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Probably the most significant and profound implication of the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and Creation arising out of as sea of energy consciousness as discussed in the topics "Origins of Creation" and the "Observer observed pair and the nature of duality" is that all of Creation lies within us or accessible from within.

One way to understand that all lies within is there is a holographic nature to Creation. The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective presents the concept that a unique infinitely creative consciousness within Creation had no one with whom to share itself. In its loneliness and desire to share, it created a state of being which gives the illusion of an infinite number of unique individualized points of consciousness. Each aspect seeks a playmate or someone with whom to share itself as did the original consciousness. Only now each point of consciousness is capable of experiencing and playing with any other point of consciousness it can find and experience its playmate.

Within this understanding it is to realize, each of point of consciousness is an expression of a different aspect of the consciousness which lies within, or behind, Creation. Each point is capable of awakening to the awareness of who and what it really is. Each of us as an individuated point of consciousness is an infinitely creative being. As an aspect of the consciousness with in, or behind, Creation living in the illusion of Creation whether we realize it or not, all lies within us. We are the expression of one part of an infinite creative being. Whatever we experience in front of us is also part of the same infinite being. Our separation from it is the illusion created by mind for the sake of the experience we are having.

Each point of consciousness is similarly infinitely creative and infinitely vast. It is ultimately identical to the original consciousness and one with it. It is just asleep and unaware of this fact. As a result of this illusion, each is an entity and a universe unto itself. Each, if it so chooses, is capable of expanding its awareness to encompass all of Creation or creating a Creation as vast as the universe unto itself. Each of us are one of those individualized points of consciousness. By going within and holding a single point focus, we can connect with any other part of this infinite being and know what we need to change to create whatever we desire to create.

By being as aspect of the consciousness within, and behind, Creation, each of these individualized points of consciousness is holographic. The whole can be seen in any one individualized point of consciousness. Because each individualized point of consciousness is only the expression of an aspect of the original infinite consciousness, each contains the whole. However, the illusion of mind, keeps the individualized point of consciousness in unawareness to this fact. Like a hologram, the smaller the piece the less clarity as to whole.

The greater the piece of hologram, the greater the clarity. This is the whole basis of the concept called enlightenment. It is to awaken our awareness to the whole and the wholeness of what is. The greater the awakened awareness of any one individualized point of consciousness the greater awareness of the whole. The greater the awareness awakened, the greater the clarity as to the true nature of Creation. The greater the awareness we access the greater the clarity we can access about the situation we face and/or Creation.

However, each is unique. No one other point of consciousness can or will fulfill the desires of another in the way the desire unfolds. Only in the totality of experiencing all the individualized points of consciousness or awaken to all other aspects of itself will one individualized point of consciousness awake to its true nature and true desire. Only the illusion of Creation created by the mind keeps each of these individuals points of consciousness in the "dark" so to speak as to who and what it really is.

Each of the layers of Creation and associated collectives can be experienced as layer within our subconscious and/or unconscious mind with the proper focus of our attention and awareness. There is not an aspect of Creation which cannot be accessed. The only question is do we have the clarity of intent, correct focus and passion to do so.

In any case, we will need to do our own experiments. We can use the advise and lessons learned from others in this area but we each are unique. We must eat and digest what they provide using what is effective in our life and discarding the remainder. How we sense the energy of Creation and the experiences we have are unique to us. Only in choosing to work with our own uniqueness will we come to understand how to use what is inherent within our being.

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