousness get bored with what it creates and how it defined itself when there is no contrast. It goes to sleep and the sleep process is a forgetting process. We can go to sleep at any or all levels of our being. But it needs to be realized that forgetting is intentional. We intend to forget that we are the creator of our experiences so that we can experience the creation. The only draw back to going to sleep is we never fully dissolve all the pattern and habits we created. Sleep allows us to forget but it takes only one similar circumstance or event to resurface the habits of the past and then we wonder why we seem to continually recreate the past. To change the past, we must rearrange the energy bound in the memory of the past to an arrangement that serves us.

What needs to be understood here is that we will undergo cycles of sleep and awakening. It is natural and inherent to who and what we are. We can learn use these cycles to forget and rejuvenate our creative power and ability. We do so by learning to hold a clear intention when we go to sleep for what we desire to create in the future. Or, we can learn to interrupt our cycle of sleep so as to change what we experience.

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